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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind G.O.T.Y. cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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10000 gold weapon
Ok first go to Tel Mora by boat. Find the shop Pot and Plaster which is at the end of town. Go in and theres a man behind the bar.Continue and go down the stairs.There are some tapestries hanging from the ceiling go behind them and you'll drop behind the stairs. If you look below you there are some bottles and some gold pieces.Make sure your not to far down in the hole but not too far up either.Steal a bottle or a piece of gold. Then the guy from the bar will try to kill you. But if your in the right spot in the hole you can hit him and he can't hit you he will just hit above your head,once you've killed him you jump out of the hole and go right in front of the lady and steal something from a box. She will come after you so run and jump into the hole and you can do the same with her.Once she is dead you can take her weapon which is a Demon Katana worth 10,000 gp. And after all of this you will still only have the bounty from what you stole,so steal cheap.
5,000 to 5,000,000 easily
First you go to Creeper in Caldera (He's the scamp who lives inside Ghorak Manor, 2nd Floor) and sell your 5,000 Gold for his 5,000 Gold. This will use up his gold for the day, so sleep for 24 hours and return back to Creeper and do this over and over. if you do this repeatedly he will eventually have millions of dollars. when you reach the desired amount of money you want kill Creeper, loot his body and you will find all the gold that you've sold him. I did this until i had 27,000,000 septims. a lot of money
A good start
When you start in the game your on the ship then you go to the cencus office right? Well after youv'e finished talking to the man and got your release form go over to the bookshelf next to the table your at.In about the middle shelf there's a big limeware platter worth 650 gp.Pick it up then quickly press B.In your inventory drop the platter. Go back to the game and wait for the gaurd to come.He will say "What are you doing,we will lets actions go this time but you will be punished if you do this when you're released"or something like that.If you don't drop it he will take it from you.

When you are going out the door take EVERTHING from the room.

Once outside coming out of the census office door there is a barrel next to the door going to the next section of the census office. Inside the barrel there is a engraved ring of healing.
Pick it up.

After you talk to the guy in the next section and gone to seyda neen for the first time go talk to Fargoth.He will be walking around like the other citizens outside. He will say something about a ring(The engraved ring of healing you found earlier).Select ring from the list and he will ask if you found the ring.Give it to him.Don't worry you'll get the ring back later.

Go to arilles tradehouse and go upstairs,there is a man at the top of the stairs.He will want you to do work for him.He wants you to help him find Fargoths hiding place.Accept.Wait or sleep or something until night.Then stakeout from the top of the lighthouse.You'll see fargoth sneaking to the little bog thing.He hides his stuff in the big hollow tree stump in the bog thing. In the tree stump there is the 300 gp he owes,a lockpick,and the engraved ring of healing.But don't go to the guy to give him the gold just keep it because he will only give you 100 gp.
To raise your acrobatics faster, jumping wherever you go is good. But it is more effective to jump off of higher ledges, but don't kill yourself!
Air support
I have already listed how to make minions and innocents you escort invincible by changing the ratio of the attribute booster spells listed by other contributors. One advantage to one of the possible booster spell combos you can cast on a perma-summon is, surprisingly enough, levitate. If you create a spell of 'levitate 100-100 for 4 seconds on touch' coupled with 'soultrap for 2 seconds on target' and cast it at the ground between you and one of your summons that casts magickal attacks ( my fav to use is the Flame Atranoch) when you are on top of a hill or mountain, he will will stay at the same height following you like he's walking on glass. (The AI program for summons that don't normally fly doesn't compensate for vertical movement changes) He will stroll across the sky behind you even when you go down a hill and are way lower than he is. If you encounter an enemy he will start raining fireballs down on them. It's really kewl when cliff racers attack because if you look up at them and he is really high up there behind them, you can watch him bombarding them. It goes without saying that you want to watch from a little distance from your attacker because there is serious splash damage from the spells Atranochs fling. enjoy ;p)
Alchemy Abuse :
In order to do this cheat you will have to have at least 1000 Gold, access to Mournhold, and an alchemy set. Go talk to the lady in front of the temple in Mournhold. Buy 10 Netch Leather and 10 Bloat from her and repeat untill you have atleast 100 of both items. Now use alchemy to make 10 potions out of the 2 items. They should be Intelligence Potions. Now drink the potions and exit the menu just long enough for the spell to take effect. Now re-enter the menu and repeat until you have the last 10 potions you can make with your supplies. You can sell these potions for a very high price or use them later in order to repeat the above steps an make more powerful potions. Eventually you will have a high enough Intelligence to make very powerful, longlasting potions.
Any Main Stat Up Easy
Okay if you such as strength and speed up you have to have these first. A spell with Fortify Attribute and Soultrap.

