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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (Xbox) Cheats

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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On single player.
When you are in Displace Incorporated, and you have went through a crawl space and ended up in the "lounge", dont go out of the crawl space. Instead listen to the 2 guys conversation. In one sentence a guy talks about how the new [in 2005] game of Prince of Persia is going to be an awesome game. Prince of Persia? Hmmmm.... Sounds like an ''advertisment''.
Finding Nemo
Start a game on Auqarius with two spies. Go into the main pirates room, and go up the first set of stairs (don't go all the way to the top platform). Stand in the corner where the rail meets the wall and press the white button. The first spy will get in to position to launch the second spy in the air. have spy #2 finish the co-op move. He should land on an invisible ledge. Run around on the ledge for a couple seconds then jump down (don't worry about getting both spies up). There should be several fish flying around. If it doesn't work the first time, just try it again. it may take a couple of tries.
Keypad Codes
The Bank - Main Security Room: 2306

DISPLACE - Nedich's Office : 2609

THE BATTERY - Outpost Entrance: 1879
Mission Ten
After you jump down the 5 floors of the elevator and enter the tunnel, instead of trying to work your way around the lazers, there is an electrical box to your right and it turns them off.
Pandora Tomorrow
When you are looking for Dvorak, on any t.v. screen you will see an advertisement for none other than Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow.
Ubisoft 2
During the cutscene when it shows the start of the blackout, there is a blimp. On the blimp it, it shows yet anothe Ubisoft logo.


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Grab Mercs through glass
you will need one spy and one merc. go to the Club House, and open the glass structure. the spy should go behind the glass, and the merc should jump up on the ledge right in front of the glass. the merc faces away from the glass, with his back touching the glass. then, the spy taps A and he has the merc in his arms.
Invisibility (co-op)
allright, in co-op mode, disable a turret. Then have one of you hack the turret, but don't finish the hacking. While one of you is doing that, have the other person shoot you with a sticky shocker. Press x, then b, then shoot your friend for killing you.
Midget Mode
Start a versus game as a spy (either tutorial or actual game), and go to the Club House. make sure you have sticky cams with you. go into the main garden area, and stand by the climbable poles (they lead to the catwalk above the garden). shoot a sticky cam at the wall, and exit back out of the view without releasing the gas. climb the pole until you are haging from the horizontal pole (don't move once you are hanging). press Y to bring your legs up. draw your weapon, and place another sticky cam on top of the old one. you should fall down, and your legs will be stuck in the floor (you can still run around). this can only be done once per life. to get out of this, crouch, and uncrouch. you will be standing normally.