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A Cool Tip
On any sniper in the game, switch the secondary weapon, then fire. You'll send out a recon droid. Near a large group of enemies, use the secondary fire to lauch an aerial attack that will kill everyone in the area!!
Camera Movement: Looking Around Corners/Staying Close to Walls
One thing you might have noticed by now is the suddeness of encountering the lone tank travelling around the field looking for some victims to flay, and how often it happens. Or that sudden contingent of forces around the corner. One thing you do have on them, though... your player can magically see around corners.

When staying close to a wall, you typically are out of danger from anything coming at you from any angle of any sort, and you can often get past large battles just by having a low profile. However, no one can totally know when they have snucj by the entire battle. By simply toying around with your camera, you have a good 15-45 degrees of viewable area around the corner, meaning you know if there happens to be a droideka standing around the corner. When in doubt, always use this ability, as it has saved my own life a great many times. Unfortunately, this is impossible to use in vehicles or any stationary combat implement.

Either way, this sort of cover can help, especially from such things as splash damage and turrent fire if they can't get around the obstruction that is saving your character's life.
Don't Abandon It For Too Long, Or It Won't Come Back
Once or twice you may want to set down your ship for a moment on a map of your choosing, perhaps to make a few sniping shots or to try and take a base.

Other then repairing your ship, and actions like this can and will lead to your ship taking a lot of damage and eventually exploding. Be prepared for the consequences.

Only land vehicles can get away with not taking damage, and only air units do take damage. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the game!
Easier score on Mos Eisley
During the historical campaign or any other time you find yourself on the Mos Eisley board as a Stormtrooper, the dark troopers have jet packs and scatter guns perfect for this for more than one reason. If you start out at the command post on the lower right and head toward the cantina front entrance, first you can lob a detonator as soon as you see the doorway and usually take out a few hasty rebels when they come out. If you continue on past and stay to the left wall, you go behind some buildings and then there is a structure that looks like a spaceship with a grate halfway up. If you go to that wall and stand sideways, you boost straight up and push toward the wall and when you clear the top, you can land on the top of the circular wall around the barge dock command post. It is child's play to shoot or blow up the few rebels on top where the command post is and make your way over to it to capture. Any interlopers that come up the ramp won't last long against your blast cannon just watch for fire from below. Happy hunting.
Easy kill
On yavin 4 on historical campaign be a sniper stand on your side of the arena near the ammunition and health droid keep chucking recon droids put them in the enemy base {not where the turret is or it wont hit them} and use secondary weapon {L2} and there you go blow them up and you will keep getting more recon droids from the ammunition droid and you cant get hurt
easy way to kill droid ecas
all you need to do is be a cloner that can fly. shoot it with the cannon and switch to your comando pistol to finish them off.
Enemy Vehicles
Normally your men won't take enemy vehicles, but here's how to win them the field.

Take the type of unit you know you can get around fast in (i.e. Jet Trooper/ Dark Trooper) and go to the enemy vehicle spawn point.

When a vehicle spawns, hop in and take it to one of your men. Tell them to get in and then jump out.

Wash, rinse, repeat.
Forget the bunker
I don't remember if I used this on the historical campaign but on Galactic conquest on all difficulty settings, you don't need to worry about the bunker at all to beat the level fairly easily! All I do is spawn at my bottom command post as a rebel soldier and jump on a speeder bike. Make your way up the map staying on the far right as far as you can until you are across from the last Imperial command post before the bunker. It is the post where all their Chicken walkers spawn. You leave the bike there as far east of the post you can be without leaving the battlefield and make your way to the hill 'behind' the command post and hunker down. Every so often stormtroopers will spawn. You can pick them off or ignore them if they don't see you and wait until a chicken walker pops up. Run up and take it over and go to town on the troopers that spawn there and their reinforcements that may divert your way from the bunker. I have won most every round I used this trick.
Mr. Walker Can't Aim Down?
Remember that the AT-ST, AT-AT and the AT-TE can't aim down, so if you want to do some damage, be sure to take the safe, long way, circle around it and get underneath.

You can do a fair bit of damage, depending on which unit you are playing as.
Pistol and Close Up Uses
The Pistol has a great many uses other than just being a weaker version of the rifle, and learning how to use it correctly can give you a huge advantage.

For example, with heavy units such as the Vangaurd, you are armed with one of the most powerful weapons available in this game. Yes, that's right, one of the most powerful weapons, but also one of the most useless against any form of troop combat, save for perhaps Droidekas. No matter how fast you think you are reloading, or whether or not that load will be finished, you might miss, or, more than likely, you won't finish before they attack. So switch over when you first sense danger, as this goes for sniper's as well -- the weapon has a high fire rate and is deadly if it hits the head, and you can always reload later. You can't as easily reload another life and get back into position... or repair the new stat hole.

If you need rapid fire, and can't afford to wait for anything to load, switch over and finish the job with the pistol. Better the enemy dead and spending a second or two reloading your rifle then losing half your health and having a half empty clip. Plus, later on the pistol can also be used for sniping and other similar purposed whenever needed, and is much stronger as well, making it a deadly force for whatever you have left to do in the game.

