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The Free Rom Camera
Ok first go to the menu (Press start)then ues the right trigger and go to
the messeges then press x,left,x,a then go out or it click the right thumm stick to activate it.
PasswordWhat it does
x,left,x,a,Activate's Rom camera


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Alternate Way to Take Care of the Rancor
Although many of the above ideas are excellent, and the game usually has subtle hints leading you to use the odor synthesizer, there is an alternate way I use much more often.

Instead of using the odor synthesizer, I will lay two rows of mines with mission while invisible, getting as close to the Rancor as possible. Usually my mines are fairly close together. Then I become visible, shoot the beast if I have to to get it's attention, and then run like hell. He should run right along your mines and take heavy damage.

Of course, he is fast, so run your butt off.

I have used this in the past, as it clears out your inventory of mines that won't be very useful further along in the game and makes it look a little neater. Also, I have made the mistake of forgetting to unload the items from the pile in the past.

People have also totally missed or lost the synthesizers in the past by accidentally sending along the Journals to the people of the undercity after selling them to the weedy salesman of the camp. They leave, and whoops, all of a sudden its gone. Or, they simply can't find it in their inventory. I feel your pain.

Also, it is not as slow working as the poison ones, etc. Have a fun game!
Bastilla, "I love you"
You have to be a man, but on Dantooine if you equip Bastilla and you drag her around after awhile you talk to her and she says stuff and if you keep on doing this as much as possible, (you can do on any world) at the star forge she will say "I love you and don't want to leave you.." and stuff like that.
Beat Malak
When fighting Malak, if you reduce him to about half his health, he will run off and drain the life from one of the captive Jedi he has stored around the arena. Ensure your character has drain life or Death Field as a force power. Then when you find yourself close to death against Malak run at the captive jedi and target them, select death field/drain life you'll refill your health bar with their energy. So damage Malak to just before the point that he will drain a captive jedi and then drain them all yourself. This will leave you with full health and him damaged with no where to go to refill.
Best to save as last planet
So you all know that when going to your last planet u wont have bastilla right?
Well no problem just save Korriban till last because she won't accompany you there anyways.
So you are captured by the leviathan and you sadly lose bastilla. No problem easy way around losing all that hot firepower is to save the planet she wont help u on till last.
When doing this i have had much easier/better results in winning the game for some reason it works like a charm.
Bug on Tatooine after killing Krayt Dragon
After you kill the Krayt Dragon and have checked out the star map and all the stuff inside, you exit the cave and find that you will encounter most likely Darth Bandon and a couple of his henchmen. Make sure that you save prior to this and also save after the conversation with him. Make no mistake: this fella is tough! It doesn't really matter how you dispatch him, but if you find that you are getting your a** kicked, then run away, run away! If your buddies have died, then run as far away from the cave entrance as possible and then run towards the "fence" posts. A message will pop up and tell you something about the vast desert. That's good. Your buddies will automatically regenerate and then you can run towards the cave again. Darth Bandon will stay where he is. This will allow you to heal and gain back some of your Jedi powers. Well, at least this has worked for me, and I hope it works for you. Any questions, please feel free to email!
Cassus Fett's Battle Armor
On dan go to Adum Larp (he's the preson with the red costum)And talk to him then once he's done talking ask Let me see what you're selling Then look for a cassus fett's battle armor (It cost 15,000)it really power full
so enjoy.
Correct order for hot-wired box in Taris
In the Lower City Apartments of Taris, one of the apartments has holo projectors surrounding an item box. Each projector has a name. Click each projector in the following order to open the box. Screw up the order, and the box explodes.

Correct order:

Dantooine Star Map Proving Ground Answers
While in the ruins on Dantooine you have to input the following answers into the proving ground computers.



A small hint that I have found really helps on the NEXT planet you go to (I usually go to Tattooine 'cos I like having HK-47 early, he's a fun character) : Equip your Padawan Robe onto BASTILA. Nemo's corpse has a Jedi Knight Robe which you can wear yourself that has a slightly higher defence rating. Believe it or not that really makes a difference against the Sand People Warriors.
Darth Mallack - easy fight
Anyone with a bit of sense would thow thier saber at the captured Jedi. I don't know if it works with Force Wave but it's EVEN EASIER if you play on the DARK SIDE and then get as many of the Jedi in your range and just use Death Field (which anyone with at least one brain sell would have even if they are a "lightside" character). Thus stealing health for yourself, should you need any. which then leaves you free to kick the crap out of that grotty little excuse of a sith.
Death Of Carth!
In order to kill Carth, you must be a female, During gameplay, you must get Carth to fall for you. He must profess his love before going to the Unknown World. When you get to the part with Bastila, side with her. Go back to the others and tell them your decision, Carth will get angry and run off. After you have defeated Malik, Carth will appear with the Ebon Hawk. You will be given the option to kill him, it's a cutscene so there is no real interaction.
Defeat Malak as simple as possible
All you need is the powers kill and drain life.
after he sucks life from the first jedi, run around and use kill on all the rest of the jedi.
Next, run around in circles on the ground to get your force back up. Every so often use drain life on him to take life away from him and get life back. Running in circles makes it so he cant hit you. Once you defeat malak, enjoy the ending cut scene.
Defeat The Rancor Monster
At the door to the monsters lair, there is an arm. Search it. There will be three odour synthesisers. Take them. Then go into the room with the rancor monster and go over to the pile of bones and search it. Take whatever you find. Then search it again and go into give items. Put a frag grenade in it. Then search it once again. DO NOT take the grenade. go into give items and put one of the odour synthesisers in it.
Defeat the Rancor with ease (Taris Sewer System)
(Created on Normal difficulty)

You will need 2-3 frag grenades, and MUST have 2 or more poison grenades.

Before entering the room with the Rancor, enter solo mode, and have your two ally characters stand far away from the door, so they won't rush in and get mauled by the Rancor (they're going to want the experience from killing Rancy' too).

Save your game here. Then...

