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FREEALL:All items cost free
MIDAS:Unlock all items
SIMS:Unlock play the sims mode
FISH EYE:Get first person view
PARTY M:Unlock party motel for 2 players


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Alien Abduction
Buy a telescope and use it alot. Your sims will be kidnapped by aliens. They will be returned later, but they will be slighty different.
Angry Mom!
In Get A Life Mode,while your still living with your Mom:
1.Turn on Midas Cheat.
2.Turn on Freeall Cheat.
3.Buy Love Bed.
4.Make YOUR Sim Vibrate the bed.
5.Change to Mom & select play in bed.
6.In a few Sim minute's your Mom will get shitty & hate YOUR Sim!
Anti-social sims and Jobs
If you're like me, you absolutely hate trying to make and keep all these ruddy friends to make it to the top of yuor promotion ladder. Personally? I prefer to get into the military career track. It's usually there at the beginning, and it doesn't require you to have that many friends at all, which is a nice thing when it comes to having to juggle a dozen things at once in this game. 8 is the maximum that you will ever need in this track.

For the record, Life of Crime is 12, and Xtreme is 11 -- all others are above this amount.
Body Skill - Choice of Machine?
For the record, I find going with the treadmill is best. While the machine is all good and well, the treadmill, on run, for example, tends to get your sim up to a level you want faster, even if you sometimes fall off.

Keeping it to jog is always useful as well, but the top thing is that, if your sim doesn't seem to be up for much work, you can always walk. Slow, yeah, but less effect on your sim in all ways, so if you want to get something done, that's the way to do it.
Cooking Food
Do you always catch your food on fire? Here's a litle tip to help you out.

While your sim is cooking, (before it catches fire) tell him/her to stop cooking the food (by pressing the "B" button). The food is edible and your sim will pick it up in a moment and eat it. If not, tell him/her to eat it by highlighting it and selecting-eat.

This chest is very helpful in the earlier levels while your stats are down low.
Creating Your Sim: Nice Point Bar
Work on getting this one as high as possible. Simple reason is -- it makes job promotions easier, it helps you make friends easier (especially, I find, if you have a good amount of outgoing points as well in your character) and it helps you keep them, which is something I've always had problems with whenever I play.
Doing Everything Yourself
While this is all well and good in the first levels, you will find that, as your life progresses, you'll have less and less time to get things done while still keeping the sim happy. After the second/third level, you should start considering hiring the maid full time, as it is more of an investment that way.

Keeping your sim happy will assist you in the future in a number of ways. For example, they will do better at work, be more willing to learn some new skills, and these sims also tend to interact better with others.

If you chose not to rely on the handy people on the other end of the phone, from the pizza guy, who is immensely useful, right through to the repairman and the maid, expect for a long and difficult game.
easy skills
if you want to git all your skills up really fast and easy heres what you do as soon as you git a house start reading coocking of mechanices dont matter. read till he wont read no more this should raise you skill about 3 to 4 bars as soon as he is done go to nabor hood evict yourself and then move back in this will raise all your motives and let you read more. do this till you kooking and mechanics. when your done with those look throw your teliscope the same way you read your books after he is done go to nabor hood evict yourself and then move back in this will raise all your motives and let you glaze some more do this till that skill is full do this with all your skills and it should only take about 30minutes to a hour.
This one is another one to get energy but only if you do it correctly.

First make sure you have an Espresso Machine, A Sonic Shower, and A bug Zapper. First make sure your bug zapper is turned on. It doesn't matter if the shower is clean or not. Then, drink espressos until your Sim wets his or herself. Then, go to the bug zapper and touch it. This will electrocute them. Then, go and take a shower. If these steps are done correctly, then your Sim will never have to sleep again, and will have enough energy! Its best if you do this RIGHT after your Sim wakes up and has a full energy bar, but it isn't required. Also, the steps need to be done RIGHT AFTER ONE ANOTHER in order to work, so don't have your Sim mess around!!!!!! :]]
Exercising Hint
OK, so Sims tend to get really tired when exercising, right? Well, if your Sim needs to exercise for a promotion or just because you feel there getting fat, do this:

Buy a table and a Aromatic Machine and put them next to or in front of the work out machine. Then, when your Sim goes to work out, put the Aromatic on Juniper and Rosemary. This scent gives them Energy, so your Sim won't get tired when they exercise! Another thing you can do to keep them going a while, is to buy 2 tables and Aromatics, and put both next to the machine. Then, when they go to work out, put one on Juniper and Rosemary, to give them energy, and one on Lavender and Marjoram, to raise their fun bar. Make sure, before they start working out that they are well fed and have gone to the bathroom, and they can exercise for a long time, and almost always get the required amount of skill points. :]]
Fire and repair
Here have a new soluce to start a fire in your house.Let your cooking skill at 2 or less.When you cook a food in stove,a fire start,not every time.And when your mech skill is at 0,you can't repair objects(example a tv,you sim get a little shock when trying repair tv or others electronics).
Try it.

Good luck!
Getting through life with ease
My main suggestion to all of you is to fill up all of your skill points while living with mom during the first level. This is a good idea for several reasons:
1) Because of the lack of weekends / days off, it is very hard, as some of you may have noticed, to develop you skills after you move out of mom\'s.
2) It allows you to have more time to work on relationships, throw parties etc and advance further in the game, faster
a. This is good because you unlock special prizes for completing a level quickly.
3) Although it may take a while, you will have to worry about little else for the rest of the game.

Also, I would suggest putting your lethargic mother to work. Buy a Knome Table(720 Simoleans) and have her build Knomes. She will also level up. After ten mechanical points, each Knome can be sold at 100 Simoleans.

Hope this helps
Hey Peeps, 11 year old Sims fan coming through! I got a sweet cheat well not so much a cheat but anyway, I know how to see ghosts on the sims. First you need to kill 3 of your sims in the same house in play the sims mode. I kill my sims by:
1. get a fireplace
2. get the sim to light a fire
3. get the sim to stand back in front of the fire so you can put a tree in front of the fire
4. surround your sim with flammable objects like bushes or something like that.

do that with 3 sims. oh and when the grim reaper comes DO NOT plea with him.
when you have killed the 3 sims plant the tomb stones next to eachother.

make sure that if you have 2 sims in the house make the other one sleep.

wait until midnight and you will hear a spooky sound and you will see the ghost of the sim that died.

WARNING: Do not get angry if you dont see a ghost wait until the next night and follow the steps again

ps. i always see the ghost if i am looking in a telescope
happy chappy
First by a Tv or radio and a game system and use them for a couple of minutse and pow you can call your sim Happy chappy!!!
Having $999 999
To have $999 999(it's the maximum):First,enter the cheat FREEALL.Then,buy highest value items,buy tiles.Save the game.Then,disable cheat FREEALL.Return to saved lot.Then,sell all your items and tileset.Repeat this until you have $999 999.
how pee on floor but not have to clean it up
when your Sim is about to pee sit in a chair then behind the chair put a plate or garbage and let him pee he will pee on the garbage and you wont have to clean it up
How to become a Zombie
To become a zombie
1.Get a fire place
2.Have your sim light the fire place
3.Then step back to allow something to be put in front of the fire place like a tree
4.Block your sim from moving by surronding him/her with flammble objects like the lama (works the best)
5.Wait until the grim reaper comes and have somebody else plea with the him and if it works your guy will become a zombie

1.If the fire goes out light the fire again and move back into position
2.It only works when you can control 2 or more people
3.It works best without fire alarms
4.Save before the fire starts incase the grim reaper refuses your plea
5.This works with other guys to.
How To Get a Mate
If you want a roommate or a soul mate to move in with you follows the directions O.K.
    1. Call your mate.
    2. Make a meal
    3. Make sure y'all eat together
    4. Then let them use the restroom
    5. When they get done invite them to watch TV with your sim.
    6.When THE OTHER SIM gets up tell your sim to kiss them, if its a full kiss then propose and if
    you are asking them to be your roommate then they should say yes. 99.99999% sure they will.

  • If you are asking them to marry you you have to have a 100% status.
  • If you are asking them to be your roommate then 95% or above is required.
  • Keep the Butler Longer!!!!
    If you want to keep the Monkey Butler longer so you don\'t have to spend as much money, here\'s a tip for you. Buy a Trash Compactor or a simple Trash can and fill it up. Take out the trash but cancel in your backyard or something. Make a picket fence around it and the monkey will try to get it but can\'t due to the picket fence, making the monkey butler stay longer.
    King of the Hill - Create Hank
    If your a big 'King of the Hill' fan like I am, you'll probably be wondering how to make your own Hank?

