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Star Wars: Republic Commando cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.

Star Wars: Republic Commando Command codes

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God Mode
Press start and enter: Y, Y, L, Up, X, Black, X, Y and you will hear a sound meaning you entered the code correctly.
Submitted by: Philip on April 16, 2005

Star Wars: Republic Commando Tips

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Another SBD Tip (like we really need another)
My way is to run up and attack them with the "dagger thing" (as Gene Yis {aka Halojunkie} so elequently put it). The SBD will stop shooting and will try to bash you with its arm. Back up to dodge it then run in again. Aim for the arms, chest, and head. This saves ammo, and stops the SBD from shooting you or your allies. If there are two or more SBDs attack the closest one at an angle so that the other(s) shoot(s) it in the back.
Submitted by: commandercody1138 on July 13, 2006
Disarm SDB
Use sniper rounds to shoot the Droids weapon arm. Two well placed shots will blow the arm off leaving the SBD completely harmless. He will not be able to shot or hit you while missing that arm.
Submitted by: BirdD2010 on March 14, 2005
Easy finish the core ship
okay what you do if you want to get the codes and get out of there is you put god mode on and run if you throw ecd dets when ever you see a droid you can leave your squad behind and the droids will be to weak to kill them and you should get there with 4 mins to spear and the codes take 1min 1 sec to download you should then be able to get to the ship if you go the right way and you can still finish it even with out your squad.
Submitted by: sevrocks on April 07, 2007
Effective SDB Method
If you have the anti-armor attachment simply use it to kill the SDB's instead of wasting grenades and sniper/DC-17 ammo. You will have to use a whole shot on them but if you are quick enough, they will not be able to harm you.
Submitted by: anonymous on March 16, 2005
You know how Trandoshan warriors carry "fuel"packs? Well kill one of them (arm-blade works best),get them to lay on their back, shoot (or cut) their pack, then stay back and watch the fireworks!!!
Submitted by: D.J. on October 04, 2007
Hint: Defeating Droidekas
To kill a Droideka easily, stand as close as you can to it, and directly in front of it (between its gun arms). It cannot shoot you. Kill it with melee attacks to save ammunition. Note: If there is more than one Droideka, stand so that you are in line with as many of them as possible so that the others cannot see you.
Submitted by: The Whole Dam Show on March 06, 2005
Hint: Defeating Greivous' Guard
Use your EMP grenades and concentrate your men's fire on them. Once they are being shocked by the EMP, throw Thermal Detonators to deal extra damage. You should also use your DC-17's anti-armor attachment.
Submitted by: The Whole Dam Show on March 06, 2005
Hint: Defeating SBDs
Throw two electric grenades and fire a quick bust from the DC-17. This should shut them down or put them on the ground.
Submitted by: The Whole Dam Show on March 06, 2005
Hint: Defeating SBDs (Alternate Way)
User the sniper attachment for the DC-17 and shoot the oval head of the driod. The head will blow off, exposing wires. This is the driod's weakest points. Fire at the wires for the quick kill.
Submitted by: The Whole Dam Show on March 06, 2005
I'm flying!!!
In one of the hangers on Kashyyyk, there are two "hover" turrets near the edge. Go on the one on your right,point at the other one,then hold the left thumbstick to the right for five seconds. If done correctly,you should be in the air!!!
Submitted by: D.J. on October 04, 2007
If you wanna kill the SBDs quickly(only use this method when there's only one or if you wanna take a chance) just run up to them and keep stabing them with your dagger thing.
Submitted by: Gene Yis(aka Halojunkie) on January 25, 2006
scave droids
if you like to restart this tip is for you. What you do is put god mode on and let the scaves try to kill you by loking on to your hud the screen will go all funny and you run around with a scave on your head
Submitted by: sevrocks on April 09, 2007
Okay first off ahem I LOVE THIS GAME! Just clarifying that! i will help you with your turret problem! Okay read closely( if you got bad memory WRITE IT DOWN! NOW! well as you read) So anyway you must be here... Assult Ship (only place with lots o turrets) i think it's tactical surpremecy.
Well here's what it should look like: White rooms you start out with a door in front of you! Well just to make sure your in the right place this weird lady like voice will come and say(blah blah blah secruity somtin now on when you enter certain spots.and someone from your squad will say Turrets! Scorch will say you know what that means more turrets and sev will say turrets well anyhow.... when your dude says "let's go in quietly I SUGGEST YOU TAKE THE DUDE"S ADVICE! SLICE THE DOOR OPEN DO NOT BREACH IT I REPEAT IT DO NOT BREACH IT!!!!!!Cuz' then if you slice it the turrets will NOT come on!(why! who knows?) YAY!!!!!You will find this usefull why: (cuz i said sooo don't question me) well if you must question me 1. SEV(who usually riskis his life and TRIES to stop the turrest and BAM! he's on the floor wounded!) will not get wounded unless you neglect him and not help him with trandoshions but 2. it just helps okay! GOT iT GOOD! I HOPE I HELPED! ( but of course i did!) (yes it's long i had a lot of time on my hands okay leave me alone)
Submitted by: Scorchrocks312<3 on March 31, 2007

Star Wars: Republic Commando Cheats

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Foley featurette
Successfully complete the Geonosis campaign.
Submitted by: The Whole Dam Show on March 06, 2005
Full Ammunation
Pause game play, then press Y(2), X, Down, R, L, R, Up. An explosion will confirm correct code entry. All current weapons will now be fully reloaded.
Submitted by: The Whole Dam Show on March 06, 2005
More ammo
Paus the game and enter this code, Y,Y,X,Down,R,L,R,UP , to get more ammo.
Submitted by: jespomo on March 06, 2005
Spec Ops featurette
Successfully complete the Assault Ship campaign.
Submitted by: The Whole Dam Show on March 06, 2005
Temuera Morrison interview
Successfully complete the Kashyyyk campaign.
Submitted by: The Whole Dam Show on March 06, 2005