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Need For Speed Underground (Xbox) Cheats

Need For Speed Underground cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Drifting Help
When in a drifting race try to slide right next to the edges because if you haven't noticed, your score will go orange when near an edge thus making your score go higher. Make sure you go close but at a good distance at the same time so you can easily get into another drift and not crash. Just remember to try your best to keep to the edges and link your tricks. Points will be easy to get then.
Money Mayhem
Play through Mode as you would usually do, unlocking a good amount of cars and performance parts. This is just your initial investment (or 'seed money') for the trick.
Save the game. Then buy and modify the VW Golf to the maximum and trade the Honda S2000 for a gain of about $1,500. The take the Honda to the garage and demodify it (strip the parts) and trade the Honda for a skiline (and a loss of about $3,000). With the skiline, you can now trade for the VW Golf for a gain of about $10,000. You can repeat this car laundering until you have enugh cash for your dream machine.
Style Points
An easy way to get alot of style points is to unlock all the drift courses. Pick and master your favorite course, set it for 10 laps and do your best. It should help to fill your gauge up if your car is 2 stars or higher and get more vinyls.


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All Drag Tracks
Press Right, X, Left, R, X, L, White, Black at the Main Menu
All Drift Tracks
Press Left(4), Right, Black, R, Right at the Main Menu
All Sprint Tracks
Press Up, Black(3), R, Down(3) at Main Menu
Get the Lost Prophets Car
Go to the Main Menu and press Up, Up, Up, Right, Down, Down, Up, Right.