    For Hank you need: Plain White Top, Dark Blue Jean's, Brown Boot's, Dark Blue Hair (I say this because it look's like black), Black Eye's and Square Glasses.
    Life of Crime
    Catch a thief in Get a life mode to unlock the Life of Crime career.
    Making the sim happy
    If your sim is unhappy in play the sims mode you exit to neighborhood press Evict family then press the same house and press move in family and your sim will have nothin wrong with it when you enter the house!
    I seriously recommend this for all those players like me who simply can't seem to get things to work the way they want them to. By what I mean, the social bar's seeming constant emptiness, tied with the time to get things started up...

    The number one thing to remember is that your sim should have someone living with them, which is best. Living alone tends to make things harder, as inviting people over is a chore, and speaking to people over the phone is difficult.

    To fill up this bar, I usually do it at the same time I do other things. For example, I will have my sims eat together, although rather rarely, to fill up both hunger (the quickest bar to deplete half the time, IMO) and the social bar. Sometimes I will have them watch TV together, to raise both fun and social.

    I prefer to make them hot tub, however. My sims get social points, comfort points, cleanliness points, etc, all in one, which is great this early on in the game. Since it works for four sims, this is one of the best things to do to keep sims occupied at parties, etc, and make them stay longer as well.

    In closing, if you can multitask, do it. Life is just so much easier that way.
    Neat Point Bar and The Maid
    While some of you out there might put some points into this, like I did, my first time around, I'm recommending to you all to stop this, or put the minimal amount of points in.

    While being neat is all well and good, the maid will do all of these actions the neatness bar forces your sim to do (cleaning up after himself, flushing the toilet, emptying the trash compactor) herself, thus, it's an unnecessary waste of your time and should be done away with at the beginning of the game, since you have access to the maid by level 2.
    This is something I recommend for all games. If you can pause and queue up what you can do, like in this game and in the KotOR series, among others, than do it! There is nothing like having to handle ten things during gameplay, when simply pausing for some time can give you a good five minutes to think things over, and get everything you want done in the correct order.
    Quick Energy
    Purchase a bug zapper, esspro (coffee maker) machine and a sonic shower. If your energy is low drink coffee until you wet your self and then touch the bug zapper and the get in the sonic shower. You will never have to sleep again(if you do it right)
    quick energy
    If you are in a hurry to get more energy,buy a insect control system and turn it on,and then start touching it,when your character gets off the floor and stops complaining you will see that their energy has gone up.Keep doing this until it is how you want it to be.
    p.s:it will make your comfort go down.
    Skipping Work
    While not the best thing to do, sometimes your sim is in such bad condition that you need a day off to work things back together again. While every time you do this is says that it is your final warning, you will be able to do this once every other day.

    That's right, folks, for the entire time you're employed, you only have to go in half the time. Personally, I never risk it and go in full time, but that's just me. I've tested this on most consoles, so be wary with this overall -- sometimes, games do unexpected things.
    solve alien sickness (turn back to human)
    make sure your sim gets lots of rest. then try to keep them out of the sun. like let them watch tv play games but keep them in bed most of the time. it will take a while but it will will work!
    Start fire when cooking
    To begin a fire in your house with the oven, it is necessary to have the skills of cooking in 2 or less, easier to 0. When you go to cook a meal, a message says to you that for a better cooking, approved skills can help. Then, when you are 0 of cooking skill, cook a flat(dish) and the fire can begin (But that does not still work straight off) .Try several times.

    Unlimited Skills

    I first got anything that helps increase a skill

    Chair and Bookcase=mechanical and cooking

    guitar, piano= creative........

    and so on

    I placed one of those items at a new house point and had my character use it to get the skill points.

    And when he was all tired out I evicted him and then placed him back with the object again so that he was at full health and repeated the process.

    Do this 8 times for the 8 skills and he should be all maxed out when your done.
    Whifferpuff Gold
    This little machine is incredibly useful. While I have problems keeping it out of the burgulars hands, in the past it has helped me go through several levels with it in tow.

    What it does, is it effects your sim without you having to do something. The effects that are involved are:

    - The one I use the most, lavender and majoram will increases your Fun bar.
    - The setting peppermint and juniper will increase your Comfort rating.
    - Juniper and rosemary will increase your energy, which is useful for those who actually sleep.
    - Then there is rosemary and peppermint, which increases the room rating.