Enter alone, and carefully walk towards the rancor and stop as soon as you get a red target lock on it. The Rancor will not chase you just yet, so you get a free shot at it. Toss a poison grenade and make sure you check to see if the saving throw fails and the Rancor is poisoned.

Once he's poisoned he will attack you. DO NOT RETURN FIRE. Head back into the hallway and the Rancor will ignore you, while taking poison damage. Poison isn't affected by armor class, so this is an even more effective way of taking the bug brute down, so you won't have to waste 10-16 grenades on it.

Once the poison effects wear off, he'll go somewhat docile again. Creep into the room again, and lob another poison grenade. Check to make sure he's poisoned, then rush back to the hallway. Let the poison run its course, and when finished, the Rancor should have about 10% HP left or less. Now you can enter the room and throw a frag grenade or two at it to finish it off easy.
Dueling Ice, Twitch, and Bendak
If you are having trouble with any duelists (Other than Marl, for him u just have to b good with a melee weapon), do this.

Ice, Twitch, and Bendak Starkiller all use blasters so, go to Kebla Yurts Equipment Emporium right outside, and stock up on grenades.

Just throw a few grenades....the poison works well on Ice but doesn't affect Bendak, havent tried it on Twitch yet.
E.B.D - Easy Kills
Atleast 3 team members
Enemys (They have to be behind a door)
You can do this 2 ways, Way a or Way b.

Add 2 people to your team.
Open the door.
Hide behind the wall and wait until there is
no noise and then move on to the next room.

Walk as far towards the door as you can.
Add 2 team members.
Wait until all the noise has gone.
Open the door and walk on.

This cheat may not work on some doors.
It will not work on walls.
EBD is Enemies Behind doors.
Easy Fight with Darth Malak
Before going to the unknown planet, buy heaps of mines of any type. I MEAN HEAPS! Before going into combat with him, place the mines in one spot. Walk up to him and you will talk. When he starts to fight run behind the mines, he should die. I haven't tried because I didn't get enough mines.
Easy Heal.
If you are in a Boss Battle, or any difficult situation, and don't have time to wait until your next turn to use a medpac, just go to items, press X until you reach "useable items" and use a medpac from there. It doesn't take a turn away from you, it just heals you.
Easy Kill
Easiest way to kill the sith guy at the sith base on Taris. Have Bastila and the little T3-M4 unit with you. Also have about three concussion grenades just in case the first doesn't work. Okay so find the sith guy with the lightsaber at the end of the sith base on Taris. Right after you finish talking to him throw a concussion grenade then hit the white buttion make Bastila use shock on him and the droid uses his stun ray you use power attack or critical hit. Keep using these powers and right after the concussion grenade has worn out he should be dead. I tried this myself 3 different times and it works if done right. Hope you have fun gaming. May the force be with you.
easy last planet
first after dantooine go to kashyyk and do everything there EXEPT getting the star map now go do whatever you want to do now after you have done the other planets you should be intercepted by the leviathan. do what you need to do on the leviathan then when your off it go back to kashyyk and go down to the star map it should be easy now that you dont have to do anything else. enjoy!!=]
Easy max dark points
After you surface from the lab on manaan, talk to roland waan and then get your credit. After that talk to him again and the option to say "perhaps a bribe will keep me quiet" then exit out and repeat.
Easy Rakgoul Kills
Having troubles with the Rakgouls? Well, if you are, here's how to fight them with ease. This little "cheat" only works for the Rakgouls in the Undercity, not in the sewers.

Have the Rakgouls chase your party to the city gates. Pass onto the other side of the gate (into the city). Then equip ranged fighters and shoot the guys down. They cannot cross the gate line, and therefore cannot attack you on the other side.

This also works for the Rakgouls in the Undercity medical containment area. In fact, it works best for them.

If the Rakgouls run off, just follow after them and shoot them again, then press "B" to cancel combat and run back to the city. Rinse, repeat. Easy XP.

An alternate idea: have Mission in your party. She has skill with demolitions. Recover (not disable) mines you find laying around - or buy some from the upper city shops. Have Mission lay the mines around, then go find some Rakgouls. Shoot them once to get their attention, then turn and run. They will follow your party. Run over your mine (it will not detonate), and make sure the Rakgoul(s) run over it, too.

It's an easier kill, but it costs mines, credits, and requires you to make sure at least one character has a decent demolitions skill.
Easy Star Forge Droids Fight
When you reach the stage near the end when Malak runs away and throws endless droids at you, the simple thing is to bash the door open that he went through. I have been in arguments in forums with people who don't believe me, so I appreciate verifications, just to make sure my game isn't glitched.
Escape Saul Karath
After you find the third star map, you are captured by the vessel of Saul Karath and have to pick someone to save you, Bastila, and Carth. Here is a rundown of pro's and con's for best choice:

Juhani; Pro= gets to keep all her gear and avoid detection. Con= not the best at fighting or with skills.
Jolee; Pro= good force powers and computer use. Con= all gear is unequipped.
Zalbaar; Unusable
Hk-47; Pro= good repair and a decent shot. Con= takes a lot of damage and is harder to heal.
T3-M4; Pro= very good computer use and repair. Con= as soon as he wakes up there is an almost unsolvable riddle it is necessary to complete.
Canderous; Pro= takes very little damage even with weak armor, can heal automatically, very good in combat. Con= low computer use
Extra Repair Parts
On the endar spire when you get to the part when you can either use computer spikes or activate a droid, pick the droid. On the screen choose reactivate droid then only choose engage in patrol mode. the droid will get its shield anyway.
Faster Way to Defeat Malak in Final Fight

When Malak and your Jedi begin to fight Malak is able to drain the captive Jedi to restore both his health and force powers. To deny him this ensure you have the DESTROY DROID power. Target the dead Jedi and use this power to free them to become one with the force. DO NOT ENGAGE MALAK WHILE DOING THIS. Simply run around both levels of the fighting area until ALL the dead/captive Jedi are finished then AND ONLY THEN use force wave/adv throw lightsaber to finish Malak off.

