Ultimate Spider-Man (Xbox) Cheats

Ultimate Spider-Man cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Black Costume
Successfully complete all Combat Tours, 100 City Events, and collect all Tokens to unlock the Black costume.
Defeat Venom for the last time
At the end of the game you will face Venom. The best way to defeat him is to hit him until he goes insane. Then when he jumps off the helipad, jumpkick. It's the easiest way to beat him. When the fire comes, just jump towards the fire then go back to the platform. He doesn't like fire.
Defeating Venom on the last mission
Punch/kick Venom until he roars then jump on something above you (Venom cannot hit things above him.) Wait until he is finished attacking then do a jump kick. Repeat this move until the fire sworms in.(To defeat him after the fire use the other cheat somewhere above on the list)
Location Tokens
Look around Peter's house, the Daily Bugle, around the buildings by Trask, near the edge of the ground, and where the Queens bridge ends.
switching:same and different
Requirement:You have to have beaten the game
First,start out with spider man.switch to venom.You'll see that you are in the right place/spot.And that if you switch in the day time,day is dark.
Symbiot Suit
Successfully complete all Combat Tours, 100 City Events, and collect all Tokens to unlock the Symbiot costume.
You can do this just about any time in the game. If you are looking for some missing tokens around NY, do a race that you haven't done. If you find a token, get it and forget about the race. Your goal is to get the tokens.


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Select controller setup at the options menu then in the setup screen enter the following codes. A sound will confirm:

All Characters
right, down, right, down, left, up, left, right

All Comic Covers
left, left, right, left, up, left, left, down

All Concept Art
down, down, down, up, down, up, left, left

All Landmarks
up, right, down, left, down, up, right, left
Peter Hoody
To Get The Peter Parker Hoody You Have to get 75 city events and 75 Tokens.