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A New Sith Lord at the Start Screen
Establish yourself as a particularly evil Lord of the Sith, and you may get to see your character as one of the loitering Sith Lords at the start screen.
Allies become Jedi
what you first have to do is have a good influence gain\loss on the person you want to turn into a jedi those who can be turning into a jedi are... handmaiden, atton, bao-dur, disciple, and mira (i havent tried to turn mira into a jedi yet, so i dont know how to do it).

1st with the handmaiden when she 1st gets onto the ebon hawk to join you on your journey state that her help is welcomed and that she doesnt have to stay in the cargo hold (which gives 2 influence gains and a slight light side bonus) then go to her in the cargo hold and ask her about her name, she wont tell you but make sure that you state that all people should value themselves (another influence gain), and when ever a situation when talking to her arrives always be complimentive or agree with her. make sure you talk to kreia about training her to become a jedi, from there, spar with the handmaiden 3 times and ask about her mother (if the topic is avaiable). You will state that she could become a powerful force sensitive because she has jedi parentage, and if you have a high enough influence gain\loss with her, she will become one.

1st make sure you tell atton that you believe in him when he says he has a "bad feeling" about certain things, and if you happen to kill someone innocent, he might state that he didnt know what he was doing and that he was just following you, tell him he did the right thing (this gives influence gain, and occasionally darkside points) then go to nar shaddaa to the refugee sector, walk near the southern entrance to the area and two twi'leks appear (make sure atton isnt in your party) they will tell you that he was on nar shadda before and that you should trust him, exit the refugee sector and talk to atton he will say that he doesnt watn to share it with you but tells you why he follows you, then he states he hates sith and jedi, agree with him (usually darkside answers are what influence him). Then start another conversation with him and he will say that he was once in the jedi civil war, he was a special elite unit assassin who converted jedi into sith and assassinated jedi. then he will say that he met a jedi that tried to save him and show him the truth of what they were doing to all force sensitives. tell him that she deserves his sympathy for lightside jedi, or deserved to have died for dark side jedi.

keep bao-dur in your party as often as possible, he gains a little influence even if it doesnt say he does, talk to him as often as possible about why he went into the mandalorian wars, and agree with about why you went too, also state that you went for revenge. then go to nar shaddaa and help the person who is being picked on for money, (interesting thing is that bao-dur doesnt like dark things, but you can make both of the thugs jump into the center pit), bao-dur compliments you on helping out the person, then start another conversation with him, depending on your allignment he will say something dfferent, but you will get the chance to train him to be a jedi, also try to aviod situations where you kill someone innocent (you will lose influence with bao-dur).

when you first get disciple (on dantooine) you can train him to become a jedi almost right away, just answer as many of his questions to the best of your ability, and ask as often as possible about his past history with the republic. It is often harder to get influence gains with him as a sith. but after enough time of answering all of his questions, comments, and assking about his life and how when he first was declined from being a jedi, you will get the option to train him to be one.

The key to getting all of your characters to become jedi before you complete any planets is to travel to each planet that you get an ally at and travel to the destination that i mentioned they become jedi at, do not visit dxun for any reason because you wont be able to leave and the party member you obtain there doesnt become a jedi (and korriban doesnt give you any allies at all).
Another way too get a lightsaber!!!
I got a light-saber just by hitting dunx.

I think it was the mission assigned by Mandalord himself (charges). I finished the mission and got a light-saber. Theres also a work bench so if you do not like the colour just change it with another crystal. The workbench is located at the back of the base. By the room for the sensors
Bao-Dur: One Strike, Your Out
In KotOR II, Bao-Dur is one of the many players in your party that can become Jedi. However, the way that Bao-Dur becomes a Jedi in conversation is a little sketchy.

Bao-Dur will speak to you a bit more after having several planets, perhaps, of just:

'Yes, General?'

When in this conversation, make sure to try and bring up the concept of the force, etc. He will mention that he is interested. Build on it. Make sure you try as hard as possible, because when you miss the chance... its gone for good.
Beating Visas
If you're finding it difficult to beat Visas afer getting your ship back from the Red Eclipse, I've found a simple way to do it. This is particularly useful if you have low health. As soon as the fight starts, run away, and go to the garage. When she follows, make sure that Bao-Dur's Remote droid finds her. As soon as it does, make your way to a part of the ship that's far away. I went to the cockpit. A few minutes later, you should go to the cutscene where she admits her defeat. This is because the remote was attacking her the whole time you were hiding.
Bug Fix: Kreia and Revan Not Fading, Unexplained Locked Doors and Dark Jedi
Just like Telos, Korriban is also a hot spot for bugs. In this case, it revolves around three seperate things.

  • Kreia will not fade after the fight.
  • Unexplained "Dark Jedi".
  • Revan not dissapearing.

    The first and third are fixed by engaging combat repeatedly. Kreia typically disappears after the third time you speak to her, maybe the fourth. If Revan doesn't fade, just keep trying to initate dialouge.

    For the last one in the middle, I'm sorry, your screwed. It seems that this, along with closed doors that won't open, is typical, and the only way to fix is to go back to previous saves. Kreia will "commune" her message to you once Revan fades.

    For the temple, always remember, multiple save points. It can save you a lot of time, and you can always delete them later.

    Note, if this did not solve your problem, please visit this forum for PC help and this one for Xbox help.
  • Bug Fix: Steam Related Slow Downs
    This game has one major problem for some people, and that is the steam tunnel. If the steam tunnel is slowing you down, then take down your average graphics settings to the lowest possible for that section. After you leave the section, it will be prudent for you to continue on these settings for a while, until you finish Peragus. Good luck!