This works on ALL levels of the game but ONLY if your character is lightside because a darkside character using light powers loses his/her own force strength much faster than is feasible for defeating malak quickly
galaxy droid
Alright, after you get captured by the big ship thing and basstila is gone talk to everyone and ask them if they trust you and all that stuff and then once the conversation is over talk to HK-47, (your orange battle droid), ask him to do that battle simulation thingy once your in that everything should be black and white kill all the sith ships and after your done the game should stop then all the sudden the colour should come back again. Then its gunna show your ship (the ebon hawk) flying around then after that you should have a galaxy driod in your cockpit of the ship! (use him to go to the unknown planet,taris,and dantoinne, and evenyour plantes you are on now)!!!!!!!!!
Get free light saber crystals and Dark Side points
On Dantooine, when you find Elise's droid, ther will
be a cave.Go in it and there will be some spider like creatures. Kill them and go to the end of the cave. There will be a lot of crysals. Get them.
there will also be eggs. If you break them you will
get dark side points
Get More at Yavin 4
Note: Requires XBOX Live.

Download the Yavin space station via XBOX Live to the hard drive.
The game will load the new "co-ordinants" to the Galaxy Map when
you load your profile.

Go to the Ebon Hawk's galaxy map and select Yavin.
You will arrive at the station orbiting Yavin.
Leave the Ebon Hawk and select your party members, as usual.
Make your way down the corridoor and use the final panel to talk
with the owner. Be polite and curtious to him, and he'll let you in.

When given the conversation choice, ask to see his inventory.
Press "X" and you can now sell items for more than any other
tradesman will buy them for!

You may play Pazaak, talk, and trade.

Note 2: Check back often, as he updates his inventory, and something
else may happen too...
Get the Galaxy Droid and go anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!
After beating the Leviathan, you have to shoot down sith fighters every time you go to another planet. Destroy all of the fighters before they fly over the Ebon Hawk. When you are done, there should be a Galaxy Droid in the cockpit. It will allow you to go to the following locations: Endar Spire, Taris, Dantooine, Kashyyyk, Manann, Korriban, Tatooine, Leviathin, and Unknown Planet.(Yes, Taris and te Endar Spire should be destroyed).
Getting to and beating Davik
Once you get to Davik's place there will be a scene where he gives you a tour of his place. Then you are in a room with Canderous once you grab the stuff from the footlocker you can go to the next room across the hall and and bash it open with (swords because otherwise it would take a long time.Use a vibrato blade and a long sword.)Then bash open both footlockers and get the stuff.Then if you go to the next room on the side of the room you were just at.There will be a bounty hunter behind the door and he'll say something about wrecking his evening.That part is very (OPTIONAL.)Then go down the hall and take a right.At the end you will see a door don't open it.Instead of opening that door go to your left and run all the way down the hallway and open that door.There will be a greedo looking bounty hunter he will either come from the left or right depending on when you get there.Then kill him and get the access key.Then go through the same door you just went through. After that take a right and go down that hall way and open the door.Then fight those guys and kill them.Then pick up the medpacs and open the door and take a left.It will say something about the hangar door.Then go back into that room and use the computer.Then click disable hangar door.then when you go in there you will see Davik talking to Calo.

Now here is how you beat davik.If you have grenades use them on davik,.If that fails get Canderous to start shooting davik too.When you beat Davik Calo will say something and then get hit by something and then you can pick up Daviks stuff and find your way back to the ship.
Glitch: Beat Any Boss
Beat any boss

To defeat any boss and take no damage, attack the opponent. When the attack is done and you have succesfully given damage, pause the game, save it, and load the game you just saved. It will instantly be your turn and you can keep this up and beat any enemy/ boss without letting them attack once.
Glitch:Bypass the droids at Kashyyyk's star map
After you have the conversation with the thing (vague because of spoilers, you'll know) before Kashyyyk's map, you will be forced to fight 2 very strong droids. If you wish not to fight them, simply run away and trigger the Star Map. Your party members will continue fighting them, but will not lose any health. Let this go on for as long as possible. After the star map cutscene, run in the opposite direction of the droids, and get your party to come with you. You're supposed to have to kill these droids before getting the map, but for some reason you don't have to.
Glitch:Double-Bladed W
Double-bladed weapons do not suffer an Attack penalty due to a glitch. Thus, you do not need to get the Two-Weapon Fighting Feat to wield them efficiently.
Glitch:Duplicate Bastilla equipment
To do this trick, you must have agreed with Kandon to ride in the swoop race for the Black Vulkars. Then, go back into the Vulkar base, steal the Prototype Accelerator, and bring it back to the Beks. After you have raced, won Bastilla, and have returned to the Upper City with her, put all the items you have collected from the battle in the foot locker next to the work bench in your hideout each time you perform this trick, otherwise the duplication of the items will not work. You can now go back to the Lower City and tell Gadon's Bodyguard that you have the accelerator again. You will then be able to go to the swoop track again. It will appear as if Bastilla has just escaped from Brejik. You can then talk to her and she will act as if you just rescued her. After your conversation, you will return to your hideout with: Bastilla's lightsaber, Brejiks Arm Band and Belt, and 525 experience points. However your game will not be reset. You can repeat this trick as many times as desired before leaving Taris.
Glitch:Duplicate Items
In order to do this, you must have not completed the Kashyyyk main quest.

