The Sims Bustin' Out (Xbox) Cheats

The Sims Bustin' Out cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Cool Tips
** *Easy friends:
When you need to get friends quickly, talk to the person you want to make friends with until they are 20 (if they are nice, if they are mean go up to 40 or higher!). Then constantly do "Compliment" "Joke" over and over again. Each time your relationship will go up 5. Gossiping is another good way to get realationships higher, if they are very playful, do "Pull My Finger" (you can unlock this at Dudely's Trailer").

*Make a good house quick:
To make a good house quick (in free play mode), delete all the wllpaper, then the walls, then the floors until you have just grass. (This works best when you just start out.) Build a 12 x 12 room (for one sim, or two sims in love) and make it really good. Include everything they need in it. If you have more than one sims, make a 10 x 10 room with a 3 x 3 room near it. The 3 x 3 room will be your bathroom. Once youhave made it really good and they constantly have good moods and you have about 3 thousand simoleons, tear down everything starting with wall paper then walls (if you start with walls you cant get back your wall paper money!) and work your way down until you just have the items you want to keep. Make a new house however you like since you have 3 thousand simoleons to spend on home improvement and new items. Don't go overboard or you may not have such an awesome house! Keep the small house as long as you like before you make a new one. (Make sure your sim[s] have [a] good job[s]!)

** *Easily taking care of your baby without loosing your job:
You need at least two sims to do this. First, take one sim and leave them at home with the baby. Keep them in a good mood because you can get a promotion while you're staying at home. Take care of the baby and so forth. On the next day, take a different sim and have them stay home with the baby. Make them in a good mood and watch over the baby. Do the same the next day with another sim, or the oen that stayed home first. This is actually a good way to get promoted and put your sims in a good mood.

*Put your trust in Charity:
When you have near 0 simoleons, make sure you always answer the phone unless you know it is a "late for work" call. You will be getting lots of Charity calls or special event calls that give you lots of simoleons. Empty your money on goods and do this over and over again. When you want, sell everything you bought and you will have a lot of simoleons to spend! (note: the longer you do this, the less the items you bought will cost when you sell them!)

** *Fashion galore!:
When you want a lot more fashion than you currently have, (this only works in Bust Out mode) answer the door to everyone that comes (unless you answered the door to them before) and you will be getting a lot more fashion styles to use. This is also a good way to meet new people and get more friends!

**these tips are tested by Lei *theese tips are proven to work
Easy Friendships
Use the following code to get easy friendships.
Buy a hot tub. Invite Sims over and get them in the hot tub. Then you get in. Press start, then build/buy objects. Then place objects around the hot tub so nobody can get out. The Sims will talk and soon will be friends. (*you can make the Sims friends faster by holding down the L button.
Funny Ways To Die
1. Make a fireplace and put a rug in front of it. Make an adult light a fire and keep pressing A on the rug. Soon the rug will catch fire and so will your sim. The the Grim Reaper will come.

2. Put a high dive in your backyard. Cover the ground with concrete. Keep doing backflips and you sim will always lip and fall on the concrete. Then after a certain amount of times they will die.
Getting Cars Or Moto Bikes
In bustin out mode. when you move out of your mums house you can get a car by completing goals.
if you move in to mimi's house you can trade your bike for a hot blue sports car. but if you move into dudley's house you can trade you bike for a rainbow coloured car that makes a big noise.
To keep people around when your at work (when they ring on the doorbell)keep pressing A repetivitly over them and should for 3-4 hours.
Keep Your Friends
When you are married, your spouse will follow you around and most importantly get her to make as many friends as possible because her relationship with these 'friends' would not deteriorate like yours!!! Let your spouse deal with your social life, so it will be faster for you to get the promotions that require you to have a certain no. of friends.
Makeover Friends
Tired of your" free street" friends same old looks? You can change the looks of Peter,Ziggy, Woody,Rod,Candy,Debbie,Ginger,& Pamela.simply go to "free play mode", click which saved game slot u are playing in then click which group u want to makeover, tutti or frutti, then choose evict family(yes evict them), then click on edit family,click the group u chose once again, then it will take u to the dressing room with each of them sitting on a couch, u can makeover each of them one at a time, u can even change their personalities!
No Job Hassle
While you are at Mom's House Build all your skills full then while doing all the missions you don't have to worry about building skills.
No Need To Make Your Own Food
If you live with Mimi or Mom, and your cooking skill is kinda low, wait for them (meaning Mimi or Mom) to make food. It's always served and it's more filling!
Quick quick cash
If you are broke, and unlocked two different job promotions, move into the Goth Place (Finish all tasks at Mimi's, that's what I did) and move into the room where Malcom steals the Fortune Teller. Take over that room and sell everything in it (note: You can't sell the bookcase). Now you have 24 000 Simoleons, and you can but expensive things.
Also, if your room dosen't have much room, just take over the chamber looking one OR take over the bathroom, and move the bathroom into the chamber thing. That way you can have WAY more room for a workout machine, Chess, other skill builders, a tv, couch, etc.
See your nude sim
Just a nifty little trick that's fun; when you're playing pixel acres, the nude resort, if you have one of your sims take a shower, and then have them touch "the electronic insect control system" their censorship blur will dissapear, leaving them with their barbie-doll like nudity for a brief time. But it does wear off (if they go to bed or do some other function that would normally require clothes
when u start, in mums house get all ur skill points up to 10 and BUT 1st dont do the last goal and ingnor all the things mums keeps saying like move out alreadly stuff like that so in the other houses u wont have to keept getting skills!
Working & Staying Happy Is Hard
When im trying to unlock objects etc and my charater gets unhappy or needs to make friends but dosent have enough time to because of work or sleeping, i move back to moms make friends/get more happy & move back i just keep movin back & forth But only when i need too.(Tip: Clean moms house when your about to leave so you dont owe her to much money and try not to stay longer then 2-3days or your probaly owe her alot)


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master code(gnome):
press start and click: R,L,down,black,left,B. A gnome will appear on the footpath.

All Locations:
during gameplay click. Black,down,R,L,down,Y. Go to your car and all the places will be unlocked.

More Money:
Press start and press:L,black,right,X,left. Select the gnome and the option 'get money' will be there select this to get 10,000 simoleons.NOTE: the maximum of money you can get is 999,999 simoleons

All objects:
during gameplay press: black,up,Y,down,R. all objects are now availiable for buying.

All socials:
during gameplay press: L,R,A,down,black

Raise motives:
Press start and press: R,left,B,down,white. Select the gnome and the option 'raise motives' will be there select this to raise your motives
Money cheat
Use the Blue Gnome cheat then pause the game while you're at your house. Enter L, BLACK, RIGHT, X, LEFT, then you can add money by clicking on the gnome and choosing to add money.
L , R , A , down and black

Unlock all socials in the game without unlocking through playing the game.
Visit locations
black , down , R , L , down and Y

Unlock all visit locations in bust out mode with playing through the game to unlock them