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6th sense
If your having trouble getting ambushed and stuff, then simply press the white button everytime you start playing (it resets it if you turn your xbox off) what this does is it brings up the karma counter down the left hand side. whenever enemys appear red layers will appear under the blue one which show your kills and score for that battle, when they appear you know some enemies are about to attack you and you can get ready to block and attack.
Alternate Costume
Complete the game on normal or hard difficulty. Then hold L while selecting the "New Game" option at the opening menu to wear the Ninja Of The Future costume.
Armlets & items given back
After you have beaten the game the first time that you give Muramasa a golden scarab it gives you credit for all the ones from the first time that you beat it. So on the new game you get all the items and armlets that he gave you the first time around. Real fun to regenerate right away. Plus you don't have to buy the def. or atk. armlet unless you like them.
Classic Games Menu
To be able to access the classic NES games from the main menu, simply complete the game with one (or more) of the NES games in your inventory.
Dark Dragon Blade
Start a new game with an already completed save file. Go to Muramasa's shop in Chapter 13 to find the Blade.
Dealing with the fish
You notice how hard it is to kill those goes ghost rite well i think I've found an easier way. During chapter 14 you have just a short time before you have to fight the ghost lookin Doku you must get the lioness key. On your way there u get attacked by the fish so wut u should do is jump while in the air and press X, continue to do that and should get there in no time, the only down side two that is that you got the school of fish tailing u the whole time.(Make sure before u do this u have the Art of Fire wheel equipped so u dont get eaten to death)
Defeat the Bone Dragon
Ok, this has to be the easiest boss so far. I know what you're thinking: "This thing is HUGE! How in the world am I ever going to be able to defeat it?" Well, luckily, it's not really that hard, if you know how to beat him.
So... Here's how.
1. Attack it's legs, use Ninpo, but don't use it all on 1 leg, save it until the last 2 legs.
2. Avoid it's tail, biting and claw swiping attacks. It'll throw bones at you, too, but they don't do much damage at all.
3. Jump towards it's legs and press the "Y" button, it should do a good deal of damage if repeated many times.
And there you go, a basic way to defeat the Bone Dragon in chapter 6. ( After defeated, look around, there will be a glowing blue thing on the ground, pick it up, it'll be a Lives of a Thousand Gods, VERY helpful! )
Defeating the Lava Dragon easier
When the battle starts equip the Armlet of Tranquility and you hopefully Lv3 Dihalbro sword, hop in the lava with the dragon and start to beat on im from underneath, he should go down in a minute or so.
Don't get hurt from the incendiary shurikens.
If you get hit with one of the incendiary shurikens there is a time certain limit before they explode. Right when the explosion occurs press start. Press start to go back to the game and if you timed it out right then you will see the explosion but none of your health will be lost.
Easy Money
There are many locations to repeatedly kill enemies for their yellow essence which translates into at least 100 G. One such place if you want to stock up or need extra money for upgrades is on Level 4. The stairway across from the shop has 3 ninjas. You can kill them and go back to the bottom of the stairs, only to turn around and fight them as many times as you want. This is a very convenient location since the shop is close by. This also works for the enemies on the roof past the stairs, but for speed it's pretty quick to wall slash the enemies. Beware though. It's not necessary to get everything available at this time, and if you stick around too long, your rating for the level will go down to Ninja Dog! Also, beware that if you do a lot of 'saving' money, make sure you save your game progress as well.
Easy Money II
Credit: MarioMaster02

Tip works better with a fully upgraded Vigorian Flails and an Amulet of Benediction equipped. But can be performed with any weapon with a max essence attack.

Find an area where there are alot of bats. Kill two of them, and hold Y to absorb their essence for a max essence attack. Hold it in until a good number of bats are surrounding you, and then unleash your Max Essence attack. Pick up the huge essence you get from them, and if there are still more bats, kill 2 more and repeat. When there are no bats left in the area. Leave that area, and come back to respawn the bats. Then repeat the process.

Depending on how many bats are in that area and if you have the Amulet of Benediction, you can get anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 yellow essence each time the bats spawn.

Some notable areas to use this tip at:

Chapter 10 there is a tall shaft you fall down with alot of bats. Shaft is near the area where you fought the Twin Electric Eels.