Go to a Spell maker and type this in.

1. Fortify Attribute
2. Choose your Attribute to select.
3. Make magnitude 9 to 9 and 2 Seconds on self
4. Then go to Soultrap Target for 2 seconds.
5. Buy that spell
6. Select the spell and aim down all the way at your feet.
7. Do the spell and if it works go to your stats menu and look at your strength if it was 60 it'll be 69 and it'll stay that way! Even if you save.

(You can also do this with feather.)

any thing
(if you need any info on how to get anything in the game send me a message.)

anyway this is not a cheat really but if your a person going around killing every one you better be careful cause you can get a death warrant. you can still go to the thieves guild and get the bounty gon but the death warrant will stay in every town except alda ruun. for some reason they don't care if you have a death warrant or not but if you do a crime there they will only want you to pay the fine.
Avoid Annoying incounters in Mournhold
Do not tuant the guards of Amalexia and kill them. One reason why they attack you when you go in to certain bulidings, also they regenerate every time you load a game. they are not hard to kill but they just get annoying.
become a citizen of ald ruhn
Ok go to ald ruhn somwhere around the village there will be this wood elf she will tell you a promise and keep the promise then you will be a citizen of ald ruhn.
become a werewolf without disease
at the end of the bloodmoon main quest, you go through a maze. Heartfang from skaal is in it. When you find this empty chest, he turns on you, becoming a werewolf at will. if you kill him, you get hircine's ring, turning you at will, and doesn't require a death every night, but you still have to wait or sleep 9 hours until you turn back human.
Become the Archmage in Vvardenfell
first off join mages guild(easy) the do a few missions and colect ur junk from doin them. Now take ur clothes off (in the game) and teleport to the main mages guild in vivec of something. go talk to the archmage (still naked) and most likely he will say oh u think u r so good meet me at the arena and i will show u blah blah so u kill him and u become the archmage easy. just make sure u r good in archery he has levitate potions and spells.
Boots of blinding speed not so blinding
once you get the boots of blinding speed they blind you when you put them on.<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/sad.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> A easy way to stop the blinding but keep the speed is to go to the cavern of the incarnate where The moon and star ring is. To find it you must go to Nchuleft ruin. Then go northwest to find a large, odd marked door. Sleep till 6 p.m. and then you can enter. You will find a statue of Azura with a floating ring in its hand. It is Lord Nerevar's ring. take it and azura will say something. anyway After Azura tells you this, walk around the statue. The ancestral ghosts will tell you their story that they were chosen to be named Nerervine, but found out they were not the one. After their sad story, they will give you presents.<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> these when you put them on except the boots and weapons will allow you to where the boots of blinding speed with out the blinding part of it but keep the speed. NOTE:You can do this anytime during the game.even going into the cavern
carry as much as you want
If you want to carry as much as you want with-out getting over encumberced all you have to do is this......join the mages guild and look for a person that sells you the spell feather(dosent matter how powerful).feather depending on how ever many points makes the stuff ur carrying lighter. Buy soultrap now when you've bought that go to a spellmaker and add feather 100pts to 100pts on self duration 1 sec and soultrap on target (dont do anything else but put it on target and buy it then make your self as heavy as possible then cast the spell and the soultrap makes it a constant effect so you recast the spell so many times that you become weightless!!!