1. Bring Zaalbar out with you onto the planet of Kashyyyk and equip any items you want duplicated on him.

2. Before approeching the gate to the Wookie village, save the game and then remove all items that Zaalbar has on him.

3. Procede into the cut scene.

4. Complete the mission, either light or dark, and get Zaalbar back into your party.

5. All items you removed from Zaalbar will be in your inventory and he will have them on his person also, thus, they were duplicated.
Good way to kill Bendak Starkiller
To kill Bendak you need to have the sword that costs 250 credits at Yurts shop (the dubble-bladed one) then after you beat everyone in the ring go to Bendak he should be in front of the exit, talk him into a fight then when he leaves you leave then go back in and talk to Adjur (hope I got his name right) he'll get you in the ring with Bendak. When you're in the ring flurry would be the best thing to use, if he injurs you a little pause go to your items list (you'll need a ton of medpacks for this) click on a medpack, unpause then keep on using flurry if you keep all of that up he should die sooner or later then you'll be the best duelist on Taris.
how to beat marl on taris
ok what you do is withdraw a blaster before the fight. then at the beginning of the fight, shoot at him untill he gets close then start running around in large circles. when you get to a corner of the ring run straight through the middle. if done correctly you can run away far enough to blast him even more. repeat this process untill he is dead. have fun and enjoy the cheat!
How to get the star map on dantooine
Alright so you talk to the droid in the ancient ruins on dantooine (he will talk funny at first just say random stuff 'till he talkes a launguage you can understand. Then go in the rooms to the side of him. Then it will say a bunch of wierd incriptions kick it and push random buttons (its fun) then there will be a option to insert your datapad do that then it will ask questions what are the 3 life giving seeds.


grassland aquatic and the other one that sounds like plants

death giving

desert an the other ones that are like dry and plaine
How to killthe sith master and his apprentice on the sith home world
OK wene u get enough prestige go to the master and he'l take u to the tomb of nar something then go to the combo room and finish it save it then kill the spikey things then go throu the other door get the ice and fire grenade and use the ice in the acid n the room on the right wene u entered then wene u get the poisen sword of nar whatever eqipt it then go out of the room and there they are kill the apprentice first then kill the sith master the problem is that once u kill them the apprentices outside attack u.
Item Dupe on Taris
When you get the prototype swoop engine from the Vulkar Base, go back to Gadon Thek. Before talking to him, unequip all of the items from the two other members of your party. Talk to Gadon, and do the swoop race as normal. When you get back to your apartment, the two members of your party have their items back, but those are still in your inventory.
Jedi & Sith Codes
Sith Order Code:
Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

Jedi Order Code:
There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.
Kashyyk Star Map
On kashyyk, you are asked by an computer several questions. If you answer these questions wrong, you must fight 2 very strong driods, but if you answer as Revan would, you gain access to the Star Map. You may want to fight the droids for the XP, but if you dont, here are the answers;

Accuse Zaalbar
Do nothing about the attack on your city and prepare to assault the enenmy's weakness.
Let the attack happen.

This WILL get you dark side points, so if you are 100% light and dont want to convert even a little bit, fight the droids, but it saves a lot of time and injury to answer correctly.
Keep the Sith Uniform!
Credit: The folks of the Neoseeker forums!

In order to keep the Sith Uniform you obtain on Taris, and still get the Sith Papers (ID) for access to the elevator>

Before opening the door to the Hidden Bek base, Equip the Suit on Carth, and dismiss him from your party. Once you enter, the game will autoscan all current party members on the feild for the Sith Armor and remove it. Since Carth won't be on the feild, he's not scanned. Talk to Gadon, and agree to handover the uniform. You hand him nothing, but obtain the papers, though the dialogue seems as if you did hand over the uniform. Leave the Bek base, and add Carth to the party again. Voila! Sith uniform is yours to keep. Use with the item dupe cheat to have a bunch of personal Sith running around (or Rogue Sith if you will).
Kill Carth
To kill carth be a female and get along with Carth on the Light Side, also help him with his son Dustil. Then, at the Uknown Planet turn to the dark side with Bastila and say your going to kill Carth, right after he says something about he loves you and questions why your doing this right after you have an option to stab him with a lightsaber. But it is not a fight it is a cutscene. Enjoy!
Kill rankor on taris
Ok ive done this tons of times first go to the upper city and buy 20 grenades then go to the lower sewers and as soon as u get to the rankor go out the door to a corner and throw 1 grenade each time then as soon as you've killed it attack his body with a doble bladed sword and ur done.
Korriban: Double Terantatek
If you are having trouble killing the two terantateks on Korriban, but don't wanna just skip them and miss the xp, Heres what I did.
Run through them to the doorway across the room; it wont open uless you pull the lever, but that doesn't matter. since there is only a small pathway to the doorway, only one terantatek can fit there. You wont have to deal with both of them. This makes it way easier since dont have to worry about healing as often.
Mandalorians in the forest (Kasshyk lower shadow lands)
If you are looking to do the quest about all the dead wookies and the Mandalorians, walk around the forest. Kill any animal that gets in your way, but leave the tachs alone, their harmless. Find any place with at least three dead wookies. (This doesn't include the ritual place, don't try this there) Take all weapons away from the party. Walk right through the middle of the field. Wait for cutscene of three Mandalorians, then pause the game, re-equip all weapons, and wreak havok. Once all have been killed, search corpses. Find second area with dead wookies. Repeat. After this, search bodies, take everything, then find the dead Mandalorians' swoop bikes. Walk up to the one in the corner away from the two entrances. (There are three bikes, but one is missing something) Walk up to it. Use. Hot to the touch. If it's the wrong one it will say something like 'This bike is warm. Seems to have been used recently.' If it's the right one, choose option insert signal. Two more blue Mando goons come out, but there is also one red boss goon. Kill him first. If you recently advanced a jedi lvl, make sure you have heal, also make sure plenty o medpacs. I used transist a lot, freezes the target, gives you a couple of free hits. Happy hunting!
when you get the merchandise from the rodian on korriban,(the one you give the spice to) there is a way to beat the aliens puzzles. the answers for it's questions are this :
Until I am measure, I am not known, yet how you miss me when I have flown----the answer is time
I never was, yet always will be. I am never seen, yet always come. I can carry nothing, yet hold much for some---The answer is tomorrow
Who makes it has no need of it. Who buys it has no use for it. Who uses it has no knowledge of it.--the answer is a grave
I am always hungry, I must always be fed. The finger I lick will soon turn red.--the answer is a flame.
it doesn't matter which question you pick afterwards. congrats you win.
on the first planet you visit (Taris) there is a way to get a lot of med-packs without paying anything.When you go to the upper city cantina where you can fight in the dueling ring,well if you look to the back corner of the room there is a first aid container holding 1 med-pack.Every time you lose a battle with one of the duelists a med-pack will appear in the first aid container.When you get it DON'T use it,if you go to fight the duelist again you will start the battle with full health.
More Experience
Once you are in the area where Rakghouls (on Taris) are, kill the Rakghouls. Then Transit back to base. Transit right back without changing party members. You will have more Rakghouls to fight. Remember, this may only work a few times. If so, go to another Rakghoul spot and try this cheat again. You will get a heap of experience.
Musical Lightsabers
All you have too do is continuisly press Y and each time you do it will make a sound (Two if you doubl equipped.)
Naga Sadow Pillars of Power- How to Beat
1. Left pillar - Middle pillar.
2. Left - Right
3. Middle - Right
4. Left - Middle
5. Right - Left
6. Right - Middle
7. Left - Middle
8. Left - Right
9. Middle - Right
10. Middle - Left
11. Right - Left
12. Middle - Right
13. Left - Middle
14. Left - Right
15. Middle - Right
Peace with Sandpeople
If you use the droid that calls you Master when you go to the Sandpeople base he will translate what they are saying so you don't have to kill them.
point guide/terence start
Warning this guide is only for if you Want to go with the light side of the force.