Chapter 12, the cave that is behind the waterfall has a mess of bats. Waterfall cave is right before the Ice Cavern.
Easy Money III
On Chapter 8 (Tarion Under Alert) go to Pleasure Street (Hans Bar). They should be three soliders there (one RPG and two infatry). Fight them and gain their essence. After that, go to the alley and wall run up to the Silver X to replenish your health and Ninpo. Then go into Hans Bar and out and the solidrs will be back. Then just keep repeating the process over and over again.
Easy way to defeat Murai
You can't really attack head-on, so go to one of the walls and face the wall and wait for Murai to get close. Then do a wall run straight up the wall by pressing A and then holding up on the analog stick. once you are above his head press A to jump off there and press X to deliver an attack to Murai. Then as soon as you reach the ground roll away. This won't always hit Murai, he will dodge it sometimes, thius attack will work 70% of the time. Keep repeating this process for an easy win.
Extra Essence in Chapter 4.
Ok, this requires the Nunchaku, if you don't have them, go to the Clock Tower Plaza and pick them up off of a dead Ninja.
Ok, go into the shop and buy 2-3 Healing Potions.
If this is the first time you've visited the shop, when you go near the staircase, it will be blocked off, and yes, you guessed it, 3-4 Ninjas will come out of nowhere, trying to kill you.
These guys are easy, just jump towards them and hit "Y" (You need your Dragon Sword for this, so if you don't have it equipped, equip it)
Once you kill them, the stairs will be re-opened. Go up there (Equip the Nunchaku) and you will have to fight 3 Ninjas (2 in white, 1 in black) Just repeatedly tap "X" and you should kill them easily. (I don't know why, but it seems that if you kill things with the "X" button, you seem to get more essence)
Go down the stairs until you are out of that place, go back up the stairs, kill the Ninjas with the "X" button (With Nunchaku) and Repeat. That's really all you have to do, and I made over 7,000 to 9,000 essence playing for about 15 minutes!!!
Extra Essence in Chapter 6
Do you hate those swarming bats as much as I do? Well, now it's time to put them to good use.
On Chapter 6, right before you fight the Bone Dragon, right after the save point, there is a shaft (I think that's what it is, anyways) and there is a ton of bats. Here's where you can get a lot of essence.
Kill off two or three bats, but don't collect the essence, instead hold down Y (Or whatever you have set for a "Special Attack") and wait, patience is the key here. And when you have most or all of the bats surrounding you, release the Y button. You should do an amazing combo attack and when you are done, you are left with 3 times the amount of essence then if you would have done without it. You get about 1,000 essence per time doing this. (I made 30,000 playing for about 30 minutes, starting off without that much essence at all!)
get an extra life of a 1000 gods
In the beginning of chapter 12 go across the great bridge and fiends will appear, 3 at a time. they seem to reappear endlessly. If you keep fighting them without reloading the area or dying eventually a cutscene start up showing a chest coming out of the ground at the base of the stairs of the Imperial Palace. Kill the last of the fiends and they will no longer regenerate unless you reload the area from a door or jump over the fallen tree. In the chest is Life of A Thousand Gods which allows you to increase your max health.
get lots of money
This can be done any where there is enemies that respawn. On the entrance to the magma caves there is a demon in the lava if you keep going through the ice cave and back to the magma cave he respawns. Arm yourself with the big blade (diablo I think?) and keep going to the edge and hacking at him. You get about 1500 essance each time. I did this until I got the max of 99999 and that should last you the rest of the game to buy healing and demon spirit exlixers. Its time consuming but it makes the last few levels ALOT easier.

*Edit* Using Nunchakus can help you earn even more faster if can time it to get your hit counter up.
get money really easy
once you reach the inperial stairs go through the gate at the top and there will be a huge bunch of ghost fish use the lightning nimpo and it will kill HEAPS, then grab the essence wuickly and u should get at least one red essence then do the nimpo again, repeat this until all the fish are dead then go through the door u came out of and go back, all the fish should have returned, kill them the same way and repeat each time you do this it will get u about 3000 dollars depending if u have the armlet of benediction
Hidden "Life of a thousand Gods"
There are a few places to find extra "life of a thousand Gods" only that you have to be up for the challenge. Here are the places were you have to fight your way before getting "Life of a thousand Gods". Note: if you are playing the game on very hard mode, the total of fiends you are expected to kill is 100.

1. Lives of the Thousand Gods - Okay, here's another "Kill 60 enemies" item. Go
back into the church and take the passage in the alter down back to the
Underground Cemetery. Go all the way down to the Ritual Room, which is where
you obtained the Holy Grail. You will be accosted by 60 Zombies.

1. Lives of the Thousand Gods - In the Peristyle Passage, there will be an almost
never-ending stream of fiends attacking you. If you kill all 60 fiends, a chest
will appear with a Lives of the Thousand Gods.

1. After
finishing the lever puzzle, three red lizard fiends (the kind you fought at the
end of Chapter 5) spring up from the ground. They, of course, replenish, and
after you defeat 60 of them, a chest will appear.

2. After continuing on after lever puzzle area, you
will now be in Zarkhan. Continuing along the path northeast you will be
accosted by an almost never-ending flow of lesser-fiends. After defeating all
60, a chest will appear with a Lives of the Thousand Gods.


