Shenmue II (Xbox) Cheats

Shenmue II cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Catching Leaves
When you are told to catch a leaf you first need to pick a leaf as its falling then zoom in on it using the right trigger then when it goes blurry press the punch button to catch it, it will take a while to get the hang off but keep with it.
Don't Pay At Come Over Hotel
Every Day, stay up until 11 pm when your watch goes off. You go to sleep. In the morning tell the guy to put it onj your account, if you stay up he wont bother you about your account. Do this until you move out and you will never need to pay.
Fighting, Action Buttons, and Money
IF you started the game and just saved it in the inn at the docks, WASTE all the money you have in LIGHTERS, eventually you will get your bag stolen and your money in it too, also dont gamble in the strenght match you will need that 10 bucks later on.
In the running scenes when you have to press a button you must have EYE-HAND coordination!!!
If you dont know what it means, it means that you need to know where the buttons are without even looking at the controller trust me this really works.
Also in fighting scenes make sure you run away when your health goes low then run back at the enemy and kick, punch or do something to him/her and run back again.
Never have to lose money when you gamble.
Pick any gamble you want in Hong Kong or Kowloon. Before you play, Save it. Then bet your money and gamble. If you lose alot of money then restart your video game and load it again. Try again and continue doing this until you win. (It doesn't take that long to win the gamble) When you win just save it and continue playing if you want. This is the best thing to do when you have to get 500$.


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100 Missiles In Afterburner

When playing Afterburner, get to the third level and press Left+X. You missile count will go up to 100.
Alternate Ending
To get the bad/alternate ending, you must play the game up until June 31st, 1987. At the end of this day Ryo will get into bed and it will occur. A good way to quickly get it is to keep failing the QTE at Zhangyu Barber's.
Duck Race (Quack Quack!)
1) When you're chasing Wong through the Lai Lai Eatery miss the QTE so that you crash into the girl carrying the tray. When you have your bag and have been to the Come Over Guest House get some money (doesn't matter how) and go to the Lai Lai Eatery. Talk to the older lady owner, then talk to the waitress whose tray you knocked over. Choose the option to compensate her and she'll give you the bronze medal.

2) Now go to the Pine Game Arcade in Golden Qr and go up to the third floor. Beat Eileen in a fight and then beat Izumi. When you manage to beat them you'll get the silver medal.

3) Go to the Tomato Mart in Golden Qr and talk to Izumi and she'll take you to a duck race. If you win go to the part where you catch the leaves with Xiuying. After a couple of leaves you should see a feather floating down which you need to catch. When you've done this you'll get the option to catch a duck. Do it and go back to the Tomato Mart and enter the race. Keep racing it to improve it's stats and when you win you'll get the gold medal.
Easier Money
First off, protect your money at the start. Once you buy the map for all the areas you can - spend your remaining money on lighters before you get your backpack stolen. Then you can sell the lighters at pawn shops for $20 each (depending on the shop). After you work at the docks, and sell some lighters - you should have about $100. Or you can just work at the docks twice to get $120 and sell the lighters later. Now for the big score, go to warehouse 10 to play big or small. Before you play, save the game. Now play and bet MAX Bet on CHOW (consecutive wins). You may lose, but if you do - just reload the game and do it again. Depending on your luck, it shouldn't take long before you win $800. Once you have $800, you can MAX bet for $500. This will yeild you $4000 at x8 odds each time you win CHOW. At this point, its totally up to you how long you want to do this but your set for the game. Later in the game, when you have higher MAX Bets - you can do the same for alot more.
Easy Money
Go behind warehouse #8 on Fortunes' Pier (the one with the red doors). There is a set of Lucky Hit tables there. Choose the second table from the left. The board features a tiger with wings, and the bet is $20 to win $60. You should drop the marble fairly close to the left side of the table and win about 60% of the time. You can easily make $1,000 in a day.
Fangmei's Birthday Event

One of the hidden events in this game that it's possible to find is the birthday celebration for Fangmei, the young girl at the Man Mo Temple. This is how you see it:
1) The first thing to point out is to talk to Fangmei every time you see her in Wise Men's Qr. Do this every opportunity you have. Now when Xiuying is getting you to catch the leaves to get the Wulinshu book quit and go to Pigeon Park (the big fountain in the middle of Aberdeen) and talk to Eileen, the martial artist training there.