Trust me on this guide because I ALWAYS pick the light side so I know how to get there. (and maybe get some dark side points on the way)
first of all (suggestion) A good place to Put your first set of points is intelligence,strength,charisma,or wisdom.
then (if you picked intelligence)put it in your class skills but if you want then put it in persuade and awerence (trust me on this you will need it)
then after you have your charecter set up work through the endor spire now on terence the first thing you should do is talk to Carth get to know him a little bet leave and the first fight is unavoidable after kicking some sith and sith droid butt say to the guy you were just glad to help(unsure if get light side point) then bust into every apartment on that floor (don't worry you will not get a dark side point)to scrounge some items and cash then leave outside first thing first talk to the drunks and (if persuade is at least 2 you should be able to persuade them to leave you alone) leave the
guy being muged alone till later at least 500 credits later and help the ithorian after telling the kids to leave him alone give him a medpac this is the end of my guide (might make more later aletle rusty on the knights of the old republic 1)
quike kill rancor
no offence but other rancor tips take ages...

all you need is about 6 to 8 bombs through one at the beast then run back in the door do this over and over and se the best say bye bye!!!!!!!!!!
Rancor in Taris sewers: Easy way to beat.
No offense, whoever inserted that tip about the poison grenades and stuff. Walk up to the doors right before the sewer. You will see a severed hand, I thinkk it is, anyway, search it, get synthesized odor. Open door. There is the rancor. The pile of bodies behind him has a corpse in it somewhere. Goody goody, free stuff. Ok, now take a regular old frag grenade, stick it in the pile. Take the synthesized odor, place in pile. Cutscene, and wallah! one more rancor bites the dust.
Rancor No Reach

1. Get the attention of the Rancor while you are still on the other end of the room.
2. Run past the rancor, over to the grate by the door on the opposite end.

Once there the Rancor will not be-able to reach you at all. Then just throw fragment grenades at it till it dies. The most tricky part is to get around the rancor but after, killing it is as simple as keeping ON the grate, and throwing grenades at it. But even more, it does not take as many as you would think.
Sith Droid
When your at the Sith Base in Taris there is a big Droid standing in your way take.Don't waist your time on it right then do after you go up the elivator to the dark jedi.You can beat the dark jedi mostly with bastilla using speed then take him out with your guy or woman.After that go downstairs again and the Droid will be there waiting for you.All you do then is let Bastilla and your droid battle it out with the big thing.Then go into the small room on your left after you flee the fight seen and go into the hallway.Then set a nic little mine there and wait for the Droid to go in when you here the boom you know he's there.Then just chuck grenades at him whenever he stops.And that is how you get past that deoid
starting guide,tartus
Warning this guide is only for if you Want to go with the light side of the force.

Trust me on this guide because I ALWAYS pick the light side so I know how to get there. (and maybe get some dark side points on the way)
first of all (suggestion) A good place to Put your first set of points is intelligence,strength,charisma,or wisdom.
then (if you picked intellegence)put it in your class skills but if you
Super Jedi
You can make yourself a more powerful Jedi and get more powers and Jedi feats. All you need to do is not level up after the Endar Spire. It makes the rest of the game until Dantooine very difficult, but it is doable. Make sure that everyone else in your party levels up each chance they get to counter out your main character's low level.

Once you reach Dantooine, you will be able to level up as a Jedi from level 2. Yes, it can be hard (consider lowering the combat level of the game to Easy, at least until you are a Jedi), but it is doable.

I have managed to be at level 4, level 3, and even (once) at level 2 when I reached Dantooine. But, if you are about to die, do not hesitate to level up once (or more if needed) to keep on going.
Surviving the Taris underground base missions
These missions can be hard on new players, and folks can run out of credits and medpacks really fast if you don't use more efficient combat methods.

In the beggining (Taris), it's much easier to stick with blasters and blaster rifles, usually having one character with a blaster rifle, and the two other character dual weilding blaster pistols. When attacking a group of enemies, the AI often screws up no matter what order you give them. This usually happens when you are being attacked from all sides, or from too close a range, or you neglect to issue an order before the AI takes over and makes allies shoot at whoever is in range.

The second you spot an enemy, regardless of there being a group, or different kinds, pause the game. Move each of your characters close to each other, and have them all target the same enemy. Even a pack of Rakghouls will get torn to pieces before the group can reach you, as you're picking them off one by one, instead of spreading your assault thin, and allowing them to get close enough to deal some damage to you before you off them.

