MX Unleashed (Xbox) Cheats

MX Unleashed cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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All bonusus,cars,trucks, planes,etc
At the cheat menu type in CLAPPEDOUT in the completion career.
All Codes
BIGDOGS - 500cc bikes
BUSTBIG - Freestyle tracks
ECONATION - National tracks
MINIGAMES - Unlock all machines
SQUIRRELDOG - 50cc Bikes
STUPERCROSS - Supercross tracks
SWAPPIN - Pro Physics
Misc. Unlockables
500cc 4-Stroke Bikes Beat all 250cc Career races in first place

50cc Bikes Beat all 125 cc career races in first place

Expert A.I. Achieve World Ranking #1 in Career Mode

Pro Physics Achieve World Ranking #1 in Career Mode
Play Demo Track
If you leave the game at the title screen for three minutes, a demo race will start. You can join the race by pressing X.
rigor mortis
The Rigor mortis is a good point trick.To do the rigor mortis you need some speed and air (try preeloading your suspention)code:B+Y,Rtrigger down