Also to jump as high as you want spellmake a jumping spell to 100 to 100 pts and for 2 secs on self then cast it and jump(i'd advise not putting a constant effect on unless you have a powerful slow fall spell. Try the constant effect with bound items or summons.
Chieftain of hirsk :
ok after the first couple werewolf attacks if you go to thirsk you will find out that the chieftain has died and thirsk will be closed talk to the chick inside and she will say if you can get the ucalottwes heart you can becaome the new leader at thirsk he is pretty easy to beat although my character was at level 63 (no cheating) so anyways beat him take his heart and also on him is the most interesting weapon in the game im pretty sure it was called severed nord's leg. but anyways go back to the chick give her the heart and she will say to go to hrothmuunds bane and go to some cave at the eye of the wolf when you get there a riddle comes up and asks you to say what the name is and I can't remember so save and if wrong try again cause if wrong you can never bet into that cave again so go in cave touch the axe it says your worthy go back to Thirsk and now you are the chieftain you can order mead sell it and collect profits every week you can also send out hunters in the wild to kill snow bear and snow wolves and they give you the pelts .
constant speed bootz and random stuff
alrighty then, go to solstheim and start doin the main quests not colony ones, and go through a few of em until the shaman os skaal asks you to meet him at the lake go there but then go to thirsk, its screwed over go in and the cheif is dead take his boots (constant effect speed and athletics) then you can either leave or become cheif ( you get wolf and bear pelts and money and crap) then youve got sick boots are the cheiften of nords and get a sort of ok sword in your room (i got deadric crescent, no cheating) then evry week collect rhe mead hall profits plus get discounts at the armoerer guy outside!! so now you are a bit faster to do the swim down to aeslip. PS i found some guys body and a sic staff at the bottom of the lake, the body has a note on it that tells about the FAlmer(snow elves) helmet getting stolen over and out
Daedric Stuff Made Easy.
The easiest way to aquire Daedric armor is to do the following.

Steal everything to make money. Sell it to one certain seller. Disposition above 90 preferrable.
As you aquire the funds, invest them into your major and minor skills. With less than 2hundred thousand gold, you could easily climb to level 25-30 or so. Use a grand soul gem, buy summon Golden Saint scrolls, cast soultrap on Golden Saint and kill it. (keep in mind that the Golden Saint and Ascended Sleeper hold the highest soul charge with 400. This is also the only way to enchant with constant effect. Nothing else will do for constant effect. The Winged Twilight follows closely behind with a 300 soul charge but will NOT grant you a constant effect. Enchant to your discretion whatever you think will help you fight a lvl 40 Wizard with heavy armor on.

Complete the mainquest only until Divayth Fyr has out lived his usefulness. (I believe it´s the "Corpus Cure" quest). Buff yourself to take lots of magical damage, he uses summon spells and a paralize/damage health enchanted dagger or short sword. (I put absorb health 36points on a Daedric Dai-Katana. He resists any defensive spell such as paralize, poison, blind, and bound, you get the picture. He is a master Wizard. You have to hit him hard with offensive tactics. Summon a lot of buddies and buff yourself to take a beating and go for it. If you kill him, you will get an entire suit of Daedric armor, the means to go up against a Dramora for the pleasure of owning the Daedric artifact weapon Daedric Cresent, AND some incredible loot. (minus a helm.) Which you can find Two Daedric Helms as Ghostgate (left enterence), on one guy in glass armor and a chick in the tower section. (Terror and Inspiration) Both are easy to kill at lvl. 25.

Remember to Taunt everybody to fight you. Never just attack. Unless you want to fight more than one person at a time and also be fined a criminal charge.

I hope this helps somebody.
Daedric Artifacts
This is a short list of where, the quanity, and how to get Daedric Artifacts I have found.