    Note, if this did not solve your problem, please visit this forum for PC help and this one for Xbox help.
    Bug Fix: Telos Loop, Missing Dialouge and Cheat Node
    Although not exactly a tip, a bug has been going around that strikes a lot of people's KotOR II games that might have a simple fix.

    On Telos, there comes a point where you get into a lopp with Atris and/or get only Cheat Node commands when trying to talk to Kreia and Atton. Along with this, you can't free T3. The fix for this is simple, but effective.

    When you first encounter the handmaiden within the complex, they ask you to surrender. Instead of surrendering right away, ask them who they are. That piece of dialouge has, in the past, fixed the bug and allowed you to go on unhindered. You lose no experience or LS points to my knowledge. Good luck with the rest of the game!

    Note, if this did not solve your problem, please visit this forum for PC help and this one for Xbox help.
    Defeat Greater Storm Beast Easily!
    The best way i foudn to kill him on Malakor V is to be dark side, and just use Force Crush as soon as you get your target on him. He will talk 1/8 of his life if not more and fall down on the ground, after that just keep stocking that Power Over and Over again, and he would not be able to get up, and take a lot of dmg super quick. and not even touch you once.
    Easier Fight With Mira on Malachor V
    On Malachor V if you got Mira on Nar Shadaa you will have to use her to fight Hanharr. The easiest way to do this requires that Mira be a jedi. On the Ravager at the workbench select a double bladed lightsaber that is NOT EQUIPPED. Change its color to make it unique. Than use upgrades to completely beef it up. Make sure this saber remains UNEQUIPPED or it won't work. Play on until you reach the fight on Malachor V. Push start as soon as the cutscene where Hanharr chokes Mira ends. Go to the equip screen and equip her with the highest defense you have (Mira's force isn't strong enough to make much difference so don't worry about restricting it). Then put the mega saber from before as her main weapon. SAVE. Go to useable items and turn on her shield and a stimulant (Hyper Adrenal Alacricity recommended). SAVE. Mira is now awesome so enjoy the fight.
    Easily defeat handmaiden sparring.
    Okay, when you spar with handmaiden in the ebon hawk, talk to her and start the fight. Pause it at the beginning of the fight, and go to the part of the menu where you equip things. Press the black button until you get to handmaiden's equipment selection. Now unequip anything on her that enhances her fighting skills and give her a weak assassin's pistol or something and . . . viola! She'll try to shoot you while you walk up and beat the crap out of her. Thank you for reading, and I hope it helps you.
    Easter Eggs
    "After Visas detects your character in any game, the Start Menu changes to feature Darth Nihilus instead of Darth Sion."


    "After you complete the game with both a dark and light character and you go through a third time, there will be extra dialog from party members. Your character has to be female for Atton to impart some repartee, and handmaiden has options to say some Echani poerty quote."
    Easy way to beat handmaiden group battle

    In the beggining of the game, (before leaving Telos Surface), strength scores aren't too important. I suggest spending more points in the wisdom category and/or charisma to increase the effectiveness of force powers. Also, if you plan on sparring with the 5 handmaidens in the Telos Academy, the wisdom skills help you with tossing them out of the ring. Quick tip, don't get force whirlwind if it's an option until after this fight, since force push can toss them (if wisdom is high enough) out of the battle circle...er ... rectangle... and can disqualify them. One or two will have high resistance to force powers (high wisdom/saving throws) but taking on two at once is easier than five.
    Easy Way To Cause Chaos In Difficult Battles
    All you need is the force power Confusion. Comes in especially handy in the Jek-Jek Tar and Trayus Academy. Simply select the strongest person in your sight (Sith Marauder, Gand Findsman) and use Confusion. Once it begins to effect no one will pay you any attention, great time for insanity and storm. The effect will wear off so be prepared.
    Easy way to kill kreia and sion
    You have to be on the dark side to do this. As soon as you start the battle, use force crush on him or her. If you are against Sion then he will use health drain a few times so make sure you have a few life supports for after the fight.
    Easy Wins in Battle Circle & Handmaiden Sisters
    There is a very, very easy way to defeat any - and all - of the Handmaiden Sisters on Telos. You don't even have to fight them. First, make sure your character is at full health, and has a decent defense. Then, initiate the battle. As soon as the battle starts, walk towards the Sister, and just keep moving toward her. She will step back before attacking you.

    If you move at the same time she does, you will make her keep moving back until she steps out of the ring, allowing you to win by default. Sometimes, if you walk into her while she's attacking or are too close right after she attacks, the game glitches and she suddenly disappears and reappears behind or beside you.

    You can use this very same technique against every single fighter in the Battle Circle on Dxun. It's easy for when you just can't seem to win, or if you want to get the experience without any real effort.

    I have used this many times, and it works every time. But, you still need to make sure your character is at full health and has at least 7 or 8 defense without armor on: you will likely take a few hits before you can push the enemy out of the ring.

    Also, if you have another Jedi (Kreia for Telos) who has the Heal ability, you can regenerate your health very quickly after the battles by using her (or whoever else you have as a Jedi), and still have all your own Force Powers should you want to use them (in the few battles that you can).

    Evil Allies
    Spoilers Alert.

