Sega GT 2002 Cheats

Sega GT 2002 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.

Sega GT 2002 Tips

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To get a Chevorlet Corvet, go to Chevorlet, then come in first with it a few times and it will appear.
Submitted by: lamster on January 14, 2006

Sega GT 2002 Cheats

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free money
when you go to either the PART SHOP or the USED PART SHOP, you can keep the money you have without spending and recieve parts ONLY if you purchase parts that are the exact same amount of money as you have. so lets say that you want a part costing $5,000, and you have exactly $5,000, you can buy it and not spend a penny. this cheat is very good to use when your first starting off the game!
Submitted by: paul marji on December 29, 2002
Huge Boost
To get a huge boost for a drag-race, make sure you have your car set to MT. Next, shift your car up to the highest gear(before the race starts). If your car has 6 gears, wait until you get around 50mph, then shift down to third. If your car has 5 gears, wait until you get around 45mph, then shift down to second. If your car only has 4 gears, shift down to 2 when you get around 40mph.
Submitted on March 01, 2003
Nitro Part
To obtain nitrous for the drag race you must be on a day ending in a 6 (26, 86, 236, etc). You must first lose a drag race at least one day before the day ending in a "6", or up to 3 days in advance (ends in "3").

Once you have lost, and it is a day ending in a "6", go to the used parts shop and the part will be all the way to the right under the "???". The part costs $1980 and you can only use it once (by pressing Y button) in a drag race.
Submitted by: Smoke on October 06, 2002
Super Racing Muffler
Clear the second season then race the hatchback event. If you raced the hatchback event before doing so, you may not perform this trick correctly.

After you clear the second season buy a Civic Type R 02 and fully modify the car. Race the hatchback event and come in first.
Submitted by: Smoke on October 06, 2002