Outrun 2 Cheats

Outrun 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.

Outrun 2 Tips

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Dancing flag man
Remain idle and watch the flag man at the start of a race. He will begin to dance, and do the moonwalk.
Submitted by: jespomo on March 03, 2005

Outrun 2 Cheats

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TIMELESS All bonus tracks
THEJOURNEY All missions
DESREVER All reversed tracks
BIRTHDAY Unlock All Cards
NINETEEN86 Unlocks original OutRun arcade game
Submitted by: Super Vegeta on December 28, 2004
Splash Wave - Euro Remix (song)

Clear all Stage 0 Missions

Palm Beach - Reversed (track)
Magical Sound Shower (song)
Ferrari 288 GTO (car)

Clear all Stage 1 Missions

DeepLake - Reversed (track)
Passing Breeze - Euro Remix (song)
Ferrari Testarossa (car)

Clear all Stage 2 Missions

Alpine - Reversed (track)
Splash Wave - 1986 (song)
Ferrari F40 (car)

Clear all Stage 3 Missions

Castle Wall - Reversed (track)
Magical Sound Shower - 1986 (song)
Bonus Stage 1 (track)

Clear all Stage 4 Missions

Desert - Reversed (track)
Risky Ride - Guitar Mix (song)
Bonus Stage 2 (track)

Clear all Stage 6 Missions

Cloudy Highland - Reversed (track)
Shiny World - Prototype (song)
Ferrari 328 GTS (car)

Clear all Stage 7 Missions
Submitted by: Marcelo Redfield on September 24, 2004