That tactic should always be used with blaster weilding allies. It's more effective (especially with the horrid hit ratio of blasters) to have them all target the same enemy.

Now, when you're in the sewers, Black Vulkar base, Davik Kang's base, and the Sith Base, you can benefit greatly from using bait and lure techniques.

Let's say you start off in the Vulkar base. There's a door in front of you, and the room ahead appears big on the map. You're pretty sure there are going to be a few enemies in that area, and taking them out quicker than they can harm you will save time, and save medpacks and money.

Before opening a door, move all characters in front of the door. Have the main character stand in the middle (doesn't really matter) and the other two characters stand next to him/her. Or switch them around, whatever. They need to all be in a line in front of the door.

Now click open the door, and pause the game when the doors are half open. Look around the room and prioritize any targets. If there is a tougher enemy, and a swarm of weaker enemies (IE: Standard troops), take out the standard troops one by one. Remember, target the same enemy.

Careful though, if you target them too early and the doors aren't open enough, it will glitch, and your allies won't fire their weapons from there, but will oddly run right up the the enemy's face and then fire, making themselves a bullseye for melee enemies and a group of enemies.

If you see them trying to move, pause, switch to them, cancel the attack, and reissue it once the doors are open a bit more.

Now, notice how Mission Vao comes with a stealth feild generator. This is vital to tactical supremacy in these narrow corridoors.

Say you clear out a room from enemies. At this stage, enemies suck at detecting stealth, though some droid sentries can detect you if too close.

Go into solo mode, and station your main character and Carth or Zaalbar (depending on how far you are in the game, and who you prefer to use), and leave them standing close to each other inside the room, ready to shoot at any enemy that may enter from their blind spot. (Say an enemy walks into the room. Your team needs to be as far off to the right of the entrance or far left as possible, so you can get shots in before the enemy even targets you)

Find a target with Mission in stealth mode. Make sure you can lure that single target away; so mess with your approach angles and the like to ensure only one enemy comes after you. If they are weaker enemies, you can lure them all into the trap.

When Mission attacks from stealth mode, she receives an attack upgrade. Sometimes this can kill enemies in a single hit, or critically wound them. Either way, it helps. Anyway, attack that one enemy, then run back to the room with your allies. Position Mission side by side with your allies in wait. As soon as the enemy enters the room, manually control all characters and target that enemy and fire away.

You can take out 80% of all the enemies in these type of areas this way.

There will be a few rooms where you have no room for lures, and will have to face an enemy group head on. Just remember, instead of one person throwing grenades, it's best to have everybody throw one grenade. The damage is simultaneous, and all can assume blaster fire afterwards. Be sure to keep grenade types in mind. Say, one person can throw a concussion grenade to stun enemies, while the other two throw frag grenades, and you'll all follow up with blaster fire to finish off weakened enemies.
Trouble with tereneteteks and Uthar and Yuthura
On Korriban in the tomb of Naga Sadow you'll need to pass two terenteteks walk slowly up to the closest one when it look and/or chases you run back and fight it and kill it then do the same to the other one but skip the walk slowly part. Then get the fire and ice grenades throw the ice one to freeze over the acid pool and throw in the fire one to make toxic fumes after that get the star map kill both Yuthura and Uthar to get light side or dark side points or do it the easy way and get no points and say you're with Yuthura to Uthar then turn Yuthura to the light if you go to Dantooine she should be there unless Dantooine is destroyed but you still turn her.
Turn Malak into a Twi'lek
At the end of the game on the Star Forge, right before you enter the final battle with Malak. You should save before entering the room in case you incorrectly do this. Do the following:

-Plug a controller 1 into slot 1 and another controller into slot 4.

-Hold L and R on both controllers, then hold Y on both controllers. (So you should be holding L, R, and Y on both controllers)

-Your character should then take out his/her weapon.

When your character walks up to Malak a cutscene will start. Malak will say something, then your character will wave their hand and turn Malak into a female Twi'lek. After this funny scene the game is over. Fastest way to kill Malak and funniest.

It's really hard to hold all the buttons, nearly impossible, I recommend a second person help you with this.
Zaalbar Triple Weapon
After getting bacca's sword and the wookiee warblade on kashyykk, equip two weapons on zaalbar, with bacca's sword in the left hand. then equip the two-handed wookiee warblade in the right hand. Exit from the menu and zaalbar is holding the two-handed wookiee warblade AND bacca's sword. No fighting advantage, but it looks really cool.


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Double terrentatek on korriban glitch
When you get to the double terrentatek on Koribban, open the door and use force speed(not necessary but helpful). Run through the room and pull the lever in the corner.When the door on the other side of the room opens, run through and the terrantatek get stuck in the door, but they don't run. Use grenades or blasters to kill them from there. Enjoy!
Lot o skill points
Now to do this you need to not level up you character nor the t3m4 as well as one other character

Once you get to dantooine just before you choose your Jedi class switch charaters and hit the a button in this order frist T3m4 to your charater then you charater to the other non leveled charater

If done right your charater should be an expert droid and when you level up have a few hundred skill points then you get you Jedi class and bam you have lot o skill and if you become a Jedi guardian you get lot of feats and because you waited to level up lots of Jedi powers

Note :this was done on an Xbox 360 and when first done I gave zaalbar 700 skill points but when I tried to get it on my charater I only got 250 skill point and when I tried to give the point to the other charater the first charater lost the excess points
Make Zaalbar have the force
To make Zaalbar or any other character have the force. first, have Zaalbar have one level up and your character have one level up, then go to the level up screen, press the switch button simultaneously and keep clicking the A button when the character name saids Zaalbar and your jedi class level up. After that Zaalbar should have the force. I know this works because I have tried this before.
Obtain Grenades Even With No Resources
When you escape Taris and get a chance to talk to Zalbaar ask him to make you a grenade. Every time you ask him to make you one he does it no matter how many recources you have. As well as stocking up on grenades you can then sell any unwanted ones for extra money if you need to.
Remove Sith Uniform and Still Look Like a Sith
On Taris, when you have to give the Sith Armor to Gadon Thek, keep the armor. Then before you leave Taris by boarding the Ebon Hawk, equip the armor. Now, when you get to Dantooine, you will look like a Sith soldier. The glitch is when you unequip the armor, you are still impersonating a Sith soldier. Now you can put anything else on and you will still look like a Sith.


