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Bonus outakes

If you want to hear bonus outakes from the commentators (Dennis Taylor/John Virgo), choose the options menu, then pick CREDITS. While the credits scroll, you will hear the commentators make mistakes on various quotes heard in the game.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: jespomo on March 03, 2005


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EASIER money in plainer english so it is comprehendable

Now then. Instead of skipping each tournament, just win as much as you can in each of the. You still get challenged for £10,000 regardless, also, if you win all three of these challenges in one season, you win a trophy. when you buy an item, it becomes visible and is no longer blacked out. if you press B until you leave the upgrade screen, you can enter again with all your money and also the items you have purchased.
Verified by: goatboy Submitted by: Tomkinson on July 09, 2003

easy money

on career mode select short then say no to all the competitions untill u get to english open select no then save now when u continue u will be challenged by sum 1 for 10 grand win then when u go into edit apearence/upgrade buy the things u wont then press b and go back to when it says edit apearence/upgrade now go back on it and u will have all ur money back plus the things u bought
if u have any questions email me
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: tom (buffyisfine247) on July 02, 2003