    You can have every ally (except Hanharr, Mandalore, and the droids) become a Jedi - or a Dark Jedi. Atton is easy. Just keep him in the party and kill people. It works pretty well. After you talk to the two Twi'leks on Nar Shadaa in the Refugee Sector (the ones who tell you about Atton), you can confront him on it. Make sure not to use [Force Persuade] on him, and tell him he's an asset. If you have a high enough influence with him, you can turn him.

    Visas is already evil, so just keep getting your influence with her (kill people and be nice to her).

    Handmaiden: spar with her and be kind to her. Be evil to everyone else, but don't have her in your party when you do. After the last sparring match (if you win), you can turn her.

    Bao-Dur: Become evil. Very evil. Keep him in your party and lose influence with him - lose it all. Kill people, shoot him down, etc. Eventually, he will talk to you about how you tick him off and such. Follow the dialogue telling him to harness his anger. You can turn him into a Dark Jedi.

    Disciple: This one is harder. You can only turn him if you are a very dark side character. But, you have to gain influence with him by doing good things. Have him in your party, do good things, get his influence, then take him out of your party and perform evil things to get back the Dark Side Points. Then talk to him with your high influence, get him to talk about his time at the Jedi Temple. You can turn him evil, only if you are at least halfway down the Dark Side path. This works even better if you have a Sith prestige class.

    Mira: The same as with Disciple, but even worse: you have to be have more LS points than DS when you finish Nar Shaddaa, or you won't even get this character. But once you have her, you can get all your influence through dialogue. Just talk to her, be nice to her, then go kill a lot of people while she's not in the party. Then, take her back to Nar Shaddaa, have her in your party, go to the center area (where Kreia talks to you about the energy of Nar Shaddaa). Here you can turn Mira into a Jedi - or, if you are very evil - into a Dark Jedi.

    Allies that you cannot turned into dark jedi: Kreia, Mandalore, Hanharr, T3M4, HK-47, G0-T0.

    Kreia cannot be turned one way or another. So don't really bother with her much. You don't really need her to get the Dark Jedi "army".

    Mandalore and Hanharr are already evil, so don't worry about turning them (you can't, anyway). Just keep them evil (as if you had a choice).

    HK and G0-T0 are evil, too. And, as they are droids, they obviously can't be Jedi. But still, they are evil.

    T3M4 is hard to turn evil. You'll have to be very nice to him, then counter the LS points by killing people and doing bad things. When you have a high influence with him, he will automatically reflect your alignment.

    There are no real bonuses for having any of your party become Jedi, or for turning them evil. But, if you want the perfect evil traveling companions - for the lack of something better to do - it's still pretty fun to pervert the minds of your "friends".
    Extra Components
    When You Are In the Mining Area of Peragus Select Repair On All Deactivated Droids You Collect More Components For Meking Items
    Fighting the HK-50s
    The HK-50's can be an issue at low levels, or if you haven't spend time on Force powers such as Shock, etc. But you can still take them down with ease.

    First off, when fighting the ones on Telos, simply throw ion grenades at them while your other two party members go berserk on them. The ion grenades deal the most damage to them. Sonic detonators do a little damage, too, but are not as good as ion.

    Then there are the ones you fight on Nar Shadaa while using T3M4 - alone. With him in your party, just constantly hit the droid with the Droid Shock Arm. It deals a great amount of damage, and even prevents the enemy from attacking. This will kill those pesky droids with ease.
    Free Dueling Vibrosword
    If you are fighting the Battle Circle matches and having Kelborn as the enemy, he will choose to fight you with a sword. As soon as you start fighting, Unequip the sword (The weapon is only temporary for this match) and fight with fist and foot instead. Once the battle's over, you will keep the sword and the "items lost" icon won't appear. The Dueling Vibrosword is exactly the same as the Vibrosword and has no different qualities. I think you cannot upgrade it seeing it's a temporary item, but in any case a free and formidable weapon.
    Free Vibrosword
    As soon as you enter the engine deck of the Harbinger, unequip whatever weapon Kreia is holding. When she runs off, a vibrosord will appear in her hand. If she already had a vibrosword in her hand, then nothing will happen. If she had a different weapon in her hand, it will dissapear. If she didn't have any weapons equipped, then the vibrosword will be yours to keep.
    Gain infulence, light saber part and Dark points!!
    Go to Nar Shadhaa (Take Atton) and take the first right when in the docks, keep goin until you reach the 2nd to last door, go in and you'll find a man named Lottra, kill him and you'll gain influence with atton, get a emmiter matrix and a few dark side points.
    Hundred of extra componants
    In the Peragus Mining Facility, almost right after you find the Miner Uniform, you go into the tunnels. If your stealth skill is high then just use Stealth the whole time in the mine until you get to the part where the main consle is. (with the force feilds) While at this part you can deactivate all the droids. Do this. this makes all the droids on the floor you are on deactivated. Go to all of them and talk to them.

    " Scavenge droid for spare parts"
    " Destroy droid with a non-lethal charge"

    After saying these the dorid will blow up in your face. It wont hurt and you'll get componants.

    - Very useful for making lightsabr upgrades or things that cost alot of componants.

    WARNING- This makes the level go much slower so be prepared.
    Ifninate Dark Side Points
    If you have a Lightsaber, put it away.

