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No Way to Bail Manual

In downtown when you stickslap the bus for the 3rd time manual right before you hit the ground when it does the bus hits the fire hydrant then goes back to the game. You won't have a balance meter so there's no way for you to bail.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: deathjr on July 25, 2012


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allthebest - Perfect manual
balancegalore - Unlimited focus
birdhouse - Unlock Inkblot deck
drinkup - Full air stats
hatedandproud - Vans no skool gothic shoes
hohohosoi - unlocks Christian Hosoi
jammypack - Full stats
manineedadate - unlocks mascot
militarymen - unlocks Colonel and security guard
mixitup - unlocks Kevin Staab
needaride - all decks unlocked
notmono - unlock Jason Lee
plus44 - Unlock Travis Barker
strangefellows - unlocks dad and skater
suckstobedead - unlock Officer Dick
themedia - unlocks photographer and filmer
wearelosers - unlocks nerd
yougotitall - All specials in shop (Does not include Decks/Pro Tricks)
badverybad - unlocks twin
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: The New Era on January 17, 2008