Shattered Union Cheats

Shattered Union cheats, and Codes for Xbox.

Shattered Union Cheats

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Campaign Cheats
Select Cheats from the start menu and input the following codes for thier effects:
Money XXAAY (repeatable)
Rep Increase XBBXB (Repetable)
Week Skip XYXBA (Repetable, no one attacks)
Claim Territory BX???
(replace ??? with the letters for the territory)
XAA Northern Texas
XAB Southern Texas
XAY Oklahoma Grasslands
XAX Arizona Territory
XBA Great Lakes
XBB Great Plains
XBY Central Heartland
XBX Dakotas
XYA Great Basin
XYB New Mexico
XYY Southern California
XYX Northern California
XXA Arcadia Plains
XXB Northern Cascades
XXY Central Cascades
XXX Southeastern Cascades
YXA Carolinas
YXB Florida
YXY Cumberlands
YXX Mississippi Delta
YYA Northern New England
YYB Eastern Shenandoah
YYY New York
YYX Ohio Valley

You will still have to fight for Alaska...

Submitted by: Zyano_Starseeker on January 29, 2006
Instant Win Battle and Civil War
To instantly win a battle during combat phase:

Press start;
Select the Cheat menu;
Press ABBAY;
Grats you win that battler...

the con of this is none of the units earn experience and the enemy will have thier units for a much later battle... but then again this is repeatable...

To instantly win the Civil War;
Press Start while viewing the continental US map;
Select Cheat;
Press XBABY;
Grats you just reuninted the US and Hawaii and you get to jump directly to the fight for Alaska against the Russians...

See cheat above to win whole game...
Submitted by: Zyano_Starseeker on January 29, 2006