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Get Fired

When u are in training u will have 2 use a guy 2 open a retinal scanner. Next u will get a gun 2 shoot out the lights.Go back and shoot the passed out guy in the head.You will fail the training, but it is immensily satisfying
Verified by: sleepingangel666 Submitted by: Noah X on March 04, 2006


[Mission 1 - Police Station]
Keypad 1: 091772
Keypad 2: 5929

[Mission 4 - CIA HQ]
Keypad 1: 7687
Keypad 2: 110598
Keypad 3: 2019
Keypad 4: 110700
Keypad 5: 0614

[Mission 5 - Kalinatek]
Keypad 1: 97531
Keypad 2: 33575
Keypad 3: 1250

[Mission 8 - Chinese Embassy, Part II]
Keypad 1: 1436
Keypad 2: 9753
Keypad 3: 1456
Keypad 4: 1834
Keypad 5: 7921

[Mission 9 - Presidential Palace]
Keypad 1: 2126
Keypad 2: 70021
Keypad 3: 66768
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: sleepingangel666 on June 14, 2009

Lockpick & Locked Door on Training

When you first start Training, after you are done with the lights, turn to your right. Go up to the wall & walljump. There is a door that leads to a room. Inside is the lockpick. Go back out & continue training. When you get near the end, do not proceed to the next level. Instead, look to your right. There is a locked door that you will use the lockpick on. Inside is a computer. It will give you a doorcode. The code is 5656. Now, go back to the beginning of training. Instead of looking to the right like you did earlier, look to the left. Walljump the wall. There is a door. Use the code to open the door. Inside is Anna, the computer specialist you will communicate with during the game. Go up & she will talk to you. If you want to be crazy, hit her. Lambert fires you on the spot.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: sleepingangel666 on September 13, 2010


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Saving Bullets

Heres a neat little trick I found.

This will only work once you have gotten the SC-20K. The game generally gives you a good ammount of Sticky Cameras to your disposal. When you find yourself close to a guard, but you don't think you can grab him from behind, instead of using a bullet to take him out, use your sticky camera and shoot the guard DIRECTLY in the head. This will cause the guard to pass out. Not only have you saved a bullet, but you can run up to the guard and take back the sticky camera to use again.
Verified by: The GGs, sleepingangel666 Submitted by: Sixth Gauge on April 05, 2003

Unlock All Levels

Make a new profile and call the profile "!lamaudite!" to unlock every level and every load point in the game.
Verified by: sleepingangel666 Submitted by: The GGs on May 22, 2005