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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (Xbox) Cheats

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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cheat codes
unlockable cheats
PasswordWhat it does
uronfirealways special
2wheelsperfact manuals
hic!ar!deperfact skiches
2them00nmoon gravity


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spray paint hand:
first you need to be in downtown then go to the fountain. on the right of the fountain theres some railings, climb over the wall and then the second wall. but when you hold on to the second walls edge DONT jump off. instead of jumping tap the y buton but dont make a tag and your players hand will then go black, then grey when you jump off. you might get it in the first try or not it depends. NOTE: it will ware off when go into shops and stuff.
taco van
when your in downtown you make a crash on the freeway if you noticed that one of the vans is a taco van, but when you get to East LA the taco van is there. look carefully.
Unlockable Characters
Clear Story Mode (Easy)
Robot Tony

Clear Story Mode (Normal)
Little John
Jason Ellis

Clear Story Mode (Hard/Sick)

Clear Classic Mode (Normal)
Billie Joe

Clear Classic Mode (Sick/Hard)
Mat Hoffman

Achieve 100% in Classic Mode
Master Zen
Hardhat Guy
Downtown Guy
Grafitti Guy

Achieve 100% in Story Mode
Camera Guy

Clear All Skate Ranch Missions
Carnival Guy
Downtown Guy
French Guy

Clear All Gaps
Oil Rig Guy
Street Performer
Unlockable Movies
To Unlock the following movies you need to.

Bails N' Burns 1 of 2 - Clear Classic mode
Bails N' Burns 2 of 2 - Achieve 100% completed in Story Mode
Dev-Team Skates - Achieve 100% completed in Classic Mode
American Wasteland - Clear Story Mode
way to get easy points{really easy points}
first you have to know how to do graphiti. so during a combo you just gotta get off your board and click y and to get a huge combo just keep clicking y and you can get back on your board to get more points by doing other tricks trust me ive done this a thousand times it works on multiplayer too

Easter eggs

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THUG 2 Reference
OK, you know where you go up the escalators to go to Beverly Hills? Well, go to the left one and look left and there should be like 5 posters that say "GIANT". This is the same picture that was on the billboard that crashed the train in Berlin in THUG 2.


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board to bus
this can be done anywhere: go up to the bus and stand at the door facing inwards the bus and throw your board and it will go through the bus.
Cheat Mode
Get a 100% gap completion to unlock the "Always Special", "Moon Gravity", "Perfect Manual", "Perfect Rail", and "Perfect Skitch" cheat options. Successfully complete all Sponsor Challenges to unlock the "Full Stats" cheat option.
climb electric post:
be in downtown then go to the fountain and just before the entrence there will be a electric post then go up to it and your skater will go up it.
when you are in Hollywood and in the mission where you have to get the tower at the end of it Daves voice will echo.
Glitch - Ride A Invisible Bike
When your player is on a bike in Story mode, go into a nose manual (hold Up on ground). While you are in the manual, remove controller one. Doing this will allow your player to never fall. While in the manual, re-insert the controller and wipe out. Your player will then pick up an invisible bike. You can do anything on the invisible bike just as you could on a normal bike. When you wipe out, the player will pick up a visible bike.
Glitch: into mansion in beverely hills
you'll need the moon gravity cheat activated.
go to beverely hills, then to the gass station, then next door where there is a sign for jeep. hit the jump that's right there and cross the street to where the hotel meets the white column things, stay on the hotel side. when you go up as far as you can, wall run up the rest. you can't get on top of the building, but you can jump over the barrier to get on the white collum building thing. when over, you can explore all, even the mansion behind the gate.
Note: this is one of the if not the hardest glitch to perform, do not expect to get it on the first try.
Pefect Grind
On the cheat menu, put in "grindXpert" and it will give you perfect grind balance. This also works with the bike too.
shiver punk
The guy that steels your stuff in the first part of the game is then in the vans park somewhere. when you find him walk into him and he'll og back then he will start to shiver on the spot.
NOTE: he's the one with the red hair and the t-shirt that say's "punk".
Unlock Matt Hoffman
To unlock pro bmxer Matt Hoffman go to cheat menu and type the_condor he will not use a bike unless you pick one up!! (he is listed under secret skaters)
Unlockable Characters
Play as Jason Ellis

Enter "sirius-DJ" as a code to unlock Jason Ellis. Alternately, successfully complete Story mode on the Normal difficulty setting.

Play as Matt Hoffman

Enter "the_condor" as a code to unlock Matt Hoffman. Alternately, successfully complete Clasisc mode on the Hard or Sick difficulty setting.

Play as Mindy

Enter "help1nghand" as a code to unlock Mindy. Alternately, successfully complete Story mode on the Easy difficulty setting.