Finally, an unlimited amount of power. You can last the rest of the game with it... so when holding a CP or something, just switch over to it and find an ammo droid later. This CP is more important now! Happy hunting!
Sniping the Unaware White Suits
On Tatooineune Sea (Playing as Confederates or Rebels) a trick I do is to pick sniper class(Assasin Droid or Rebel Marksmen) , take a fighter(X-Wing or Droid Starfighter)and go at full speed above the cliff behind the Sand Crawler(hard to miss as it is a large cliif and Sand Crawler is a CP).Press Y button twice to bail on top of the cliff. Make good use of the AD and RM's double zoom and snipe the unsuspecting Republic or Emipire!Their snipes have only single zoom so you are in no threat.When out of ammo , jump off , and do over(each round may get you 25 or more kills
Strafing: Extra Advantage
Although many a game that involve sniping and shooting have strafing, the auto-lock feature available (although defnitely not exclusive) on this game (which targets units for you) has an unfortunate quirk in it that you can use to your advantage.

One of the things you may have noticed while strafing in the game or aiming for a strafing opponent in the game is the near impossibility of hitting said target without manipulating the area the weapon is aiming for, which many people now do subconciously. The CPU, however, does not. If ever caught in a firefight with one or multiple enemies, always strafe to the maximum potential. The CPU will continue to miss for the most part and you can continue your slaugfhter unhindered.

A note, though: this style of gameplay becomes ineffectual if opponent comes within point blank (very close) range, so it should be used while at a moderate distance.
Super kewl vantage point in Mos Eisley
I stumbled on this and it rocks! In the hangar if you go past the barge to the platform with the ramps, you can follow them to the top and walk over to a ledge that runs up to the very top of the circular wall around the whole hanger. You can see most of the whole board and if you are a sniper and your boys have secured the hangar, you could possibly rack up quite a few kills without much danger.

Happy hunting!
The 'Duck Blind' - Killing Mass Amounts of Enemies
However, the title depends on which CP they choose.

This tip is more for those of you who don't like charging about looking for enemies where they are not. A simple way for killing the Empire on Hoth and the Republic on Geonosis follows, and it's all, once again, in those strategic machines, the walkers.

The one place that many troops will use is the walker, especially if they are limited in the amount of CPs they have, the walker CP is closest to some sort of target or they notice that your in the area. This all works for you, as you can instantly kill them just by hanging around the legs of it.

So the next time you want to go in and seriously cut down those numbers, wait for the walkers to come in, and run for the legs! Who knows how many you'll kill.

Note: Recommended that you at least take over a command post first to narrow the choice of CPs where they can reappear from.
When Will This End!?
One thing noticeable to all is that even when the enemy is down to 30 units, they still seem to be coming full force.

This is because units will continue to reappear until you are down to about 20 or so men. This includes Jedis.

However, if you respawn, you will appear as long as there will still be one on the screen. However, when you die in the final twenty, then even if there is another guy on the field and you are killed, then that one goes down to zero.


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Baby Wars
Enter "Jub Jub" as your profile name to shrink all players to Ewok size.
Death For the jedi(on Bespin PLatforms)
oK people,all you have to do on bespin to eliminate a jedi,all you need is to distract him and then throw a Thermal Detonador and then he will receive some damage and then he will fall and then it will say on some Green LEtters saying that your character killed the jedi,but on the list when you finish the battle it won't do anything special,is like if you killed another soldier

If you have any problems with this tip contact me Hellsteps@aol.com
Planet Select
Go to "Historical Campaign" mode and select the era you want to play (Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War), then enter the following: X, Y, X, Y
The Easy vanishment for Endor Bunker
oK People,this is what you have to do to destroy easily the Endor Bunker,All you have to do is pick the wookie of the rebels,then pick a Speeder Bike then you have to go down to the Endor Bunker,then when you reach enter the bunker and then all you have to do is throw the timed mines then wait for the countdown and the Bunker will receive some damage,then respawn,then repeat the same process and then destroy it.

If you have some problems Contact me to HellSteps@aol.com
-Bespin Concept Art-
Beat "The Liberation of Cloud City" in the Galactic Civil War era

-Endor Stills-
Beat "Battle in the Clouds" in the Galactic Civil War era

-Geonosis Stills-
Beat "The Battle of Geonosis" in the Clone Wars era

-Hoth Concept Art-
Beat "The Battle of Hoth" in the Galactic Civil War era

-Kamino Storyboards-
Beat "The Assault on Kamino" in the Clone Wars era

-Naboo Stills-
Beat "Rebellion on Theed" in the Clone Wars era

-Star Wars: Battlefront Art-
Beat "Aggressive Negotiations" in the Clone Wars era

-Tatooine Concept Art-
Beat "Siege of Mos Eisley" in the Galactic Civil War era

-Weapons and Unit Stills-
Beat "Mountaintop Defenses" in the Clone Wars era

-Yavin Concept Art-
Beat "The Fall of Yavin 4" in the Galactic Civil War era