The Punisher (Xbox) Cheats

The Punisher cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Always stay healthy...
Always have a human shield at all times!
They do seem to take a massive amount of damage before dying...

And if by some chance they survive... Interrogate them to boost your health back up... Then switch back to chield again and bring on the carnage...
Cameo Appearances/Easter Eggs
DareDevil Cameo

After the battle with Bullseye Frank's blind lawyer Matt Murdock (Daredevil's alter ego) comes in and Frank fires him.

Hidden Spiderman reference

During the cutscene immediately following "the Crackhouse" level if you look closely at the license plate of the car that tries to hit Frank you'll notice that it says: "ASM129"The Punisher first made his appearance in "Amazing Spider Man issue #129"

Iron Man Cameo

When the chopper first starts shooting at you Iron Man flies in to give you a quick heads up. He then flies around the corner of the building.
Comic Book covers
To unlock all Comic Book covers you must successfully complete "Challenge" and "Punishment" modes.
Unlockable Extras
Get a "Gold Medal" Rank on the following levels to unlock the associated cheats.

Unlimited Slaughter - Takagi Building Level
Unlimited Ammo - Pier 74 Revisited
No Reloads - Stark Towers Level
One Shot Kills - Ryker\'s Island Level
Gun Splitters Cheat - Crack House Level
Invincibility - Every level
Crazy Deaths Cheat - Lucky\'s Bar Level
Unlockable Weapons
Weapon - How to Unlock
5.56mm Assault Rifle - Beat Central Zoo level
7.62mm Assault Rifle - Beat Pier 74 level
Auto Shotgun - Beat Takagi Building level
Battle Rifle - Beat Stark Towers level
Hand Cannon - Beat Gnucci level
Machine Gun - Beat Grey's Funeral Home level
Machine Pistol .45 cal - Beat Chop Shop Level
Machine Pistol 5.56mm - Beat Grey's Funeral Home level
Revolver - Beat Lucky's Bar level
.50 cal Semi-automatic Pistol - Beat Igor Baltiysky level
Sniper Rifle - Beat Grand Nixon Island level
.40 cal Submachine Gun - Beat Gnucci Estate level
5.7mm Submachine Gun - Beat Fisk Industries level
Grenade Launcher - Beat Pier 74 level
Flame Thrower - Beat Igor Baltiysky level
Anti-tank Weapon - Beat Pier 74 Revisted level


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Unlock Everything
Create a profile with the name "V Pirate" to unlock everything except for upgrades.