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Good Players for lower cost
All you have to do is this:
-Make some custom players
-Make a team in create using all ur custom people
-Go into the NHL Dynasty mode and use ur custom team
-choose the type of manager style they suggest(you should have 2 upgrade points available)
-upgrade the thing that decreases the cost of players
-release ur custom players into the free agency
-go to free agency and offer the custom players a contract
-make them an offer below what they want(NOTE: you have to make sure ur not offering less then you can get away with...If you have 2 stars offer them 18 % less then they want not 20% for they might not accept)
-there that is it have fun and sometimes you have to hire guys temporaraly so that you can release the guys you want to keep.

*After a few tries you will know what i mean and how to do it good luck and have fun