    1.) When you first arrive at Dantooine, find the Battered Protocol Droid at the docks just outside your ship.
    2.) Speak with him and choose "What can you tell me about Dantoonine?"
    3.) Choose "What do you know of the ruins?"
    4.) Choose "Tell me about how the Enclave came to be ruined."
    5.) Choose "Sith invasion?"
    6.) Choose "[Computer] Droid, run a self diagnostic and report."
    7.) Choose "[Repair] Fix the droid's memory unit."
    8.) Tarn will walk over and ask if the droid just called you a jedi. Choose "No, you must be mistaken."
    9.) Choose "[Persuade]The droid is obviously malfunctioning. Do I look like a Jedi?"
    10)Choose "yes i hate the jedi"
    11.) Repeat steps 2 - 10 as desired.

    Infinite dark side points
    During one point of the game when your doing work for the Ithorian on Telos, Mercenaries will attack the Ithorians Complex. Moza will call you and tell you he is held up in the vivarium room. When you kill all the Mercenaries are dead(except for the ones behind the locked door where Chodo is, because u dont have the key yet), goto Moza in the vivarium room and ask for a reward and he will have nothing to offer you and suggests that they have done enough for you. Then say you'll leave them there to fend for themselves, then choose, "Better you than me". And the conversation will end and you'll get dark side points. You can do this as much as you want to keep gaining dark side points!
    Infinite Light Side Points
    To get infinite light side points:

    1.) When you first arrive at Dantooine, find the Battered Protocol Droid at the docks just outside your ship.

    Important Note: Some skill checks for Repair, Persuade, and Computer Use are made so having at least a small amount of skill in these may be required. You should unequip your lightsaber if you have one (affects whether or not you can make a certain denile below). If this is your first time talking to this droid and T3 is with you, he will point out it is broken giving, you some influence gaining/losing dialog options that will take you directly to step 5. If it is your first time speaking to it but T3 is not in the party, you can choose an Awareness dialog option which will allow you to skip to step 5 as well. While these shortcuts are convienent they are not neccessary and become unavailable after the first time.

    2.) Speak with him and choose "What can you tell me about Dantoonine?"
    3.) Choose "What do you know of the ruins?"
    4.) Choose "Tell me about how the Enclave came to be ruined."
    5.) Choose "Sith invasion?"
    6.) Choose "[Computer] Droid, run a self diagnostic and report."
    7.) Choose "[Repair] Fix the droid's memory unit."
    8.) Tarn will walk over and ask if the droid just called you a jedi. Choose "No, you must be mistaken."
    9.) Choose "[Persuade]The droid is obviously malfunctioning. Do I look like a Jedi?"
    10.) Choose "But the Jedi are protectors of common folk like yourself." to gain a light side point, this will end the conversation.
    11.) Repeat steps 2 - 10 as desired.
    JekJek Tar Fight
    Having issues with the flood of enemies in JekJek Tar? Well, the easiest way to fight them is with Force Powers. First off, instead of wasting time casting Force Breath over and over, just equip a gas mask to counter the poison. Even though Atton states you need an envirosuit, you really don't. Just keep the mask on (you can find one on Peragus in one of the plasteel bins near the end).

    With the mask on, you are free to use your Force Powers strictly for attacking and defending. First off, you'll need at least Force Wave. This is almost mandatory. If you don't have this, any - or all - of the defensive feats will help.

    It's also very helpful if you have Force Storm (level 18 required to get this) or the second teir of Shock (I can't remember what it's called right now).

    And, if you have Death Field or the lower level of that one, this will help too. Just use Force (shock, lightning, storm) over and over. If your health gets low, use (drain health, death field) to recover. And, at low levels, just keep using (push, whirlwind, wave) to force your enemies back, allowing you time to heal.

    Medpaks will be your tether to surviving here at low levels.

    Light Side Players
    Powers needed for this: Force Whirlwind (or Wave), Force Heal (or Cure) and at least one of the following: Force Aura, Force Speed.

    Energy and melee shields work well, but don't last long. Still keep the gas mask on.

    Use your own weapons to attack, but buff yourself with Aura and/or Speed. Use Heal to recover health and Whirlwind/Wave to keep enemies at bay.

    Again, this is easier at higher levels.
    Korriban Sith Tomb: Kreia Conflict Bug
    For those of you who have played into this area, you may have noticed this constant bug that pops up. That bug would be the Kreia bug, in the third and final test before Revan.

    Kreia will be confronted with other party members. Deciding to side with her gains you LS, and the DS side is a little obvious. however, she does not always fade away after the fight.

    Just keep on doing it over. you will get more LS points, etc, and eventually she will disappear.
    Korriban: Dark Jedi and Revan error
    In the Final tomb, you will find, at times, if your game is bugged, a dark jedi staring striahgt out at you, making it impossible for you to get into the tomb itself. Also, sometimes Revan stays around.

    There is nothing you can do at these times. All you can do is, unfortunately, reload from a previous save.
    Laigrek Help
    I know the Laigreks can be difficult at lower levels, but there is an easy way to fight them. Bring T3-M4 and go crazy with the shock arm. Deals massive damage and sometimes stops attacks. Works well with kinrath too.
    Lots of Lightsabr Crystles in one place and free mission
    On the planet Dantooine there is a government building right when you leave the hanger. Go inside the main hall way after you pass through about two doors. Turn to your right then go to the open door. Talk to the guy. he will give you a mission. then go back to the start of the hallway. Go in to the door with the governor who ever the girl is, then talk to her and get permission to go into the Jedi Enclave. After this go to the plains and into the crystal cave. In here you will have to talk to the mercenary and persuade him to give him the scent. this will help later. Follow the cave killing as many beasts as possible then when you get to the big part go to every group of crystals and it will give you one of each color.
    Make Handmaiden a DARK JEDI dun dun dunhhh
    Now i bet the first thing that pops in your head is "what! thats impossble". Well its not i did it. Now prepare to be amazed.

