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Thief: Deadly Shadows Cheats

Thief: Deadly Shadows cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.

Thief: Deadly Shadows Tips

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Arrow shops
Each shop only has one of the four elemental arrows:

South Quarter AKA Well Equiped Thief: Water Arrows.
StoneMarket Proper AKA Marla: Moss Arrows.
Docks AKA The Undercurrent: Fire Arrows.
Old Quarter: Gas Arrows.
Submitted on August 26, 2004
Deal with Lady Elizabeth
TO "Deal with Lady Elizabeth" and her 2 thugs you don't have to kill anyone or even be seen. Instead, sneak into the crawlspace under the stairs near the fountain. You'll be in a city watch building, but it's empty today. There are two sacks of money on a table in one of the rooms. Grab them both and hide. If you want entertainment, hide in yourcrawlspace, and Elizabeth will come in with one of the thugs, and notice the money missing. Thug will threaten her, and she'll kill him. The other thug will enter and kill Elizabeth. Then, you can make your getaway
Submitted by: Squeaky Yugi on September 18, 2004
Easy Access
When you are doing the mission in Captain Moira's Mansion, instead of climbing up the balcony (using climbing gloves) at the far end OR using the front door, climb up the terrace above the front door and there will be a small door to a ventilation shaft on the house wall. You will now enter a small storage room with no lights grab the bit of loot and proceed up the ladder, via a secret trap door and inside the heart of the mansion...
Submitted by: Makachumbra on February 21, 2009
Fences :
Certain fences only take certain loot. Here are some examples:
Docks fence, AKA Dalia: Artwork & Gems.
South Quarter fence, AKA Heartless Perry: Gems & Metal.
Stonemarket fence AKA Blackmarket Bertha: Gems & Metal
Submitted on August 26, 2004
Fort Ironwood Side Mission Glitch
For the Hammerite and Pagan side-missions, you normally can only fulfill them for one faction or the other. The Fort Ironwood graveyard mission can be glitched slightly to gain the benefits of boths sides (although the faction meter only aggregates for one faction only).

You get the Fort Ironwood graveyard side-mission after clearing the Clocktower mission and getting the Keeper Enforcers on Garrett's tail in the Old Quarter. Head to Fort Ironwood (it's easier if the Hammerites are already allied with Garrett) and enter the graveyard behind it. There's a Pagan Cornerstone in the graveyard that can be "mossed"; find it near one of the columns (pagan cornerstones only appear on 90 degree corners) by the back wall of Fort Ironwood. This will accomplish the Pagan's part of the side-mission.

Assuming you did not go past the archway under Ramien's place in Old Quarter (leads to the Docks and Shalebridge Asylum) before doing the above, you can go there now and locate a small sewer tunnel where a Pagan Shaman would normally be. If the game glitched, the shaman would not be there, but his wand (worth $200) will be floating in mid-air. Grab it be a bit richer. You also get the benefit of the Pagan cemetary ... there'll be an earth crystal near the pagan cornerstone each following night (or the same night, if you reload the Old Quarter map).
Submitted on August 26, 2004
Gas arrow find
When you see Lady Elizabeth and her thugs. You can sneak around whilst croching to the other side of them. Walk around the bush, and once there a big crate stands beside a small, lit window. Jump on this and then jump on to the shelter thingy above it. Climb on the wooden side, and where it thins in you need to lean in slightly with the left analog stick. This is tricky at first so make sure you get some practice, especially when going around the corner of the house. Once you get to the the wall jump on the metal pipe, then climb onto the roof. Immediately you should see the gas arrow.

This also helps as a get away from the thugs as their is a shaft at your right. Go down it and walk along to the metal grate. Open it and just fall down. You shouldn't worry about being spotted by the thugs as they have their backs to you.

This tip helps you when you need the gas arrow as, one of the elemental arrows, at The Pagan Site to release the monkey hand.
Submitted by: Squirrel on April 16, 2006
Getting To The Sunken Citadel In The Docks
When you first arrive at the docks, go towards the store. Stop immediately after you pass the Quarantine gate. There is a box in front of you. Destroy it. Go down the ladder and follow the stairs.
Submitted on August 26, 2004
Item maximus
Gear and items are bought to be used in Thief 3. Don't go to great lengths to save items if you think they can help you stay alive and undiscovered, but don't waste them on lone guards or civilians who cannot fight back.

On normal, the maximum gear Garrett may carry is:

Health Potion = 10
Broadhead arrows = 30
Noisemakers = 5
Water Arrows = 25
Moss Arrows = 20
Gas Arrows = 5
Fire Arrows = 15
Flash Bombs = 20
Explosive Mine = 5
Gas Bomb = 5
Oil Flask = 5

If Garrett proceeds to pick up another item when he is at maximum capacity, the item is "picked up" but is not added to the inventory. Be sure you have room before you start grabbing items or you're just wasting hard earned loot!
Submitted on August 26, 2004
Surfing Garrett!!
Slightly tilt Left Analog stick to glide across the floor and it will appear that Garrett is surfing.
Submitted on August 26, 2004

Thief: Deadly Shadows Cheats

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Free water arrows
You can get free water arrows in the training mission (which carries over to your subsequent missions) by waiting by the douse the torch exercise for water crystals to keep respawning. Before you leave the Blue Heron Inn forever, you may want to take your fill of 25 water arrows, which will go a long way in helping you keep shopping costs down.
Submitted on August 26, 2004
Frozen Guard
In the training level when you must shoot the noisemaker arrow, go into the room, steal the candle, and read the letter. However, instead of going through the other door, go back to the guard. Back stab him and he will freeze. He will not see you at all and you can steal the candle from the chest.
Submitted by: Mikura on September 29, 2007
metal age nightvision
Although shadows are important to hide Garrett, sometimes it can too dark to see while hiding. Crank up the Gamma/Brightness correction in your options menu to see the surroundings while remaining hidden.
Submitted on August 26, 2004