1. After you've activated the portals and have spoken to Marumasa, check the Great Bridge area for an open portal and there you can fight your way through 12 Black Laser fiends and 48 pink fiends for lifes of a thousand Gods.
Infinite Yellow Essence 4 & True Wooden Sword
In the aquaducts, there is a small square elevator that takes you to a room with 60 bugs in it. Equip the weapon you are most familiar with (I prefer the Vigoorian Flails @ level 2 for speed or the Wooden Sword @ level 10 (Isn't it called Unchallenged Flawlessness or similar... anyway, its the most powerful weapon in the game, IMHO.) If you have it, equip the Armlet of Benediction (increases yellow essence absorption.) Finally, make sure the enemy counter (press the white button) shows.

Now, execute your most powerful combos until you have two yellow essence or a blue essence in front of you - absorb the essence and execute your maxed out combo. I really recommend the two weapons listed above, because they have area clearing abilities. Anyway, collect some of the essences until you have only two yellow / one blue left (this takes timing, it is way too easy to absorb them all...) Now absorb these essences, and repeat the process.

(Note: Why not absorb the red essences? Because ninpo (particularly inferno) is VERY potent against these bugs, at level 3 capable of killing everything that touches it. So use the ninpo instead of absorbing them if you want serious yellow gain.)

As the above mentions, every time you get hit and lose your charge, just use a ninpo to clear the screen, get more essence, and continue wreaking havok. Ultimately, you'll notice that you've killed about 55 or so - collect any remaining essence, and flee to the elevator. DO NOT KILL ALL THE BUGS! Use the save point located a few yards away (by the Chamber of Balance.) Now, return the the elevator and mash the bugs some more! Keep this up and you'll be very happy! I know that I was earning about 15000 yellow essence each visit.

When you run out of healing potions, there is a shop up by the Blue Water Reservoir. Go there, buy everything you ever wanted, and then return to the elevator. Keep this up - it took me only about an hour to have every item and 99999 essence - and that includes leveling up all weapons (including... I'll get to that.)

Which weapon should you use, in my opinion? Like I said, the Flails have a really good area hit (just rotate the L-stick to aim at different bugs.) But level up your Wooden Sword (it'll cost a LOT - about 95000 essence... 10 levels takes a lot of yellow.) The reason I recommend the Unlabored Flawlessness (that's the name!) is because of it - actually, two reasons. 1) Two hits, the bugs are dead. It is also the only heavy weapon that can use the Izuma Drop (knock into the air, hit hit hit, slam them into the ground - this thing is perfect against fiends.) 2) It's full essence technique is reminescent of the Inferno ninpo at level 3 - yeah, that powerful. All in all, it is the best weapon in the game, except against those aggravating little flying fish ghosts.

Hope this helps!
Jewel of Demon Seal
When you're in the lower level of the Pyramid, before chapter 14 you can get a Jewel of Demon Seal. To do this, equip "Fire Wheels" and walk up to the Altar. It will activate the Altar and give you a Jewel of Demon Seal.
Knockin down that pesky Holy Vigoor Emperor II's health without ninpo.
Arrows will totally own this guy. Just do precision aiming, and aim for the TOP head( the one with the horns) his health will drop substantially.
On chapter twelve, there's a cauldren of magma. It says something like "It's to hot to" (that's only part of it). It should be "It's TOO hot to".They made a mistake.
Money Pool
In the level where you chase spirit Doku, in the area where you first meet phanton pirahnas,, whip out the viggorian flails and:
Do combo --> XX->XXXXX
Then do Vigoorian flails ultimate technique lvl 2
Then reapat pattern
New Costume & Plasma Saber 2
Beat game on Very Hard difficulty.
New costume and Plasma Saber
Beat the game on Normal to unlock a new costume and plasma saber. To use the new costume, hold down the LEFT TRIGGER and select New Game.
Play As Fiend Ryu
To unlock this costume you first must complete the game in Very Hard Mode. Then when picking a new game, hold the right trigger. When the game starts you'll be in that form after the second fight with Doku.
Tentacle Fiends
There are 2 of these throughout the game of Ninja Gaiden. They really aren't that bad, once you know how to defeat them.

Keep doing Flying Swallow attack (If your Dragon sword is a level 2, if not, this fight will be difficult) until BOTH of it's tentacles are cut off. It will open it's head once you have both tentacles cut off.
This is the time to break out some serious damage. Keep doing Flying Swallow until it closes it's head and re-grows it's tentacles.
If you did it right, the Fiend should have only about 1/2 it's health left.

Keep in mind, that, yes, there is another one in the 6th or 7th chapter. Just use the same moves until it's defeated.

