Phantom Crash Cheats

Phantom Crash cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.

Phantom Crash Tips

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My Scobee: Recomended for random battles
Well, this is a random battle scobee, but it handles good in hard situations! CAUTION: not reccomended for bosses such as Yuki. It's a Photon with a cat chip, a level 99 light machine gun for a right arm, a level 99 light slayer drill arm for a left arm, and two of the multiple missle launchers that can shoot up to 6 missles when lightened to level 99 light, and by the way, have them level 99 light. I don't really remember how I adjusted the legs and body, so adjust them to your liking. I remember I lightened the legs and made the body heavier, but thats all I know...
Submitted by: MegaGamer4321 on June 05, 2007

Phantom Crash Cheats

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Easy Money
If you're feeling your not earning cash fast enough, be sure to shoot all the barrels and vehicles. Check for other destructibles like crates and signs. You can close to $200,000 per match extra by doing this. Also be sure to hit the cars a second time, you can rack up double points on them if you shoot em again after the fires die out from the first blast. It's important to shoot the bigger targets before your computer opponents do if you want to cash in. They usually hit the larger vehicles in their own fights.
Submitted by: Gravity on July 16, 2003
Helpful Hints
At the screen where you can select where to go, rotate the "snowboarder" with the right thumbstick to earn 100NY. You can get up to 1,000NY this way (you can only get 1,000NY per day).

Every 6 days, starting with day 6 the three scoobee shops will have a better scoobee.

On day 55 there will be a special rumble that only drones can attend. You can attend it. Each drone is worth anywhere from 3,000NY to 10,000NY. (Its good to be greedy!)
Submitted by: MasterCheat on February 28, 2003
Upgrade your weapons and CHIP frequently at Plus Tech. Although it will decrease your ammo, it will in total cause more damage. DON'T however, upgrade a Gatling gun unless you can hit enemies really well. It runs out of ammo fast. Also be sure to use a weapon that doesn't use ammo, like: Aeron: a27 Chainsaw, Drill; Photon: Knife, Gauntlet; Holy*: Penetrate Staff, Penetrate Ecrutek.
*{NOTE}: Holys do not have 6 legged modules or 6 -wheeled modules. Only Hover, 2 legs, 4legs, 2 wheeled and 4 wheeled.
Submitted by: MasterCheat on March 01, 2003
Two cheats
Better mechs:
The Scobee companies will have a special mech with better weapons available on days that are a multiple of six. For example, Day 6, 12, 18 through 60.

Successfully complete the game to get a "Clear" saved game. A special mech will appear on days that are a prime number.

Skip intermission sequences:
Hold L + R + click Left Analog-stick + click Right Analog-stick during an intermission sequence.

A once a day 1,000 Neo Yen
Put your figurine on top of any icon and spin the right thumbstick. Your Neo Yen will go up by 100 every 360(You can only do this once a day).
Submitted by: ablinjin on March 12, 2005
Unlock extra Scoobees
To unlock the Tolomeo, TolomeoR and Chagra type SVs in the Wild Machines used SV area on prime number days (7, 11, etc.), defeat Yuki in one of the three First Ranker matches. This will also give your game save ''Clear'' status.
Submitted by: Super Vegeta on December 28, 2004
All enemies have 1 weakness: They are easily destroyed by aiming for the back. Attacking one head on (especially a tough one like Roy) does less damage than from behind. Suggestion: Sneak up behind them and use your strongest weapon right on their back.
Submitted by: MasterCheat on May 14, 2003