Pirates of the Caribbean (Xbox) Cheats

Pirates of the Caribbean cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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best gun ship ever
To get the best gun ship you will need to steal it, when you sail to the last island you will be ambushed by a pirate fleet, sail to the English man-o-war (it will try to avoid getting close to you) make sure you have the ability 'Long range Boarding' and Board the ship, swap ships and crew. you will now have a 100 gun war ship. 950 crew men and a lot of room for cannon balls! try to Bord the sip from behind
Eazy Stuff
If you want lots of stuff like gold nuggets andd other cool stuff put on god mode. First steal from houses (there is at least one on every island). Then get on you ship and set sail go on to the map and get into battle with some pirates. after that board their ship and kill them all. You can get their ship and get the stuff inside the chests. (you will take no damage during this)
Lots of experience
To get more than 200 000 experience in a battle:
-Make sure you are in a low class ship. (i use the lugger cos its fast)
-Make sure you have a companion who is in a high class ship (class 1 or 2)
-go to the map and start a battle with someone (its best if you go for the french or the dutch cos they generally have the best ships)
-board their best ship(hopefully this will be a battleship, frigate or corvette)
-You will have to fight through many decks, sometimes it will be you by yourself against 4 people, so you may want to use the invincibility cheat
-once you have taken the ship, take whatever loot and crew you need, and LET THE SHIP YOU JUST TOOK SINK.
-when you go back to the sea, quickly use the board option again on the ship you just sunk. (very quickly, you only have 1 or 2 seconds before its gone)
-this time you will only have to fight a few people
-let it sink again
for each time you board the same ship, you will get a large amount of experience. sometimes if you're really quick you can board and sink the same ship 4 times!!
Money way
This is easier then the hire a guy for and make money, this is the system of Loaning money.
Go into loansharks office and loan money, there is ALWAYS a box or something you can open in the room. Put your money in there, and keep getting more. You can make 1 million gold in minutes doing that!

When i did that i bought every decent thing in the shops and 4 battleships with the best cannons!

Easter eggs

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cool swords
in redmond on your way to the church from govonors house wen you go through the wood gate/door there will be a few stairs leading to a door go through this door and you (if you went the right way) will see around you the redmond catacombs if you look around you will see a skeleton guy sitting down and he will be holding a red scotish broadsword

sword#2:you probably herd of this one but get in the stage hero and go to dowesen tavern there will be a guy whith a green shirt talk to him and he will tell you a pirate has his daughter @ the port a little work later and wen youre done getting daughter go back to the green shirt guy and talk to him and hell give you cool sword

last sword:@ oxbat faceing port water swim right and youll see cave go in explore and youll end up finding dragon toung sword in piller in main room were staircase is ... yeah i play this game ALOT.


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Easy Experience
To get some easy experience points simply do the following. First, when you level up, make sure you make STORM NAVIGATOR (or something like that) one of the abilities you pick, as this will reduce storm damage by 40% Then go find a storm. When you enter the storm lower your sails so they take less damage. The longer you stay in the storm, the more experience points you get. Also, if you make EXPERIENCE SHARE one of your abilities, then all of your officers will get experience points as well
Easy Tavern Money
when you lvl up put 1 point on luck then go into the tavern and look for someone that wants to play dice with you. If you have 1 point on luck you will win almost %90 of the time, even without a point of luck you will still get more money then you started of with.
EZ cash my way
This is long but is fun and after you are finished u can do this a lot.
First you'll need 2 cheats the 100,000 gold cheat and god mode cheat. After you get them ready you'll have to search for a battleship(200,000 dollors but real nice) there is one but hard 2 find. you'll also need a crap load of officers. Then you should get a good sword go to redmond dungeon and look for a skeleton on the ground do the take item command and you will get the highlander. Then find a pirate ship and board assign a captain and take cargo and repeat for a while then go to an island sell cargo and boat and you'll get a lot-o-money because you can do this all the time your at sea
Get 50 Skill Points
Hold the left trigger and press A B Y X Y B B Y B A to get 50 skill points instantly. You can enter this cheat as many times as you want.
Get Neutral reputation
During gameplay while on land press A ,X, Y, X, Y, B, B, Y, B, A

get paid 4 getting officers
When you hire officers, you can say that their price is too much. This lowers their price by 1,000 gold. If you continue talking to them and saying that their price is too much, the price will go into negetive numbers. When you hire in negetives, they pay you.
Money, Money, Money!
It isnt to difficult and some have probably already figured it out but if you go to a loanshark and borrow money and then put the money in a container in the room then ask for mor as many times as you want and when you money needs are fulfilled pay him the amount you borrowed so many times just once and your okay. Honestly how did these guys ever make money.
Officers pay YOU to work for you!
Thats right. When you find an officer in a tavern, you can reduce the amount he wants to nothing or even have him pay YOU to come work for you. Just keep refusing the officers offer and he will keep lowing the price. Soon, the price will go into the negative. When you have enough cash, then hire him and he will give you the money. Once I had oen to -35,000 gold and then messed up and hired him so thats the most I got to. This cheat works well if you want to sit and go through the process. Getting into a rythem helps.
Quick Money
Enter the the button combination A X Y B Y B X B B A while holding the left trigger during gameplay on land to get 100,000 gold. You can do this as many times as you want
Raise Reputation
On this page, you will see a cheat that allows you to get 100,000 gold. Keep doing that cheat until you have about 500,000. Then go to a church and talk to the priest. When you talk to him, tell him you want to make a donation and then select 5,000. If your reputation is neutral, it will take 2 or 3 donations to get yourself up to bloke. Then from bloke to matey, it will take 4 or 5 donations. If you keep doing this up until you get to hero, then everybody will deal with you.
Unlimited Experience
This is far along the english governors quest. In the quest called "get details from the governor" you will need to attack an english frigate protected by the fort in greenford. before you begin this mission turn god mode on (ayxxyybyxa) and then attack the frigate. after you have captured the frigate you can then start attacking the greenford fort, you will get 1000xp for each cannon destroyed and there are unlimited cannons to destroy. I racked up about 300,000xp in about an hour before I got bored. Its best to speed up the game and rotate side to side shooting from both sides of the ship with your sails up. one caveat is that all of your crew will be killed.
Unlock God Mode
To unlock god mode, during gameplay on land hold the left trigger and press A Y X X Y Y B Y X A. By unlocking God Mode you and your ship will become indestructible.