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WWE Raw 2: Ruthless Aggression Cheats

WWE Raw 2: Ruthless Aggression cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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All Costumes
-All Costumes-
Earn 1500 points in the Hall of Fame mode
All Videos
-All Videos-
Earn 5000 points in hall of fame
C.A.W in season
This isn't really a cheat but for everbody who doesn't know how to get there C.A.W (create a wrestler) in a season you go under Register then it is under Non Registerd users... note. the only time i got it to work was with the guy that diddnt have a superstar icon so if it doesn't work then that is why.
easy way to win the royal rumble
choose a superstar(i did it with chris jericho i don't no if it works with others) grapple with an opponent, push x and left, when they are tied up in the ropes hit x and up and they will be eliminated, then just wait for someone new to come.
Electrocute your Wrestler!
Go to "Create a Superstar" and choose any superstar. Go to entrance, pick Pyro, chose Lightning D, set the timing for 35.0, and when you chose that specific superstar he will come out, go to the top rope and get electrocuted.
Extra CAW points
Win a Royal Rumble (easiest if humans truce until the end)

Win a Main Event (WWE or World Title match) at Wrestlemania in Season Mode

Win the King of the Ring
REY Misteryo's special Move
Pic REY Misteryo, then get your voltage meter up. Then lean your opponent on the ropes, press A botton and when it say press A-X press it, then he does the rest.
Unlock Ken Shamrock
To unlock Ken Shamrock, complete 8 years in Season Mode.
Unlock Mick Foley
To unlock Mick Foley, complete 5 years in season mode.
Unlock Vince McMahon
To unlock Vince McMahon: Complete 10 years in season mode
Unlockable Arenas
-Armageddon Arena-
Win at Armageddon in season mode

-Backlash Arena-
Win at Backlash in season mode

-Judgment Day Arena-
Win at Judgment Day in season mode

-King of the Ring Arena-
Win at King of the Ring in season mode

-No Mercy Arena-
Win at No Mercy in season mode

-No Way Out Arena-
Win at No Way Out in season mode

-Royal Rumble Arena-
Win at Royal Rumble in season mode

-Summerslam Arena-
Win at Summerslam in season mode

-Survivor Series arena-
Win at Survivor Series in season mode

-Unforgiven Arena-
Win at Unforgiven in season mode

-Vengeance Arena-
Win at Vengeance in season mode

-Wrestlemania XIX Arena-
Win at Wrestlemania in season mode


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All videos and costumes (easy)
to get all costumes easily just play the game for 70 or 75 hours. and of course save. game time in hall of fame has to be 70 or 75 hours. (i don't remember which one.) do a match in exhibition (i did it in exhibition, i have no idea if you can do it in season.) After match it will say unlocked all sample costumes in create a wrestler. after that when you steal successfully in season you will get the videos after one steal instead of 3.
To unlock more CAS points win a 30 man royal rumble.
Credit http://www.cheatplanet.com/xbcheats/wwe_raw_2.htm


Fast win in season mode.

All you have to do is get beating down by your opponent for about 2 minutes, after that, press start and choose BACK TO MENU, it should say that your the winner.

Another easy win in season mode

First, choose a wrestler that has some submission moves: (Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, ECT.) Then when you go into a match, it should take about three or four times to make your opponent submit. This is very easy to do.

Easy to steal

When in season mode and you want to steal something from one of the wrestlers, make sure that the wrestler you steal from is not a friend or a tag-team partner. Its easier to steal from your enemies. (WARNING: This does not always work. It works 85% of the time.)

More Hidden Weapons

Go to the bottom of the ring when your outside of the ring and go up to the ring and press "White" and eventually your character will go grab a weapon from under the ring. You can grab as many weapons as you want.

Easy Win In Hell In A Cell

If playing in the Hell in the Cell and the option KO is on, its possible to get a quick win. Climb the cell and do a move to your opponent from the side of the cell (ex. chokeslam off the cell, etc.) Your opponent will be out cold and you will win.

Easy Way To Finish Season

Whenever you have a match you should "Rest" before your match. When you are in your match and realize that you are losing then just fight him outside of the ring and let the referee count and when it has reached about 9 seconds run back into the ring and the opponent should get counted out and you will receive a win. Do this throughout the season.
NOTE:You must pin or make him submit to win the title and to become king of the ring

How To Steal Things

Go to that person that you want to steal something from and go to his/her locker room and steal

Super F-5

To do the super f-5 you must be brock when you get your finsher whip someone into the corner and press A+X

Win a Surprise Attack

I'm not sure if this works if you make a surprise attack in season mode, but if you are surprise attacked by a CPU opponent, simply pause the game and choose "Back to Previous Menu." You will then be declared the winner of the surprise attack

New Outfits

Use the steal option in season mode

How to unlock the pants song
All you have to do is steel pants from lita.
John cena F--U finishing move
Go to create a superstar and select john cena.Go to moves then grappling.Go to the move labelled A+X and change it to death vally driver.
Rest And Get Weapons During Royal Rumble!
While you are in the Royal Rumble. Run Towards the ropes and roll out of the ring. You will have gone under the top rope, Not over. You can pull someone out with you to whip them into the steps to use them as a weapon, or you get get the announcers chairs behind the table.
Start Season Mode With High Popularity
In Create a Superstar mode, cloned wrestlers will have the popularity ratings of the superstar from which they were cloned. You can use this to start a season with a new superstar and begin with a high popularity, by cloning a superstar that already has a high popularity rating. You can then edit the clone to your liking, and he will still have the high popularity rating of the original superstar.
Undisputed champion
Win both the wwe championship and the world title together and be dubbed as the undisputed champion.
Unlock outfits in Create-A-Wrestler
To unlock outfits for Create-A-Wrestlers, steal something from a superstar in season mode. You will then get their clothing to use for a CAW.
Unlock TitanTron Movies in Theater
To unlock a superstar's titantron movie in the theater, steal something from them three times in Season mode.