    So, for those of you with this handy device, use it as you please.
    Your SIMS and Skills
    Whenever your Sims get a promotion, the game will send you a note, with subtle hints at what you're going to need to do to go up to the next level. For example, in the life of a thrill seeker, you sometimes need to have high charisma in addition to excellent physique.

    Not paying attention to these notes could hold off your promotion for a good long time, as you try to build up in the wrong areas for several points instead of the correct section for one.
    Alright, while not the best thing to do in real life, this is a handy addition for the game, especially once you make it to fourth level with the sonic shower (although, personally, a good couch is good as well).

    My sim always seemed to need a good ten hours a day for resting, meaning I had very little time to get things going, until one day, quite by accident, I found out that the bug zapper saves all my problems.

    By touching it, although your comfort bar lowers (I mentioned how to combat this before, the couch, etc) a couple of jolts can keep you going for quite a while, compared to sleeping. While being an insomniac can be bad, so can having low bars in everything else and never having time to do everything you want to. In the end, it's your choice.


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    At the menu screen press the left and right buttons simultaneously then type in the following cheats

    FREEALL-Everything Free
    MIDAS-Everything unlocked
    Easy money In 8 REALLY EASY steps!
    Here is a way to get some easy money! I got over 100,000$ from this.

    1.Enable the "freeall" cheat.
    2.Start to Play 'Get a life".
    3.Buy ALOT the Monkey butler tree's (they will be free)
    4.Save your game and go back to the main screen.
    5.Disable the "freeall" cheat by entering it again.
    6.go back to your game.
    7.goto buy mode.
    8.Sell all of your monkey tree's and get ALOT of money!
    (you can keep one if you want,They are really helpful!)
    First Person View
    In the cheat menu (left and right buttons at the same time at the main menu) enter the cheat "FISHEYES", and when you scroll through the different camera angles, you will find one that is from the perspective of the Sim currently selected.
    get married on xbox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi,to get married on the xbox first you have to invite the sim you want to marry over then talk to him/her then ask them to leave. Next you have to invite them over again after dark. When you get the chance to "flirt" with your guest do so. Then "serve dinner" until your guest is happy "watch television" (to make the guest watch television highlight your guest and select watch television). Last but not least "talk","hug","tell jokes","dance"ect, until you get the chance to "PROPOSE", when your guest says no you will hear warning sirens and your guest will state a reason, do what the reason says and keep trying until your guest finally excepts your proposel. GOOD LUCK.
    Have fun and talk to your sleep ?
    Heres a neat trick:

    If your fun or social bars are low never fear because i have the solution.

    While everyone/you are asleep press start and save and quit, or if your playing the play the sims mode you can just exit to neighbourhood.

    Now go back to the game you just quit, your
    sim(s) will be having loads of FUN and talking to other sims in there sleep.

    To put it another way, your FUN and your SOCIAL bars will be going up rapidly while you sleep, pretty cool ey.
    Having a baby without having to adopt.

    If you really love having babies just do what I say. When you have made a family don't get them un fun soon to be parents yet. Kiss for awhile until it says what are your choices to have a baby. But social service still will come. BUt you will not have the power to go to the hospital and it will just like when you adobt it will just come. Have FUN!
    Only pay every other bill
    This is an old favorite of The Sims fans before all the patches came out in the PC version. When you see you have mail, get it, but don't pay it right away. Wait until the mail-lady comes again, and the option to get mail comes up again. Pay the first bill you got, and the second one will disappear from you mailbox!
    Original Sims
    enter SIMS as a cheat. Play the open-ended Sims game like on the PC.
    The Party Motel
    Enter PARTY M as a cheat. Party Motel 2-player games is now available.
    Unlock "Play The Sims" mode
    Push the left and right triggers down on the main menu then this little cheat box will come up. Then you type in one of these...

    SIMS - "Play The Sims" mode is unlocked

    Alan rules...
    unlock all
    enter MIDAS as a cheat. start the game in Get A Life mode, get into the hot tub with the girl, then press Start and quit without saving. This will unlock all two-player games,all locked objects, and all locked skins.
    Unlock Party Hotel!!!!
    At the begining screen hold L and R the cheat screen will apear type Party M you will unlock the party hotel in bonus material!!!