    STEP1: In the begining of the game get ALL darkside points possible. You need to make sure the cut scene with visas comes otherwise it wont work.

    STEP2: If step one is done correctly then when handmaiden joins you say you will take any help and that she can take the regular quaters. You will gain influence and a bit of light points but dont panic it wont be alot.

    STEP4: Go to dantooine first, when you land spar with handmaiden if you win she will ask a bit about the force, play along right for influence. Then equip you stuff back then tell handmaiden to put clothes on say i disagee blah blah and shell put on jedi robes ask a bit about them but not to much.*This part must be done perfectly.

    STEP5: When on dantooine DO NOT take handmaiden whatever you do, from this point get all dark points possible till the crytal cave part. When in the cave kill that guy who dosent get attacked by kinrath that should payback for those previous light points.

    STEP6: In Step 5 make sure you DO NOT talk to those mercs who are holding vrook prisoner. Walk out of the cave and change your party and add handmaiden. Then return in the cave and head for the mercs wen talking to them tell them that vrook diserves to die blah blah ds points you wont lose influence.

    STEP6,part2: Return to the mercs and theyll get mad and attack wen vrook is freed just agree what he says and stuff. Make sure to save before leaving. When you leave refuse akzuls offer in the lightside way for influence again dont panic nothing will happen if all this is done correctly handmaiden should be netral with a bit of red, or even further!

    STEP7: Finish dantooine and stuff but dont do anything nice or mean etc. When you get on the ebon hawk you should be fighting visas.After you win tell mean stuff to her. When handmaiden suggests shes a threat say you wont harm her, its basically the first choise to avoid losing influence.

    STEP8: Go to Duxn, keep going through until you meet mandalore. When you have to help other mandelorians just go straight in the jungle. Find Kumus the guy on the cliff and help him, promise not to tell for influence dont worry about lightpoints. Go back to the ebon hawk and take handmaiden out of your party. From there you can finish duxn and do darkside choices make sure to tell xarga that kumas was a coward and stuff for ds points make sure handmaiden IS NOT WITH YOU!

    STEP9: After Finishing the first part of dxun and onderon with out handmaiden and returning to the ebon hawk go talk to handmaiden. Ask to spar with her when you win she will ask why did you face trial tell her you dont know for influence. Heal up save the game. Now ask her to spar again you should be strong enough after she will have nothing left to teach you exit the dialog immediatly.

    STEP10: Save the game.Now talk to hand maiden, ask to spar and she will refuse offer to teach her something, then say the she wants to learn, then dialog will come and stuff eventualy she will say that she dosent belive atris anymore depending if you said the right dialog. She will ask to learn tell her about her mother that she was a jedi knight and she can learn the force. She will want to in order to destroy enemys tell her she can be a dark jedi she will agree and she will learn the ways. If this is done right you should she a cut scene on telos.

    There you go!
    Mira as a Jedi
    Wanna get Mira as a Jedi? basically all you have to do is get Mira on Nar Shadda. Then when you got her on the ship talk to her and play your cards right to gain influence. Then all you gotta do is say something wishy washy about the Jedi and the force and she'll be skeptical. Then offer to show her what you mean. Take her to Nar shadda and in the refugee landing pad in between the two shops you can go through a little dialog and she will become a jedi. This is the same place Kreia shows you how to focus in on the life of Nar shadda.
    My way of beating the Twin Suns
    The Twin Suns are difficult to defeat sometimes, so if you are having trouble, do this:
    This leaves him at an extremely low level, and whenever he get injured a little bit, you can level him up and heal him completely. However, I suggest doing Nar Shadaa first because Atton is a pretty good Jedi.
    Raising Jedi (contains a spoiler)
    Alright here's the first of the Jedi I got my first (but only) go round.

    Atton - Keep him in your party (the group of 3), and take any opportunity to compliment him or agree with him. Also I think become on the light side of the force helps. Once you feel you have enough go to Nar Shadaa, and once their down by the Refugees, and don't have Atton in your party of three. You will a cutsene. Go to the Twilek, and he will tell you about Atton. Then bring Atton out and ask him about it, you will have long and disturbing conversation (Spoiler up ahead, if you don't want to read then just play along with the conversation until you can ask the big question) about how he was this Sith Assasin to kill Jedi, using mind tricks on them, and then poisoning and what not (basically doing anything but fighting them head on) Until finally a Jedi shows him compassion and so forth, and eventually you will be able to ask him if he would like to learn the ways of the force.
    Raising Jedi: Disciple
    After you get Disciple (show concern for the Republic in your first conversation.) All you do is basically just show concern for the republic, and do alot of kissing as%, and eventually you should able to ask the question.
    Save Points: Multplication Is the Only Way
    This one is for those PC users out there and for those of other platforms checking out the list here instead.

    PC users may have noticed the huge amount of bugs in this game. I recommend having at least four or five saves, about every 10-15 minutes, and closer together if you think you may need the points, with others at key points in the game.

    Otherwise, you never know when you hit that bug that will stop you in your tracks...
    Selling items, yet keeping them
    If your low on cash, the answer is simple. Go to Telos! Go to the shop next to the cantina and talk to one of the Duros. Make sure you have equipped the item (if possible) that you want to sell. Simply sell it, and you should get the money, but you'll have the item still in your inventory.