DAEDRIC SHIELD(1)-On a half-naked man in Dren's Villa, Dren Plantation.It's not hard to see.
DAEDRIC GREAVES(2)(a)In...Druschati(how do you spell it?),east of Khuul, in a treasure chest. Don't go in here if you wish to be in the Quarra Clan. Once the vampire in nearly full ebony armor and the vampire with The Silver Staff of Shaming, get the Blood of the Quarra masters(5K!)
, and rummage through the ornate dwemer chests you'll find Daedric Greaves. Note:Items in chests may vary.If you reload or enter another city, items in crates/chests will change unless you take/put items from it.(b)On a shelf next to Orvas Dren,Dren's Villa,Dren Plantation.
DAEDRIC LONGSWORD(1)-Dren Plantaion, go to the guardhouse and to the top floor, then the door leading outside to a person who offers training.
Either kill him or taunt him(taunting is better)once dead loot his body of items;the longsword is on the top of the "take" list.
DAEDRIC SPEAR(1)-The only place I've found is in the Vivec,Telvanni vault. To get there kill the ordinator by the lock level 75+trap door for the key. I soultrapped both Storm Atronachs in Greater Soul gems (9K per)but it isn't nessecary.Then take the gold but when you go out, you will be in the vault with two ordinators.Kill the Ordinators and loot the stuff (woo hoo!)I got the spear in the chest left of the two chests on the table.
DAEDRIC CLAYMORE(2)(a)Look above only it's in the wide open.Silly Dunmer.(b)In the guardhouse,Dren Plantaion, on the bottom level,wielded by a dunmer with netch armor.Kill him to get it.
DAEDRIC DD-K(dai-katana)(1)-(a) On Llether Llari in tower shack,Dren plantation.Once you kill him, take his DDD-K and his key and unlock the chest.What I found was a Ring of Surroundings (12K).
DAEDRIC DAGGER(1)-I've seen people's faqs that there is 8 spots to get it, but it's in the Redoran Underworks in Vivec and that's the only one I've found.You can get an enchanted Daedric dagger given to you by Ranis Athryis in the mages guild in balmora (soul drinker) after you do some quests.
Suggestions on my stuff if you want:
Ebony Armor of everything except regular shield
Daedric everything above
Glass everything except bracers
Ebony longsword,war axe,staff,shortsword,mace,broadsword
Glass Longsword(4),glass netch dagger(2),glass dagger.
There you go,rare Daedric Item locations I've found. I might add later other Daedric stuff.You can use Permanent summoning cheat I think from Great Nosferatu to gain Daedric/Dwarven Items.
Daedric Artifacts (2)
Masque of Clavicus Vile(Daedric Face),15K,enchanted-
Travel south of Dagon Fel and enter a Telvanni tower called Sorkvild's Tower. Kill his apprentices and they have good weapons to take. Enter the trapdoor and Sorkvild will automatically attack you. Kill him and take the Masque from his body. You can a find a Dadric Dagger here somewhere.....
Daedric Random Item,(I got a Daedric mace)__K, non-enchanted-Go to Vas (If you are a swordsman you can get the place from Percius Mercius)and make your way through it until you find a Daedroth and Dremora. Kill the Dremora for a Daedric item.
I have one suggeestion on a Daedric DD-K for enchanting:
I name it

The Sword of Black Death
Drain Health 35-75 points on Target
Fire damage 10 points on Target
Poison damage 10 points on Target
Disintegrate Armor 5-20 points on Target
Disintegrate weapon 10-30 points on Target
Paralyze 2 seconds on Target
Blind 4% on Target
Although this is exspensive, it may help on killing Dagoth Ur. The Claymore may look better though
Daedric Artifacts (short,ct'd)
Okay, today I found more Daedric armor and some really neat stuff.
Go to Kogoruhn,Bleeding Heart.The lost Stronghold Kogoruhn is located directly northeast of Maar Gan.
I suggest powerful weapons that I got today (Goldbrand). Fight your way through Hall of Maki and you can take dead person's bodies behind lock level 20 doors and you will find rare and/or exspensive items behind them such as a glass halberd, an ebony shortsword, glass shield, and a glass cuirass.Make your way through the waterways and into the bleeding heart. Fight your way through the Dagoths and on has The Belt of Heartfire that is 20K! Once you have killed them look on the "smith's repair counters and you will find a Daedric right and left gauntlet in full condition.
Daedric Battle Axe
Go to the northern tip of Vvanderfell, not the Island, and there will be a Daedrtic ruin. Go to the South East Entrance, and kill whoever gets in your way. Then unlock the level 70 door, and Immeadiately, out of nowhere a Dremora Lord and Golden Saint will start to attack you. Kill them both and inside there will be the strongest weapon in the game. A Daedric battle axe that does 1-80 damage. Watchout though, it is extremely heavy and will drain your fatigue faster then you can say shitter. Also there will be a Daedric tower shield, and some white shield that heals you.
Daedric Boots+Daedric L gauntlet
To get the Daedric Boots, You must go to Galom Daeus, Entry. Galom Daeus is a tiny bit southwest of Uvirith's Grave. Uvirith's Grave (I think) is southwest of the Dunmer Stronghold Falensarano. The Boots are on the shelf next to the Vampire Merchant Arenara. Of course, the other location is on Divayth Fyr. In Galom Daeus, next to Raxle Berne, is a book that teaches you the Dwemer Accuminili(sp?). It teaches you how to summon a Dwemer Sphere for 60 (or 120) seconds. The Daedric Left Gauntlet is in Kogoruhn and the other one you must go to Tel Vos, Barracks and armory. Enter and go to your left. Jump to Aryon's Chambers and there will be a man with a job for you, for 100 drakes, I taunted and killed.
Daedric Crescent, Daedric Scourge, and the Cuirass of Savior's Hide
To get the Daedric Crescent, go to the Corprusarium in Tel Fyr. On the desk or somewhere around the guy that can cure you of Corpus, there is a key that has a number in front of it. Take it (he doesnt care because he challenges everyone to try and rob him). Get ready for running around for a while. In the Corpusarium, there are several chests (around 6-8) that are lock level 100 and trapped. Each one contains a key, and I think all of them have Dwemer Coins or something like that. Anyway, you can use each key to unlock the next one until you get one with an amulet(hint:the amulet is in the final chest in the guy's office). Equip the amulet and it will teleport you to a Daedric Temple (Magas Volar)with no exit or entrance and a Dremora with the Daedric Crescent. Paralyze him, kill him from afar, whatever:in his hands, the Crescent will also blind you. When he dies, pick up the Cresent and the amulet on his body, and you will be teleported back (dont chunk the amulet, its fairly valuable, if useless).
Of course, if you're as good as me, you can skip running around and simply lockpick the chest.

