Triple Play Baseball (Xbox) Cheats

Triple Play Baseball cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Get More strikeouts
An easy way to increase your strikeout total is to use the following process. The first two pitches should be fastballs. The first one should be high and the second one should be across your body (pitchers right to batters right). For the third pitch use a slider or breaking ball (I prefer a breaking ball). Near the end of the pitch change the break of the pitch using the analog stick (making sure you don't go too far out the strike zone). If you follow this process it should increase the amount of strikeouts you receive in any one game. (I have been told that this process usually doesn't work in All-Star games)
Unlock Big ball
Get three strike outs in one game to unlock the big ball.
Unlock Bigger ball
Get six strike outs in one game to unlock an even bigger ball.


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Homerun sounds
Push X when you hit a homerun and a foghorn will sound in the stands.
Unlock Big bat
Hit two consecutive home runs to unlock the big bat.