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Keypad Codes

2. Paris, France
#1: 2457
#2: 7562

5. Kundang Camp, Indonesia
#1: 0623
#2: 1492

8. Los Angeles, USA
#1: 5325
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: sleepingangel666 on June 30, 2009


During one of the cutscenes, you will see that Lambert is drinking coffee. But, if you look at the cup, you will see that the cup has the Ubisoft logo.
Verified by: sleepingangel666 Submitted by: Bender0121 on July 02, 2008


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glitchs in wearhouse

easy glitchs to start of with when you spawn in the wearhouse as a spy dont grap on to anything go to the pole and press left and b at the same time and your transport in to the middle og the level but dont do glitchs all the time there bad? add me to your friends this my game tag is tkenyon
Verified by: Submitted by: XBOXKILLA on October 26, 2004