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Angry Birds Space Tips

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Discover Eggsteroids
Eggsteroids can be found in the following level:
  • lvl 1-9: at the angry bird's 4 o'clock, aim for the yellowing egg beside the green brush on the planet.
  • lvl 1-20: between 1.5 o'clock, there is a grey stone, aim for it to hit the hidden yellow egg in the brush
  • lvl 2-13: the eggsteroid is hidden at 6.5 o'clock. First aim at 8.5 o'clock to hit an invisible star, then the angry bird will bounce back to hit on the yellow egg
  • lvl 2-25: the eggsteroid can be found at 5.5 o'clock, aim for a shooting star at 8 o'clock, then the angry bird will bounce back to hit the yellow egg
  • lvl 2-28: aim for a red glowing arrow sign at 3.5 o'clock to discover the eggsteroid
Submitted by: torob on June 12, 2012