    Hope that helped.
    Static Items
    It can't be stressed enough that in this game, the items are not static. So do not depend on what you remember from past games.

    Few items, such as the Vibroblade when you first pegin on Peragus, stay in the same place game to game. Some other items in the game as well, and some have a higher chance of appearing, but it is alsmot always random.
    Taking Down the Twin Suns
    This is done after finishing Telos the first time. Your party will be given the chance to go to four different planets. One of these planets is Nar Shadaa (technically a moon, but still...).

    One of the last battles you face on Nar Shadaa pits Atton - alone - against two rather difficult enemies: the Twin Suns. These two are hard at low levels, but they can be defeated. If you chose to go toe-to-toe with them, make sure to equip Atton with the strongest armor, a good melee weapon, and a few energy shields. Also keep a very good stock of medpaks.

    However, an easier method to take them down at lower levels is to use mines. It's a bit cheap, admittedly, but it's all about winning, right?

    Atton will have some minor ability with mines, just enough to lay them down. Make sure to either buy mines or recover (not disable) the ones you find laying around.

    When the Twin Suns battle begins, run away from them and plant a mine. Then run over it and lure them over it. Repeat until they are defeated, or until you run out of mines. (It's a good idea to have several mines).

    Frag mines work well, as do poison mines. But the poison won't last long. And flash mines are worthless in this battle. Plasma mines would be the best if you can find any.

    Notice: Atton will take damage in this battle. Make sure to heal him. You might consider activating a Mandalorian melee shield several times during this battle. (Mandalorian melee shield works against melee weapons).

    At higher levels, you should have no problem wiping these two out head-on. At at least level 17, you'll take them down with ease. But to do this you either have to use the level-up glitch, use the speeder level-up cheat, or do Nar Shadaa last.

    But it's up to you.

    The Cheat Node
    The Cheat Node is a menu that can be accessed in the backrooms of the Jekk'Jekk Tar tunnels. Much like the galaxy droid from the original game, there are interesting features in this hidden menu. Some of them skip you ahead in the area, such as 'Skip to final final sequence', while others seemingly do nothing, such as 'Delete Mira'.

    To access the Cheat Node, you need to climb out of the pit after defeating your opponent (Mira or Hanharr). Go through the door that leads out of the pit, after defeating the Ubese, then take the left most door. There is another door straight ahead of this where the Node is. Upon entering this room, defeating the 3 Ubese, and immediately after you defeat the last Ubese, you need to move your character to the wall directly opposite of the door and keep moving towards it.

    If done correctly, your targeting reticule will go blue and select the wall for a split second. Hit A immediately. You are now in conversation mode with a Ubese who is beh ind the wall in the room with the Exit. You are now able to access the Cheat Node.
    The Sith assassins in the Mandalorian Encampment on Dxun
    If u stay away from the door where Mandalore is on Dxun while the sith assassins appear, they will keep appear over and over again until u decide to continue to Onderon. This is an excellent way to gain ALOT of exp. I decided to stop after i got to level 50 tho... Also go into solo mode when staying in this area, so that ur allies wont wander off and accidently go towards the area where mandalore is at. The sith assassins will give u 300exp each time u kill one. and very rarely 225exp. A glith that happens bcuz of this is that from then on in the game all people will give 300exp each, no matter who they are.
    Using little to no force when using a force power
    When using a ranged force power (like lightining, wave, lightsaberthrow, scream, choke, etc). During about the middle of the force powers attack try moving forward, the attack will try to cancel but since it has already begun it cannot. When moving forward press the A button to select an attack, making your force power uncancel itself. After using the force points for the 1st force power the rest shouldnt take up any points at all. And u can use forcepowers really quickly by doing this. As long as u hold the directional stick forward and u press the A button to select the attack (select a fighting technique when i say "select an attack" not a force power, but select one when u 1st choose one). Press the A button about evry half second to a second. I use this technique to kill people almost instantly, either with force kill or force storm. Sometimes a glitch making u move considerably awayfrom the opponent.
    Why Can't I Cast Heal (Or Another Force Power)
    One of the reasons that you may not be able to cast heal is that you may not have enough Force Points racked up to use it yet.

    Although your bar may look full, look at the maximum FP possible. If it is less than the amount needed to cast that force power, then you will not cast it, no matter how full your force bar looks.

    P.S. Remember to check the PC section for other tips...


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    Store glitch. Works on Telos at the brother's shop.
    When you first arrive at Telos after the plant you got arrested for blowing up and are able to run around freely, Go to the entertainment section and go to where the 2 brothers own a store. Go to the one brother That is at the back of the store. Here is steps you need to do it:
    1. Save the game WITHOUT talking to any of the brothers yet.
    2. Talk to the weapon selling brother.
    3. Look at his goods.
    4. Quit talking to him and hit START and reload the game you just saved.
    5. Once it loads talk to the weapon selling brother again and look at his goods.
    See anything new?
    Every time you reload it you get a whole new set of goods to choose from.
    NOTE: You don't save over the same file and try reloading it because it will not work again like that. You have to keep reloading it at the same point until you find a selection you really like.
    That is the only downside.
    When you find what you want just go on like normal. And you can save over the file if you want because it only works during that one part.
    super power your lightsaber
    first you have to duplicate a few good crystals then go to any work bench and go to upgrade and select your light saber and put a crystal like opila crystal on the lower crystal slot and assemble exit the bench then do it again but this time put the same crystal in the top slot.wisdom,constitution,etc WILL NOT stack but there is an exception to this,and that is that charisma WILL stack.this is to raise your attack power for a light saber.
    be warned that if you glitch your lightsaber like this you CAN NOT change your color crystal,lense,cell,or emiter so i would use your best lense,cell,and emitter,i would also suggest you use your favorite color crystal

    credit for this goes to prozacgraal on youtube.