Hope this helps <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Unlock Evil Ryu
Complete the game on Very Hard Mode to unlock this outfit. Note: It is similar to the outfit on chapter 15 only that you get to wear it throughout the game.
Unlock Movie Gallery
Complete the game once fully on any difficulty mode to unlock the Movie Gallery. This allows you to watch the FMVs in the game.
Unlock Ninja Gaiden (NES)
Collect all 50 Golden Scarabs in the game.
Very Hard Mode
Complete the game once fully on any difficulty mode to unlock Very Hard Mode.
Ok, if you're a first-time player you'll probably think what I did when the cut-scene appears...
"Ohh... No!!!"
Well, it isn't all that bad, trust me <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

The only thing that these guys have over you is sheer numbers.
They're big, slow, and have damaging attacks, but that's nothing to worry about.
First thing you wanna do, KILL OFF THE ARCHERS!! They will throw off your attacks and make fighting these things even worse...
Once you have the archers dead, CUT OFF THE HEADS AND ARMS OF THE NORMAL ONES!! They won't be able to attack as well without their heads and arms.
They will come back a few times (Until your kill count reaches 15) then the door will unlock.
Kill archers first
Cut off the normal ones' head and arm that isn't holding a weapon (Helmet Splitter move will take off their arms, Flying Swallow can take off their heads, but it may take a couple of tries)

Hope this helps <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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codes for classic ninja gaiden
act 1:LXAYAX
act 2:AXXRYA
act 3:XYBLRX
act 4:BRABYY
act 5:XAYXLL
act 6:RYRLAX
codes for classic ninja gaiden
act 1:LXAYAX
act 2:AXXRYA
act 3:XYBLRX
act 4:BRABYY
act 5:XAYXLL
act 6:RYRLAX
ninja gaiden the original
too unlock classic ninja gaiden get 50 golden scarabs and buy it from muramasa's shop then go to the arcade on the first floor of han's bar. beat the game to play it anytime

In the level where u are in the aquaduct, there is a long passage. There is a huge door on one end (insect door) and on each side of the passage is a door (one into another room, the other goes to a shop and blue tablet resevoir, which comes in handy). You will find that there is heaps of ghouls that respawn when u exit and re-enter the room.
You should have Dabilahro at that point. Continuously use counter attacks on the ghouls to kill them. (lvl 1/2=2 counters to kill.Lvl 3=1 counter to kill) When u kill them all u should have got at least 600 essence. Exit and re-enter and kill them again. when you have enough money, go in one of the doors in the passage and u will find a shop. Pretty useful, huh!
If u don't think this is any good, I got Dabilahro leveled to lvl 3
(20 000)+vigoor flail lvl 2 (25 000)+2 armlets (35 000)+wooden sword 5lvls up (103 000).I raised a total of 103 000 yellow essence just countering ghouls. Good luck.
An awesome (and powerful) combo
Run up a wall, and just as you reach the top, hit "A" and then "Y" you should do an amazing combo. This is very good when dealing normal ememies and some bosses.

I hope this helps!
Breathe Underwater
Approach a large body of water and just as you hit it tap A to run on the water. Keep running until you hit a wall and start sinking slowly. Eventually you will hit the bottom and if you keep running you will be able to breathe underwater.
Hurricane Pack Vol. 1 Cheats
Evil Ryu Costume: Hold BLACK and press Start on Master Ninja Tournament at the main screen.

DOA Ninja Costume: Hold WHITE and press Start on Master Ninja Tournament at the main screen.
Keeping The Blue Outfit
To keep the blue outfit that Ryu first starts out in, hold in both triggers when selecting a New Game.
Life of a Thousand Gods
After you beat the bone dragon he will drop a shining thing. It will be a Life Of A Thousand Gods
Original Blue Ninja Costume
To keep the costume you go to the main menu highlight New Game, hold Left Trigger + Right Trigger and press A
Play Japanese Versions of Classic Ninja Gaiden
Put the Text and Subtitles to Japanese from the Options menu, and you can play the Japanese versions of the first 3 classic Ninja Gaiden games "Ninja Ryukenden"
Skip to Final Boss on level 16
On level 16, get to the boss, and lose to him. Now, continue, and get to the Dark Dragon Blade. During the cutscene when you get it, press start, and the cutscene where you go to the final boss will play.
Unlock Ninja Gaiden 2 for the NES
First, unlock Ninja Gaiden, then shoot the clock face in Tairon.
Unlock Ninja Gaiden 3 for the NES
You first need to unlock Ninja Gaiden 2. Go to the peristyle passage in the Aquaducts, then bird flip all the way to the top. You'll see a chest containing Ninja Gaiden 3.