2) When carrying the books to the temple library finish them all before noon. You'll have to run for most of it to make it, but when you finish you should get a cut-scene with Fangmei bringing you tea. For the next few days don't finish the book carrying task otherwise you'll get the scene again and will mess up the sequence.

3) After you have the Wulinshu and have decoded the paper with Guixhang, wait until the next day and go to the Man Mo Bistro in Wise Men's Qr. You should see Eileen and Fangmei together, go and talk to them. Now do the Chawan Sign at either the Man Mo Bistro or Heavenly Tea House (Green Market Qr). You'll be told to go to the Come Over Guest House where you will get a message to go to Man Mo Park (Wise Men's Qr). Go there where you will get into a battle and lose. This will trigger another cut-scene with Fangmei.

4) After the scene when you meet Zhang you will have a scene with Xiuying. The next day you'll have to take a detour through Lucky Charm Qr, so go there and see the cut-scene with Joy. After that scene go back to the temple library for another scene. Go to the Man Mo Bistro and you'll have to do a couple of QTEs. The combination for the first one is Down, X, and the second one is simply A.

5) Go to the antique shops by the gate between Wise Men's Qr and South Carmain Qr at around 2pm and find Eileen. She'll tell you Fangmei's birthday. Now go to the temple to find Fangmei and follow her to a shop in Lucky Charm Qr. After the scene talk to the shopkeeper.

6) On March 3rd go to Xiuying's apartment where another cut-scene will occur.

7) Now when you reach the part when you're about to leave Hong Kong and are supposed to say goodbye to everyone, talk to Delin, Jianmin, Guixang, Master Zhoushan, and Zhangyu (you should know them if you've been paying attention through the game). After that go to Xuiying's apartment for a cut-scene. If this has all been done correctly you should get the birthday event when you leave Kowloon.

In-Game Reset
Hold Start + Back during game play.
Last boss fight!
Finally you've made it to the roof, but the fat guy is gonna fight you! well, here's some tips to help you bring down the tub of lard!
First of all, if you allow him to catch you in one of his wrestling moves, you are in trouble, so know that this battle will require a lot of patience and attention. You need to get in and get out as they say in boxing. Come in range, kick, punch and pull back before he can grab you! Don't be afraid to run away to allow your health to grow back up, even if his does too, it's better than dying and starting over again, just know that if you and he are both down to your last bit of health, that's no time to be a hero, play it smart and be careful near the end as well as the begining.
Afterwards there are a few flashing buttons that need to be pressed, so don't put down the controller. I don't remember them as well, look for them in another play-tip. Good luck!
Shenmue Side Story
If you choose the Shots-viewer from the main screen, you can sort your photos by category, one of which is called Secret. Once you complete a page of this category, you will unlock a comic book Shenmue Side Story which is selectable by picking the gift box in the corner.
Shenmue video as on Saturn
Beat the game and look at the Shenmue Collection's Arcade section. You can watch a short trailer showing Shenmue (and parts of Shenmue II) running on the Sega Saturn before the game was moved to the Dreamcast.
The Bad Ending

Like Shenmue, Shenmue II has a bad ending if you take too long to beat the game. To see it in this game you need to play until June 31, 1987 in the game and then it will happen when Ryo goes to bed. The quickest way to do this if you want to see it is to play until the Zhangyu Barber's QTE and keep failing it. That way you can get to that date quickly.
View Shenmue on Sega Saturn Video
Beat the game, and then save it when it prompts you to. From the main menu, go to ''Shenmue Collection'' and load your newly saved game. Go to ''YS GAMES'' and the first item should be ''CLASSIFIED IMAGES.'' Press A and you will be treated to a video of the original Shenmue on the Sega Saturn.