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    100% Non-Random Way to get a Silver Lightsaber Crysatal
    On Nar Shadaa there are two merchants, Geeda and Oondar. If you talk to Oondar he will complain about a Not-male Rodian. Ask him why there is no line and he will tell you about Geeda after that, choose the dialogue option about her. If you help him he will give you a discount. Talk to Geeda about Oondar and she will give you a discount. Talk to Oondar and he will threaten you. Tell Geeda about the deal, and she will say you have to choose between Oondar or herself. Side with her and ask about opening trade routes. She will tell you that she can trade with Dantooine and Onderon if you resolve the situiations on them. Complete Dantooine then talk to her about opening trade routes then about Dantooine. She will have more items to sell, including a Silver Lightsaber.
    all the experience you want ....ANYWHERE!!!!!
    you are best to do this skill with the highest demo skill you can get. as the better your skill the more experience you get.
    OK here it is.. in any one area you can only lay 15 mines. get 30 of them and lay them in adjacent areas. now just go back and forth and pick them up and redrop them again . if you leave an area and them come back you get experience for retieving yhour mines. and as obvous as it would seem the more powerful the mine and higher your skill the more points you get. its fast and effecient. I went from level 27-31 in less than an hour of game play. (I was at a point of getting 300 exp for each devestating mine X 15 mines X 2 areas ,the round trip, = 9000 exp per 5 min of game time.
    Bonus Extra Dialogue
    Finish the game 1 time with a lightside character and 1 time with a darkside character, and in your 3rd game new dialogue options will become avaiable through the game. often with references to other Starwars games and the Starwars movies.
    Easter Egg
    After beating the game, your character is diplayed where darth Sion and Darth Nihilus.
    Extra Dialogue...
    Complete The Game playing a female character... To reveal extra dialogue previously hidden.

    You can hear Atton discuss his hopes of starring in the next Jedi Knight game
    Get Darth Nihilus's mask
    When Speaking to visas straight after killing nihilus. tell her to do what she needs to do what she needs to do. then you should get the choice to say 'look at his face, bring the mask to me.' then end the conversation you should have it. Note: this is an un-equipable item it only increases your tie to the force
    Glitches and Secrets
    Infinite Experience on Narshadaa
    There is a speeder in the refugee sector by the siricoo boss. This is a speeder that needs three parts to repair. If you get just the navigation interface from either the droid vendor or the droid shop you can install one part. If you install that one part on the ship using computer and repair it well say you have succesfully installed the part but need two more parts. It will then give you 400 exp. After giving you the exp it gives you back the installed part, so you may do this an infinite ammount of times.

    Infinite Light Side points
    In the secret Jedi base on Telos, speak with the "last" handmaiden. Just be polite to her and end the conversation as soon as possible. You will gain Light Side points. Repeat as many times as you want to gain more light side points.

    Raise/Lower voices of characters during conversation

    In addition to the controller in port 1, insert a controller in port 4. Before speaking to a character, hold the black or white button on the controller in port 4 (black to lower, white raise). When the character begins to speak he/she will speak with in either a very high or very low voice. The effect can be disabled by resetting the game. The pitch can be altered without a reset.

    Fastest method to assemble your lightsaber.

    As soon as you leave Telos travel to Nar Shaddaa. Once there proceed into the central area and find the zoning door to the Docks. Halfway across the Docks will be a door that leads to the Flophouse. Go to the end of the hallway of this flophouse and the second to last door has a guy named Lootra. Taunt him into attacking. Also note that any characters you can have in your party at this point will lose influence with you if they are with you when you kill him, so go alone. His corpse will have a lightsaber part, there is a quest that as a reward he gives this part to you but the dark side gain is minimal even for lightside characters. Next if your alignment bar is about 25% good or bad you can return to the Ebon Hawk for a special fight which will get you the last lightsaber part. If you are not 25% good or bad there are tons of things to do in Nar Shaddaa to get the last of the points you need.(If you do not have a colored lightsaber crystal the merchant Geeda will have one you can buy so don't scare her away) Now talk to Bao-Dur to have your saber made.
    Infinite EXP in Nar Shadaa's Refuge Sector
    good persuade skill
    low treat injury skill

    1. Head to Nar Shadaa's refugee sector and look for the Serroco gang and defeat them.
    2. Talk to Hussef (in the center of the refugee camp) and get a quest from him to convince the Exchange to lessen their pressure on the refugees.
    3. Find Geriel, he's the sick refugee. Talk to him to get a journal entry ('Plague Carrier').
    You can attempt to cure him but you must be unsuccessful or the whole method for the glitch would end here, hence the low treat injury skill requirement.
    4. Talk to Saquesh, the squid-guy boss of the Exchange for that sector. You can talk to him about several things but the following topic is essential for the glitch.
    (conversation paraphrase)
    a-> 'There is a diseased refugee...'
    b-> '[Persuade] If you don't lessen your hold the disease...'
    c-> 'I do not have the means to cure him.'
    d-> 4th/bottommost option (closes out the conversation)
    5. You'll get a journal entry saying you've defeated the Serroco gang and persuaded the Exchange... as well as 1000exp.
    6. Repeat the conversation flow in step 4 as many times as you want to keep getting a journal entry (unimportant), and 1000 exp.

