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Easy Death For Foes

All you gotta do is use the Speed Force and then if you got a Foe that he's threating you,just us it and he will die, you are just too fast for him
Verified by: timahhh Submitted by: DarTH KenoK on January 28, 2006


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Double Saber Stance With Single Saber

this is easy. First you need to load to a game with a staff welding character. Next, you need to quit and start a new game.(DO NOT CHANGE THE SABER HILT). After that you need to play through the game until you need to switch your lightsaber (right after your battle with Rosh). Choose single-bladed and switch to strong stance. Notice when you switch back to fast stance, you will be at middle stance, and your saber will be held in a staff way. this can be done at any point of the game after you change your saber, and for any amount of times.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: fennyyi on March 19, 2008

Force cheats

Max Force Power
Push and hold right thumbstick then press, up, up, down, left, down, up on the D-pad

Unlimited Force
Push and hold on the right thumbstick and press up, down, up, left, up, right D-pad

All Force Powers
Press and hold the right thumbstick, then press Left, Down, Right, Up, Down, Down on the D-pad
Verified by: L33760D Submitted by: Code_Boy on December 28, 2003

Helth/Weapons/Level Skip

For invinsibility
hold the right analog stick and the press down, up, left, right, down, up on the D-pad

For all weapons
hold the right analog stick and the press right, right, left, left, down, up on the D-pad

Fot level skip
hold the right analog stick and the press up, up, down, down, left, right on the D-pad

Verified by: DarkSorcerer Submitted by: Tim_Ellis_AKA_Code_Boy on December 15, 2003