NFL Street 2 (Xbox) Cheats

NFL Street 2 cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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AFC East all stars
Enter EAASFSCT as a code to get the AFC East all stars.
AFC North all stars
Enter NAOFRCTH to get the AFC North all stars.
AFC South all stars
Enter SAOFUCTH to get the AFC South all stars.
Afc West all stars
Enter WAEFCST as a code to get the AFC west all stars
Enter EAFIELD to get the EAFIELD.
Enter Gluehands as a code
Enter Gluehands as a code to make all fumbles 0% chance, except for in fumble mode.
Extra points
Have a saved game of, Madden 2005, Need for Speed Underground 2, NFL Street, or Ssx3 to get 25,000 bonus points, per game save. (Needed at power-up.)
NFC East all stars
Enter NNOFRCTH to get the NFC East all stars.
NFC South all stars
Enter SNOFUCTH to get the NFC South all stars.
NFC West all stars
Enter ENASFSCT to get the NFC West all stars.
Enter REEBOK to get team REEBOK.
Team Xzibit
Complete the tutorials to unlock team Xzibit.
Unlimted Turbo
Use Nozboost as a code in game options.