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Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (Xbox) Cheats

Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Easter Egg: Evidence of Vulture Fight
Go to the Chrysler building (the other huge sky scraper near the empire state building), up far enough to where there are green pyramids on 4 corners of the building, and go around the building. You should find green feathers on the building, referring to the first game when you fought Vulture there.
Last Speed Upgrade
To get the 8th speed upgrade you must get up to the 16th chapter and defeat it. When the new chapter starts get 50,000 hero points and go to the shop. Swing upgrade 8 should be there unless you haven't upgraded it before.
Liberty Island
I bet a lot of you wonder how to get to the Statue of Liberty. All you have to do is hitch a ride on a helicopter. If you land in the water close enough to Ellis Island you climb out of the water onto it. Note: If you want to check to make sure you got it, move the right analog stick so that you are looking straight up.
Unlisted moves
Some of the best moves Spidey can do are all available from the start, but are not listed in the combat upgrades!

Punch,Web,Punch= Double Fisted Uppercut

Punch,Jump,Punch= Spinning Kick

Punch,Web,Jump= Knee to the head

Punch,Puunch,Jump= Head Stomp

Punch,Web,Grab/Dodge= Over the Shoulder Yank

Punch,Web,Web= Spinning Web

Web,Punch,Grab/Dodge= Head Over Heels Attack

Web,Punch,Punch= Mule Kick

Easter eggs

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Throw a pizza off a building
In the 6th Pizza Mission (I think), you will have to deliver a pizza to a window washer. If you destroy the pizza and then deliver it to him, he will become upset and throw it away. But, as this is not a simple pedestrian waiting in a back alley for Spider-man to deliver his pizza, instead throwing the pizza on the ground, the window washer will throw it over the side of the building.


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44% completion, other bonuses
Input the password HCRAYERT and you will have 20100 hero points, Swing Speed 6/8, Web Zip Acquired and the following awards: Big Game Hunter, Alien Buster, Shock Asorber, Tentacle Wrangler. You will also have 44.38% of the game completed.
Developer Save
Before you make any profiles, type in HCRAYERT as a name, then you can put your personal name. It will start you off with 40% done in the game, 100000 hero points and all of the web speeds.
Easy Way To Beat the fellas
When you find Bad Guys that when you try to punch'em they cover the face and you can't hit'em, so when stealing stores when they try to escape you only have to use spidey reflexes and they can't do anything and for the robots,if there's a Robot behind of another robot,just find a way to one of the robots kill another robot and that's will be a easy way,then use spidey reflexes to finish' em BABY!
Unlockable awards
Alien Buster Defeat Mysterio in story mode
Anger Manager Stop 25 road rages
Automobile Avenger Stop 25 car jackings
Balloon Popper Pop 25 balloons
Bane of Petty Thieves Stop 25 purse snatchers
Big Game Hunter Defeat Rhino in story mode
Champ Defeat 200 enemies
Crime Stopper Stop 250 petty crimes
Drenched Explorer Collect all 130 Bouy Tokens
Employee of the Month Complete all Pizza Missions (20)
Friend to Children Return 25 balloons to children
Game Master Complete Everything in the game (100%)
Gold Medalist Beat all challenges' mega times
Good samaritan Help 250 citizens in distress
Hardcore Gamer Complete all arcade games
Hero Accumulate 45K hero points
Hero in Training Accumulate 15K hero points
Honorary Deputy Assisted 25 officiers
Human Ambulance Resolve 25 medical emergencies
Knowledge Seeker Collect all 213 Hint Markers
Life Preserver Resolve 25 sinking boat crisises
Lifter of Spirits Rescue 25 hanging citizens
Lover not a Fighter Complete all MJ missions
Master Explorer Collect all exploration tokens
Mega Champ Defeat 500 enemies
Mega Hero Accumulate 200K hero points
Partycrasher Stop 25 battle royals
Shock Absorber Defeat Shocker in story mode
Shutterbug Complete all Daily Bugle Missions (6)
Silver Medalist Beat all challenges
Speed Freak Get max swing speed
Stick Up Artist Foil 25 robberies
Sucker Foil 25 ambushes
Superhero Accumulate 100K hero points
Tentacle Wrangler Defeat Doc Ock in story mode
Thug Mugger All skyscraper tokens found
Towering Explorer Collect all skyscraper tokens
Vigilant Explorer Collect all hideout tokens
Watch Dog Foil 25 break-ins
Watchful Explorer All secret tokens found