Tony Hawk's Underground (Xbox) Cheats

Tony Hawk's Underground cheats, Passwords, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Menu Passwords
PasswordUnlock THUG
fathertimeUnlocks unlimited time


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Glitch: Weather /Time
If you select options in the pause menu while in story mode after beating it once, you have all the videos, you can change the weather or time of day, example: At the end of ManHattan where you get the footage for Peralta, click on the NYC video from options:watch cutscnees at click NY level overview and the weather will go from dark and spooky to a perfect day if you hit "done",you can use this for many other places,chapters to.
Tony Hawks pro skater 2 levels
All locations of THPS2 levels that are in this game:
1)train station in jersey.
2).Inside the tiki at Hawaii.
3)near the dome that doesn't break in Moscow,red building,go trou a window,go up the rows,and u should see it.


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how to cut of you're head (MORE OF EASTER EGG)
In create a park mode make big ramp against the gate, have moon jump on and keep jumping and you'll go in between them and get on you're board (if off) turn you're joy stick left or right and it will soon look like you're body is cut off.
how to go pass places you cant go
First enter getitup at the cheat menu. Next at N.J. go to the court house and hold up and rapidly press A but stay close to the barrier and don't go past till you gone up as high as you can. Then go past very quikly and fall. 2 much down or it won't, this glich is tested and will work. It take's practice and it's 1 Min tops. Not tested on multi-player.


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all skaters
enter take em all at the cheat menu
Create-A-Deck mode
Successfully complete "Slamma Jamma" in story mode to unlock Create-A-Deck mode.
Increased Speed Cheat
go to the cheat codes option and enter "moveinfast"
Jump Up Walls
Once you have beaten the game and completed all goals you will have unlocked all cheats. Go to any level with tall flat buildings and turn on moon gravity. Jump into a wall and keep pressing the jump button. If done correctly you will jump right up the wall. Takes time but is pretty cool to see you fall 20 stories while doing a trick and land on someone.
Lost footage FMV sequence
Successfully complete the game on the too easy and beginner difficulty settings to unlock a new "Lost Footage Tape", in which instead of challenging Eric, you punch him and take the tape.
Moon Gravity Code
Select Cheat Codes at the options menu, then enter "noforce" as a code. (An alternate code is "getitup".)
Perfect Manual/Balance
  • To have perfect balance, go to the options menu, then within the cheats section, type in "letitslide".

  • To obtain perfect manuals, enter "keepitsteady" on the cheat menu.
  • perfect skitch
    Enter "rearrider" at the options screen under cheats.
    Play as Gene Simmons
    Successfully complete story mode on the normal difficulty setting to unlock Gene Simmons.

    Play as T.H.U.D.
    Successfully complete story mode on the sick difficulty setting to unlock T.H.U.D.
    Note: In the Neversoft FMV sequence at the start of the game, the boy that gets eaten is Eric. The thing that pops out to eat him is T.H.U.D.

    THUG song
    enter holeshot at the cheat menu