The Godfather (Xbox) Cheats

The Godfather cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Assassin's Pistol=Buy third Pistol upgrade

Dillinger=Buy 3rd upgrade for Tommy Gun

Python=Buy third Magnum upgrade

Saturday Night Special=Buy third .38 Snub Nose upgrade

Street Sweeper=Buy 3rd upgrade for Shotgun
Human Shield
If you're low on health and a bunch of bad guys are infront of you shooting grab somebody with the L trigger and the R trigger and make sure his/her back is facing the guys shooting you instead of you getting shot that person you're holding will take the bullets for you.
Infinite Ammo
Become the Don of New York City.
Movie 1=Complete "The Alley"Mission

Movie 10=Complete"A Recipe For Revenge"Mission

Movie 11=Complete"Now it's Personal"Mission

Movie 12=Complete"The Silent Witness"Mission

Movie 13=Complete"Sonny's War"Mission

Movie 14=Complete"Change Of Plan"Mission

Movie 15=Complete"Order To Kill"Mission

Movie 16=Complete"It's Only Business"Mission

Movie 17=Complete"Baptism By Fire"Mission

Movie 18=Collect 10 Film Reel

Movie 19=Collect 20 Film Reel

Movie 2=Complete "Enforcer"Mission

Movie 20=Collect 30 Film Reel

Movie 21=Collect 40 Film Reel

Movie 22=Collect 55 Film Reel

Movie 23=Collect 70 Film Reel

Movie 24=Collect 85 Film Reel

Movie 25=Collect 100 Film Reel

Movie 3=Complete"Grave Situation"Mission

Movie 4=Complete"Sleeping With The Fishes"Mission

Movie 5=Complete"The Don Is Dead"Mission

Movie 6=Complete"Intensive Care"Mission

Movie 7=Complete"Fireworks"Mission

Movie 8=Complete"Death To The Traitor "Mission

Movie 9=Complete"Horseplay"Mission
Unlimited Money and Respect
After completing the first mission, save your game and quit before answering the phone downstairs. Reload your game and you will recieve $500 and 500 Respect you got from the quest again. You can resave and reload to get this award as many times as you want


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$5000 in cash
To recieve $5000 in cash press: X,Y,X,X,Y,click the left anolog stick
Full ammunition
Pause the game and press Y, Left, Y, Right, X, click Right Analog-stick.
Full health
Pause the game and press Left, X, Right, Y, Right, click Left Analog-stick.
Unlock all movies
Unlock Movies: Y, X, Y, X, X, L3 (click). From the pause menu