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Tony Hawk's Underground 2: World Destruction Tour

  • By Neversoft for PC, PSP, PS2, Xbox, GBA, GC

Tony Hawk's Underground 2: World Destruction Tour (Xbox) Cheats

Tony Hawk's Underground 2: World Destruction Tour cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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disaster in every level(not every)
in boston light ya board on fire and QUICKLY grind the cannons=BOOM.

in barcalona throw a tomato at the bull=havoc.

in berlin grind the yellow pole high above the beer bar=TRAIN CRASH.

in australia do the goal "wake sleeping beauty"=dead kenny,jungle open.

in new orleans grind the crypts=ZOMBIES

in skatopia activate the fireworks=FIRE

finnaly in pro skater at the aztec section grind the ledges holding the rope the rock will fall=smash goes the ground into a pool with no water.

also on los angeleas make a earthquack then grind the car=bye bye!

cheat:like paulie=always special

disasters in all citys (not quite all citys)
In boston, light your bord on fire, QUICKLY, grind both cannons and you'll blow up the building across the street.

In barcolona, just throw a tomato at the bull.

In berlin, go to the same place whare you found the grafiti tagger, but keep going. you should see a yellow rail that goes over the beer place. grind it and just see what happens.

In new orleans, grind all the crypts (well just knock all skulls off of the crypts) and you'll need some ghost busters.

well i haven't made it past new orleans. i'm stuck on the very last mission.
Mega ultra Grind combo
When you are doing the arcade goal, just jump and do a stand still board grind, then jump and before you hit the ground push "Y" and hold as long as you can till you have plenty of points. This will help allot when you need a good easy goal to complete.
Paulie Plays Games!!!
I think this only works in new orleans but mabe not. Anyway if you beat the high score on the arcade machine when you submit your initials all the others spell this;


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In Boston, when you find the nerd kid, press B to make him "show you his moves". Let him do it. Leave. Come back and he will still keep doing it. Do this as long as you like.


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Character Unlocks
Finish Boston Story Mode to unlock Ben Franklin.
Finish Barcelona Story Mode to unlock Bull Fighter.
Finish Berlin in Story Mode to unlock Graffiti Tagger.
Finish Classic Mode on sick to unlock Jesse James.
Finish New Orleans in Story Mode to unlock Jester.
Finish classic mode on sick to unlock Natas Kaupas.
Finish story on sick mode to unlock Nigel
Finish story on sick mode to unlock Call of Duty Soldier.
Finish story on normal to unlock Paulie
Finish story mode on easy to unlock Pedestrian group A.
Finish story on easy to unlock Shrek, Phil Margera, Geek Kid, Alien, & Space Monkey.
Finish story mode on normal to unlock pedestrian group B.
Finish story on sick to unlock pedestrian group C.
Finish classic mode on normal to unlock pedestrian group D.
Finish classic mode on sick to unlock pedestrian group E.
Finish story with 100% to unlock pedestrian group F.
Finish classic mode with 100% to unlock pedestrian group G.
Finish story mode on easy to unlock Phil Margera.
Finish story to unlock pro skater level.
Finish skatopia in story to unlock Ryan Sheckler.
Finish Australia in story mode to unlock Shrimp Vendor.
Finish classic mode on normal to unlock Steve-O.
Finish story on normal to unlock The Hand.
Finish Classic mode on normal to unlock Original Tony Hawk.

Glitch in Boston
This glitch is in Boston, of course, and it is really a series of glitches if you ask me. This is how you do it.....Go to that construction site place in front of the cannons, and go up the yellow pipe ladder that you can climb. Go all the way to the top until you reach stopping point of it. You go through the pipe and fall all the way down if you keep trying to walk up it. So, instead of doing that, right before you fall, jump and then make it a double jump by jumping up again and then move up and then back a little. This allows you to jump through the pipe and go out of it and land on that tiny ledge (Stopping point) . Note: This is very hard to do. It usually takes me eight to fifteen times to do it. So, just keep trying until you do it, and BEWARE, do NOT fall off! Anyways, once you're on that ledge, double jump to get on top of the wall. Once you're on the wall, there should be a hallway on the building on your left. Go down to the end of it, and there should be another hallway to your right. Skate down (Quickly by holding A) it this time, and once you get towards the end, jump off the building and you will fall into a "Glitch World" cement lot. Get off your skateboard, and take a right. There should be a sky type scenary. Jump towards it and keep tapping A while pushing towards it. You will be gradually be rising very high into to the sky in a jumping pattern. You will reach a limit, and you should be able to look at the whole city from there. Try this, and I promise you that it will work if you do it right! Now have fun!
How to get Steve-O on your team
After you complete all the goals in the first level or get the right amount of points, you will get a FMV sequence where BAM will eliminate Burnquest from Tony's team. Afterwards when you get to go to Spain, Steve-O will send you a text message saying that he wnats to be in your team and then you get to play as him. But, he doesn't ride a skateboard, he rides a machanical bull.
Movie Unlock
Finish Story mode to unlock World Destruction Tour Movie.
Finish all gaps on all 15 levels to unlock Cheat Codes Movie.
Finish Classic Mode to unlock Pro Bails 1 Movie.
Finish Story with 100% to unlock Pro Bails 2 Movie.
Finish Classic Mode with 100% to unlock Neversoft Skates Movie.
Perfect rail
In the cheat options part in game options type straightedge.
Unlock Paulie "Wheel of Fury" Ryan
Put "4WHEELER" as a cheat to unlock Paulie.