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Change Voice Tone
Plug in a second controller to the fourth port, and pressthe black button to change the tone of the voices

(might not be able to reverse, save first)
Change Voices
Put a second controller into the forth port. Press White to have high pitched voices and press black to have low pitched voices.
Dak Vessar Endless Money/Crystal/Darkside (with patience)
On Korriban, when you get to the Valley of the Dark Lord, you must have Juhani in your party. Talk with Dak Vessar and they'll prattle on about how they used to be together and love each other blah blah. Then he'll run back to Dresdae (the Czerka colony there). Follow him or transit back to Ebon Hawk. Talk with him but remove Juhani from your party. Prod him till he fights and kill him. He'll be carrying an Eralam Crystal, 150 credits, and you'll earn Dark Side points. The Eralam crystal is a good addition to your lightsaber, but you can sell it for 745 credits to any merchant. Transit back, or leave Dresdae, and return. Dak will always be there resurrected somehow for re-killing.
Once your on your star ship the wookiee will telll u that some of the food supplies are missing. once u check it out u find a little girl a stowaway. tell her that she must leave. but befor she runs away talk to her over and over again stil telling her to leave. you will get 1 dark side point each time!
Darth Malak - Easy Fight
When you enter the room where you meet Malak notice all the Jedi in the corners of the room. If you have throw lightsaber, run away fron Malak, (he only uses his Lightsabrer no guns) and go to each of the captive jedi pod things and throw your lightsaber at it. It will kill the jedi but then Malkak cant suck the power out of them. SO when you destroy the pods Malak will only fight you once, not get wounded, run off like a woman and suck the life from a jedi and then come back into the fight with full health. This tip really works.
easy battle with droids on the star forge
this tip will save u from hours of endless fighting and u will need about 24 computer spikes

after u go solo to find malak, u will go to a door at the end of a hall like thing. when u walk up to the door malak will open it and he will say something about u knot knowing the true power of the star forge. 6 droids will appear from electricity DO NOT KILL ANY OF THEM! by each droid producer will be a computer pannel and it cost 4 comupter spikes to shut the machines down. repeat this step to all of the computer pannels (if u dont have enough computer spikes at least shut down 4 of them)then kill the droids from the machines that u already shut down. run back to the door at the end of the hall that malak opened and go through it. i hope that this tip is useful because it took me a while to figure out how to shut the machines down.
Feats, feats, and more feats
When you are able to level up a person, press the start button as you usually would. Switch characters and press a right after. It should have your name, and the picture of another character. You can continue to do this after you just did it.

however this cheat wears off after entering an area of transition.


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Finf the Star Forge.
On Dantooine,after you go into the ruins and talk to
the droid, go to the door on the right. After you kill the droid, go to the computer it will have different land forms. enter volcanic, desert, then Beren. Then go to the door on the left kill the droid and go to the computer. enter Oceanic, grassland, Arboreal.


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Free Roam Camera
Go to the messages GUI and enter the following code. 'Punch it Chewie' will appear in the messages. Press start to get out of the GUI panel and then press the Right analog stick down (like you're going into first person view).
Glitch:Free entry into Ahto city.
This glitch gets you into the city, without going through the pay station( you don't pay a docking fee).

To do this, after leaving the Ebon Hawk on Mannan, head toward the private hangar. Stand outside the private hangar door, and attempt to pick the lock, this will fail. Push right up to the door and then go to your character selection screen. Select any new character into your party and they should appear on the other side of the hangar door.

With this character kill all the enimes beyond the door, then go to the transporter and select it. It will ask if you want to travel to the sith base, say yes and enter the base.

When inside the base, you can leave through a door inside, this takes you into the city.

The only downside to this trick, is that you can only get into the city through the sith base, and you can only leave through the quick Transit Syestem, but it saves you 500 credits!
Kill Malak in a way that you can make a fool of him!
Ok you have to have force storm and adv throw lightsaber or regular throw lightsaber and force wave. Now when you are in the room with the final fight lay mines in front of you. When the fight starts run him into the mines. If the explosion is effective enough he will take the life out of the jedi prisoners. Once he does that use force wave to push him back and throw your saber at the prisoners to free their bodys. Keep repeating that until you have all the jedis destroyed. Then use forve wave again on him then throw saber then start running in circles using force storm on hm. Eventully you will beat him. Note: When you run in circles make sure you dont atack Malak and by the way if you use force wave and he comes at you again before you can use saber throw just use force wave again.
lightsabers choose
okay when you get to choose a lightsaber always do something with fight... and by the way the answers for all the questions are

there is no emotion there is peace
there is no ignorance there is knowledge
there isno chaos there is harmony
there is no death there is the force
... when ur done with all that pick u want the gaurdian position or blue lightsaber... it makes u a stronger fighter and more powerful with the force
Make all characters a Jedi- only main character uses saber
Here's an alternate method where allies will be able to use force powers, and the main character will retain lightsaber use, but the other regularly non-jedi characters will only have access to force powers, not sabers.

(just having them able to use cure is benefit enough)

Drawbacks: I'm unsure of the long term effects as I'm just trying this out, but if you change character classes, say Mission's Scoundrel Class to Jedi Sentinel, I'm not sure if she will still learn things like "sneak attack" and "scoundrel's luck" at certain levels. Might want to make a backup save before trying this.

Okay, first, make sure your main character has at least one or two level ups unused, and every other character has at least one. To start off with, they will have very low force points, but as they level up, they will gain more.

