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Sadamitsu's third weapon (Black Wings)
Complete stage 20 in 2.5 minutes

Sadamitsu's second weapon (Shrieking Blossom) Complete Havoc Mission 4

Tsuna's third weapon (Wrath)
Purify both Centipede Demons in Stage 22

Tsuna's second weapon (Thunder)
Complete stage as Tsuna

Kintoki's third weapon (Red Lotus)
Complete Havoc Mission 12

Kintoki's second weapon (Blazing Axe)
Complete stage 8 as Kintoki

Raikoh's fourth weapon (Moonlight Sword)
Buy it from the shop during 2nd play for 317,000 gold. This is THE most powerful weapon in the game

Raikoh's third weapon (Falling Star)
Complete Havoc Mission 17

Raikoh's second weapon (Divine Blade)
Complete stage 14 as Raikoh

Suetake's second weapon (Eight Truths)
Complete Havoc Mission 7

Suetake's third weapon (Divine Punishment) Complete Havoc Mission 13

Seimei's second weapon (Twin Dragons)
Complete stage as Seimei
Verified by: adribee Submitted by: Ever Faith on November 07, 2004