    NOTE: As long as Geriel (sick refugee) isn't cured or killed, and you didn't kill Saquesh (Exchange sector boss), you can keep repeating the trick for infinite EXP. No battle, no need to recharge FPs, and its good for both LS and DS characters.
    Infinite Hssiss Spawn.
    On the planet korriban with the sith corpses that spawn a set of Hssiss the first time you examine them, there is a glitched corpse that infinately spawns Hssiss.

    The corpse is located in the Sith Temple at the end of the Shryak Caves. After the second "Vision" involving the mined bridge, head east to a path split, then head south until you reach a small room. In the center of the room is the jedi corpse, and each time you examine it 2 Hssiss spawn in the room. If you have a high enough Force Storm and Death Feild, you should be able to harvest 40 Hssiss at a time with no risk to your health (Death Feild x Lots of enemies = Full Health). And since each Hssiss is worth 400xp thats like 16,000xp every 45 seconds.
    Infinite Money Glitch
    1: Spar with Handmaiden. (on the Ebon Hawk)
    2: Win/Lose then put some clothes on.
    3: Talk to her
    4: Say "Do you think you could put some clothes on?"
    5: Say "I disagree.. etc.. etc.."
    6: Exit the conversation and take her robe off. (You can switch between any characters in the menu with the black button. So you don't have to run outside.)
    7: Repeat steps 3-6 as much as desired.
    8: Sell the robes for about 2200 each.
    Lightsaber Duplication
    This cheat must be done in the Ebon Hawk.
    Equip a light saber to one of your Jedi with any
    upgrade you want to duplicate (lent,cristal ect...).Go to the workbench,and choose to upgrade the light saber of your Jedi,change the color of the saber and press X for assenble,then select the color crystal again but DO NOT change the color crystal,Just press X.
    The light saber should be duplicated whit the item you had in it.Big money seling the upgarade.
    Have fun whit your million saber and cash.

    Notesave immediately after the duplication and load your game,because if you check the duplicate saber befor loading the game may crash)
    More Playable Jedi's
    The Influence in the game is not just for experience, and for finding out more about other characters... By gainign their trust you can train certain characters to be jedi's just like yourself

    Atton: Gain high influence, Then when on Nar Shadaa keep talking to him... He should spill his entire life story, after his little interlude, you can train him to be a jedi sentinel

    Handmaiden: Keep sparring with her in the hold of teh Ebon Hawk... After winning all fights she wishes to follow in the path of her mother and walk the path of the jedi...Train her to gain another jedi and a nifty cutscene from the jedi base on Telos
    Super Strength Hanharr (and infinite darkside points)
    When you have a moderately high influence with Hanharr ask him 'Why do you follow me?' then ask him 'Does that mean you serve me?' follow that with 'The debt you mentioned...', then follow with the answers at the top and you should fail the first infuence check but pass the second and break him into your service, he gains 2 strength and loses 2 intelligence, repeat this as many times as you like, when his strenth reaches around 100 his intelligence cycles back around and ends up at 200, making his repair, computer, security, & security have a 100 bonus
    Unlimited experience and dark side points
    First, you must get Hanharr and have a high influence with him. A dialogue option will appear - "Why do you follow me" Ask this and later choose the option asking him about his life debt. Keep following the conversation to the end, and you will get 1000exp and dark side points. Additionally, Hanharr will receive a -2 to intelligence and a +2 to strength. After his intelligence gets to zero, it will go up to 250, allowing him to get any skill. His strength on the other hand will go down to zero once it reaches 250 (but it can go back up.)
    Unlock different characters
    Based on decisions, you will be able to choose from different characters.

    Mira - Before the fight between Hanharr and Mira, align yourself either in Neutral or with the light side and Mira will join you.
    Hanharr - Before the fight between Hanharr and Mira, align yourself with the Dark Side and Hanharr will join you.
    Disciple - Choose a Female character in the beginng, and the Deciple will join you once you meet up with him on Dantooine
    Handmaiden - Choose a male character in the beginning, and the Handmaiden will join you once you leave the Telos Jedi academy.
    HK-47 - Get the 4 different HK parts that are scattered across the worlds and talk to the broken HK droid near the bridge. He will join
    Win any battle
    Use this cheat to win any battle against a single opponent. When the battle starts, attack and then save your game before the opponent has a chance to attack, then load it again. Your opponent will still have the damage you inflicted on him/her/it, but it will be your turn again so you can attack again. After you attack again, save the game, load it and just repeat until your enemy is dead.
    Win any Ring Battle without Fighting
    This method can be used if your character is more force reliant than melee capable, but you've been prevented from using any force powers due to ring rules... or if you simply don't want to fight.

    Simply start any ring battle as normal and target your opponent. Approach your opponent and keep both characters face to face while you continue to slowly walk your character into them. Your opponent will keep backing up due to the mechanics of the combat system and you can eventually push them out of bounds for the win without having to fight. You may take a hit or two in the process but certainly nothing that will kill you.

    I used this method for the handmadien ring battles and mandalorian ring battles where my Jedi Consular couldnt use force powers. Pushed them all out everytime.
    Win any Swoop Race
    Ok, you start the race and drive till you reach the first Pinkish Orb (Mine) and when you are close to it press start and exit the race [Press (A)] and what ever tiem you reached the mine will record as your time.