Now, these other characters will become whatever jedi class it is your main character becomes, so the best balance would probably be Jedi Sentinel, though Jedi Guardian works really well too for folks like Zalbar with lots of strength, and in general as wisdom and charisma aren't strong points for these regularly non-jedi characters (also note, they don't all have a lot of intelligence points to spend (Carth, Canderous, Zaalbar), though Mission gets a lot from her Scoundrel upbringing. (about 5 usually)

Since they would be leveling up by 1 point and 2 point intervals for attribute distribution, Guardian seems to work best.

Theoretically, from this same formula, it may be possible to be selective over what class they follow, but you would need standard jedi characters with alternate classes, such as Juhani's Guardian class, etc. Class swapping should work with them too...

Anyhow, once you all have at least one level unspent, and two on the main character, at least, then procede to Dantooine for Jedi Training. Take the first Jedi test, then save in front of Master Dorak. (Hope I got his name right!)

Make sure you have to other party members with you, then talk to him and pick your class. As soon as he gives you your saber stuff, open the pause menu and go to the level up screen for the main character and level up once. Your main character will obtain the 'lightsaber proficiency' skill and whatnot.

Now, this might take practice>
Switch characters on the level up menu and immediately hit "A" to initiate the level up screen. It will lag a bit, and screw up the class of the appearing ally. The ally will now be a jedi class that your main character is, though they won't trigger the lightsaber proficiency skill appearance, sadly. Level up once with your switched character, and then remove him/her from your party. Then do the switch trick again- select the main character first, then switch to the ally to give them force powers. Level them up once, then dismiss him/her, and invite two other party members. Repeat till all current members (Bastilla aside) have clones your Jedi class.

That's it!

Now, this may be possible with other Jedi classes, say Juhani, as long as Juhani and the character to be skill-swapped, have one unspent level up.
Maximum Dark Alignment:
On Dantooine, while doing the Sandral/Matale Quest, to earn maximum dark alignment, go to the Sandral Estate first after the Jedi Counsil gives you permission to investigate it. You should speak with Nurik Sandral, and when he leaves, and Rahasia asks you for help, deny her, and then proceed to the Matale Estate. Speak with Ahlan Matalee and select all of the bottom answers, his last question should be for you to ask for 2,000 credits for finding shen. If done correctly this will earn you a dark side point. Talk to the droid and Ahlan returns and you can follow the same process to earn as many dark side points as you desire.
Maximum Light Alignment:
On Dantooine, while doing the Sandral/Matale Quest, to earn maximum light alignment, go to the Sandral Estate first after the Jedi Counsil gives you permission to investigate it. After questioning Nurik Sandral, he will exit and Rahasia Sandral shows up and asks for your help. If you deny helping her to free Shen, she will be upset...talk to her again and "Apologize". After this she will ask you to help her again, if you deny her again, you will receive the option to apologize like before. You gain one light side point for every time you apologize, this can be done repeatedly until you have maximum light side alignment.
Proper Easy Money
Go To Tatooine, and win all of the swoop bike events, u will get about 120 race tag thingys, go to a shop, and sell them all, u should atleast get 3 to 4000 credits for this
Secret Bounty Hunter Society Tips
Just in case you dont know here is how to get into secret bounty hunter society.
After you get the starmap in Korriban and your walking past the Dreshdae Cantina a Twi'lek (i think) will walk up to you and tell you that you droped a datapad agee with him and he'll walk away. Read the Datapad and it will tell you to go to Mannan and visit someone cant member name. ALSO you must go alone.
Anywho go to mannan and then leave the docking bay(alone). Then go to i think its Ahto West. Either way its the place where you enter and you see the 3 Siths arguing with the 3 Republics after their dun the republics walk away . Follow them into a corner and next to them youll see a guy. Talk to him and find out about the secret society.
Next tip: If you are like me and you want the cool stuff you'll get from the bounties but not the dark side points. Here is one thing that helps. Go to swoop registration in Ahto East(not Ahto East Central) and talk the the swoop racers there. Eventually you'll see somone who says he needs money for more swoop parts. Its not that hard to get to the point where you can pay him 500 credits. Light Sidde points gained. Also after bout 5 minutes. Return to him and he will try to pay you back, refuse. There! even more light side points. Now you can go do a few bounties and you can get lots of awsome stuff for colecting them with no fear of to many Dark Side Points.
Taris, Sith Governer
OK; to do this, you need to have: Bastilla, T3-M4, and yourself. BE SURE that Bastilla has Force Stun and T3-M4 has the droid disruptor equiped. (NOTE! You do not have to have your shields or anything else!) As soon as you begin conflict with the Sith Governer, Pause. Have Bastilla and T3-M4 use their abilities, (Force stun and droid disruptor) on the Governer. he will be so confuddled that he will automaticly be stunned for at least 15 seconds. Attack him with your special attacks, (Flurry, Power Attack,) WHALLA!!! In less that 9 seconds he's dead!!!
The Easiest way to kill the rancor on taris without wasting grenades
Ok, first make sure u have those three oudor things and a frag or poison grenade. so what u do is turn the party on solo and then walk into the room and go to the corpse and take the items. next you open the corpse pile again and u give it 1 of the oudor thing and a grenade (poison or frag) and then step away and enjoy the results. See ya.
Unlimited items
Go to manaan, then go to the underwater base.
Equip your characters with items you want duplicated. In my case, i brought down carth and juhani.

Save the game.
Then, un-equip them.
Walk through the air lock, then come back. They will have their clothes and weapons back. You will have duplicated those items.

Do this over and over again in order to achieve many credits.
unlimmited experience and spikes and a little cash
when u have the ebon hawk and the little robot go to tatoonie and talk to the alien then when he tells u to go get his star thing he'll give a code to open the locker and grab it and talk to him and after that, go to the fat arse alien and sell it then go to the planet korriban and and talk to the robot for spikes after u are to full put it in the locker and go back and talk to him again keep repeating then go to the fighting area after u got into the sith place hack into the computer and keep picking the sith documents and you will get a load of credits