Luckily, the other 2 items are much easier. The Daedric Scourge is in the locked chest just left of the office door, and the Cuirass of Savior's Hide is in the closet just down the hall to the left. GET THE CUIRASS: IT RAISES RESIST MAGICKA 60% AND ITS REALLY POWERFUL (and its light)
Daedric Cuirass
There are three places of which I know to find the rare and pretty sweet Daedric Cuirass...they are:
1)Divath Fyr-Tower of Fyr located in Tel Fyr.
2)Magic Daedric Cuirass-A mission reward in house Telvanni.
3)In the Wailing Delve,Norenen-dur. Norenen-dur is in Mournhold. You must do main Tribunal mission to get access to here.
Daedric Faces AND other ones
DAEDRIC FACE OF INSPIRATION-On a guy that has everything in glass except the bracers. He's (or she) is wearing the face. It has ponytails(!?!).

DAEDRIC FACE OF TERROR-On Enar Dralor, Tower of Dusk, Lower level and glass stuff.

DAEDRIC ITEMS (2)-Go to Zergonipal, north of Bthuand and south of Rotheran. There are also two Daedroths there. The two Dremoras have them.

DAEDRIC STAFF-In Menta Na's Cave, Lock Level 95, by Menta Na. Plus, as a bonus, there is a Daedric Katana on Menta Na!

Note:You can find any Daedric weapon except the longbow (which I will tell you soon) on high level Dremoras.

DAEDRIC LONGBOW-Well, there's only TWO places to get this. (a)Maekilashi (I cannot spell it), Shrine, levitate onto a platform to find the Daedric Longbow. And some Daedric Arrows are lying here somewhere.... (b)Just find the Vassir-Didanat egg mine, at least enter it (you can take the ebony). Then, go to the St. Olms Plaza, Haunted Manor, behind a lock level 50 door, talk to Dram Bero about the mine. He will then offer:

Daedric Battle-Axe
Daedric Wakizashi
Daedric Longbow
Daedric Staff
Daedric Katana
Daedric Spear
Daedric pauldron at Karstaag :
In the Kastle Karstaag tower (you must leavitate to get her) go into the only door. Inside you will find some monster, anyways kill the bastard, then look VERY closley in all the nooks and cranny's inside the tower (dont worry its not that big) you should find a Daedric Pauldron in one of the cracks.
Daedric Stuff (6 or more)
Go to Aid Sotha, NE of Vivec. Enter the Shrine killing any that opposes. One person has an ebony shield too! Then go to the lower level and onto the right. If you get to at least level 12, dremoras and dremora lords will be there with DAEDRIC WEAPONS!!!!! 8-) Then fight off dremoras and kill and Severa Magia. Go for her first with the most powerful weapon ya got, or else she'll lose all her Daedric Darts(4K!), then take out the Tanto and lose its condition. Take out the Dremoras and take their weapons. You can take a SECOND Daedric Tanto stabbed in the skull. The eyes are 125 gp dwemer coins, but both are cursed with Dwarven Spectres. Take the scrolls too, they are quite some septims! I got a Daedric Tanto (2),Warhammer(2),Dai-Katana(1), Spear (1). There is also in the shrine a 15K ebony longsword that is cursed and a statue to the Mehrunes Dragon. My Stuff:
Ebony Set (3)
Glass set (1) without bracers (4)8-)
Daedric Weapon (every one) except the Wakizashi and Arrows
Daedric Shield, Daedric Greaves(2), Daedric R&L gauntlets
Level 26 and I am an Imperial. My name is Omen and my best weapon skills are LONGSWORD and BLUNT(at 100). Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I went to Odrosal and Dagoth Ur and I only Found the Keening and 10 ebony Arrows. Where is Sunder ?
Daedric Weapons!!! (once again)
Go to Ibar-Dad. If you don't know how to get there head north from Maar Gan, hit the edge and go east. Eventually you will hit a Bandit cave, Ibar-Dad. Go inside and kill the people. Go further down past the gate and look for a tunnel that leads into a daedric building. Kill the Dremoras with daedric weapons and go through the lock level 70 door. In there, a golden Saint will be guarding the tomb. Kill it and look around. Especially look ahead. There will be a dead body that has a Daedric face of Inspiration, Daedric Shield, and a Daedric Battle-Axe! On the left and right there will be 4 skulls, with Ancient silver daggers in each. All eight are cursed to summon Ancestral Ghosts ***chuckles*** and are worth 100 gp. There are three chests, and I found a Daedric tanto in one of them!(Even though I already had 2)The Daedric Ruins nearby has LOTS of Dremoras with Daedric weapons. I have now:
1 Daedric Mace
3 Daedric Dai-Katanas
2 Daedric Katanas
2 Daedric Shortswords
3 Daedric Spears
1 Daedric Club
1 Daedric Claymore (but I know where another one is)
2 Daedric War Axes
2 Daedric Battle Axes
2 Daedric Staves (one staff is in Ibar-Dad)
1 Daedric Warhammer
2 Daedric Wakizashis
2 Daedric Darts+the Darts of Judgement
2 Daedric Shields
2 Daedric Greaves
Daedric R&L Gauntlets
Cuirass of the Savior's Hide
And I made a whole glass set that is enchanted.
daedrik armour locations
Instead of killing the man you need to finish the story in Tel Fyr, just get his armor in these various locations.

Daedric Cuirass- Found either by doing Mistress Therana's quest in Great House Telvanni or in the Wailingdelve, so use a torch because its hard to see in the dark. The Wailingdelve can be found in the Citidel of Myn Dhrur, in the Daedric Ruin, Hidden in the Dwemer ruin in the Plaza Brindisi Dorum for the story.

Daedric Face of God- Found in Sepulcher, with the Stormkiss, except for the Daedric Face of God, you need to levitate at the beginning to where the crystals are.

Daedric Face of Terror- Found on Enar Dralor in Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk, Lower level in glass armor.

Daedric Face of Inspiration- Found in either Mamaea with the fang of Fang of Haynekhtnamet, found in Ibar Dad with the Eildon's Ward and on a Buoyant Armiger in the top level of the Tower of Dusk.

Daedric Gauntlet (L)- Found in Kogoruhn, Charma's Breath, or the Black Heart (one of those)

Daedric Gauntlet(R)- Either kill the Imperial in Aryon's Chambers in Tel Vos or found with the Daedric Gauntlet (L).

Daedric Pauldron (L)- Found in Karstaag Tower, Solstheim. It's the top spire on top of castle Karstaag. Inside, the pauldron is nearly invisible in a crack.

Daedric Pauldron(R)- Found in the Wailingdelve, just sitting on the rocks.

Daedric Greaves- Found in Dren Plantation on the shelf in Dren's Villa or do Mistress Therana's quest.

Daedric Boots- Found on a shelf in Galom Deus.

Daedric Shield- Found randomly on Golden Saints, found on a man in Dren's Villa, Dren Plantation.

Daedric Tower Shield- Found on Golden Saints.

This took me a long time to find out but for you a fun not too long quest PLEASE ENJOY!!
dark Brotherhood armor
Ok there are 2 ways to get this armor. The first one is based on your characters levle 8 or higher. Then keep sleeping until you get attacked by a darkbrotherhood assasin. Kill him and take the armor. The 2nd way is either go to one of the mournhold sewers and find one and kill one.

Note, Different versions of the game have different effects. For example, this may not work on the Pc version.
Deadric Crescents
On the east coast of Vvardenfell where there are a lot of little islands, there is a tower called tel fyr, (the main quest and 2 faction quests lead you here). Go to the top of the tower where Divayth fyr is in his office. To the right on a shelf is a little chest with a high lock on it. You can lock pick this or steal the 637th key off of his desk to open about 8 chests to get the key for this one. Inside there is an amulet and some other stuff. Equip the amulet and it will ask you to go to Magas Volar. Click yes and it will take you to a place underground with no doors and some deadra guy. Kill him and the right when he dies click on his corpes before it teleports you back. You have to be fast. If done right his inventory will come up and while it is loading you will take all of his items. You will now have 2 deadric crescents. It may take a few trys to work.
Death Warrent
This really isn't a cheat or anything, just something I thought was funny. I was just fooling around killing gaurds, when I decided to just go to jail so everyone would stop trying to kill me. I went tto the nearest gaurd to go to jail and he said "For your crimes, the Empire has issued a death warrent. May Almalexia have mercy on your soul (Cause I was playing in Mournhold)" and attacked me. I killed him, of course, but after that every gaurd in the game attacked me on sight. Just a warning to you all-powerful level 1000 players with max everything goin around killing everyone on screen.
Do some Godly stats!(no soul gems required)
Have you ever been unable to do the "unlimited stats" cheat, well i shall explain it in full detail!

Raise stats.

1)buy 'Jack of trades' in Seyda Neen(first town)in Arillies Tradehouse.

2)buy a spell called 'soultrap' i think the person who sells it is in the mages guild in Balmora.

3)get about 2k-5k(2000 gold/septims-5000 gold/septims)youll need it.

4)now, time for some ACTION!

5)Go to the mages guild in Balmora, and find the lady who makes spells.

6)once at the 'spellmaking' menu, go to 'fortify attribute', and select the one you wish to raise, then make magnitude 100-100 and duritation 1 and ON SELF.

7)then, after you have picked the skill you wanted to raise, go to 'soultrap' and leave everything how it is, EXCEPT for the thingy that says 'on self', instead, change it to 'target'.

8)Now name your spell whatever you want.

9)now time to get some 'Godly stats', go in a corner where nobody is around, and aim all the way down untill you cant aim down anymore.

10)select your spell, and start casting it(while aiming ALL the way down)if you wish to keep casting it and not having to go restore MP every few seconds, do the MP cheat(black white black white white black, then hold 'A' while highlighitng MP)

11)a few seconds later your stat should have boosted up HUNDREDS of levels.

12)congrats, you have made your own "cheat spell", continue on making more spells for raising your stats using these rules/guide.

P.S. you can make a spell that raises more than one stat at a time, but make sure you ALLWAYS have soultrap on the spell.

Raising attributes.

1)go to mournhold, and find the lady that sells a fortify spell for any attribute, shes in the middle of mournhold somwhere in the doors of the plaza place.

2)now follow the directions from above in raising your stats, but replace the word 'stats' with 'attributes' and forget about reading the number 1) on raising stats when doing this.

Easier way of defeating Cath the Demigod
Look southeast of Ghostgate. When you're there just jump over the rocks behind him and shoot greater fireballs at him.
Easy Acrobatic/"Inside a house" and getting on top a house
Well in the starting town of Seyda Neen there are many glitches in the walls(like the one when you go throught it all the way). Right across the building of where you can go through the wall, you should find a building that has a level 30 lock level. Not far to the left of it there should be a little spot in the house where the house indents a bit(looking like you can jump through). Once you find it, put on fatigue code and start jumping in the middle or a the left edge, and your acrobatic skill should increase faster than regular jumping. Jump down each time you reach the top.

At the same spot, jump until you get inside the indent in the house. Now in the right corner, try to jump and force the camera inside the house. There you can walk around, maybe shoot people though the walls.
Note- This takes a while to do.

To get onto a house, get the scroll of flight(or w/e it is called). Now turn around form the previous spots and look up. There you should see a tall house and something looking like a bridge go across. Get under the middle of the bridge and cats the spell. Jump and press forward and you should be on top of the house.
Note- This does take some practice
Easy Daedric Weapon
This is an easy way to get rich AND get a daedric weapon of your choice. First, leave Balmora from the south. Follow the East coast. Once you pass the Shulk eggmine (there will be two miners and a campfire outside), turn west to cross the bridge. Go straight until you see the mountains.Look around at the base of the mountains until you see the Vassir- Didanat cave.
Enter the cave. You can loot it if you like (its FULL of Ebony.) but its not nessecary. After you've at least entered the cave, enter the haunted manor in the st. olms canton in vivec. talk to Dram Bero. He will offer a daedric weapon of your choice.
Easy Dwemer/Daedric/Ebony weapons
Ok, first you have to get Scourge. Or make a spell that summons a Dremora. To get Scourge, you must go to Tel Fyr and levitate to get to Divayth Fyr. Divayth is oblivious, so go ahead and use Ekash's Lock Splitter or pickpocket Divayth's Key.Use Scourge (outside of course) and see what weapon the dremora has. If it has somehing like a Daedric Weapon, kill it. After its dead click on the corpse. If you're lucky, its inventory screen will pop up. Take what you want.
Easy ebony Armor
First you need to go to Mournhold. Once you are there, go to the temple courtyard. Look around for a wood elf. He will ask you to give him some gold. You can give him some, but make sure you stop. He will then get really mad and says he will get revenge. You can then leave, but come back in a couple of days. He will be there with a set of ebony armor. No just kill him and get his armour.
easyily be a hand of almalexia
when you go to mournhold, go to godsreach at night and there will be a hand of almalexia walking around by himself, if you talk to him he says that he got fired but wont tell you why. you can try to juice him for information, or you can just kill him and take all his awesome magic armor and weapons. make sure you have plenyt of restore strength spells or potions at hand, as his weapon will reduce your strength to zero.
Ebony Rules!!!!!
Ok, my last one was awful but this one is better.
Go to Suran and go to the trader. If you went to the barter screen and said, "Aw, c'mon! Ebony stuff and Dreugh stuff are over 2K!" Well, you can get it with no Bounty by: 1. Take the Dreugh Cuirass/Helm and AUTOMATICALLY drop it. 2. The idiot trader will yell at you, take out a spiked club, and try walking out the bar door. I highly suggest crossbow or Longbow or shortbow. As soon as he's dead, take the arrows of his carcass, and take the Ebony and Dreugh stuff! (Awsomeness!)Here are some stats about some of his stuff, but not all stats are there.

Ebony Dart (5) 2000 septims each.
Ebony left bracer 5000 septims.
Glass dagger (mostly you can buy it for ten septims, but it's your choice.) 4000 septims condition 2/400
Dreugh Helm 2250 septims.
Dreugh Cuirass 5250 septims.

And some stuff of a body if you beat him around Ebonheart.(Hint:Swim around Ebonheart for this guy)

Demon katana 19000 septims.
Lord's Mail 30000 septims and don't sell it!!!!!
Imperial Right and Left pauldrons.
Imperial Gauntlets.
In one of his boxes, a worn Imperial key.Use it on a Hidden Door. Use 95 unlock level for a chapel door.
eveything !
if you want the propilons for all the dunmer fortteses,email me for it(or anything else about Morrowind for that matter,legendary stuff,daedric armor and weapons that permant spell eveyone is talking about or anything!)but right now I am going to talk about money.the fastest way to get gold is to use the permant spell cheat and make your speechcraft very high(were talking about 1000 to 2000)then go to a trader and sell something to him(or her)that`s worth about 1 gold,then you rise the price to anything!100,500,5000!ps.the trader up in solsten has 10,000 gold so he is a good trader to sell stuff to.pss.this did not work with creeper or the mudcrab.
Faster traveling
Are you tierd of going around those mountains to get to a camp or a ruin? Well first you need a levatation spell, and the Magika cheat.(black,black,white,white,black,white,Hold A press B)

Note: when you do this you will have to keep entering the cheat if you go to look at your map or other menus... Now cast the levatation spell,and levatate over the mountains(watch out for those annoying cliff racers)You should be able to reach you destination faster by doing this..
find lessnr's son.
First go to soltheim. Then go tho skaal village talk to lessnr inside his house. He will tell you to find his son then he will give you a key to the wells. Saerch inside one of the well swim up to shore then head straight take a righ then take a right again kill the skelitons. And there stands his son.
fortify skills without the 26 sanguines
Okay, this is cool. go to mournhold temple and do the pilgrimage quest. after that, advance yourself IN THE MOURNHOLD TEMPLE to initiate. Go to the hall of ministry, and there you will find a guy named nerile andaren. He will only talk to you after you do the pilgrimage quest and advance. a couple of his spells fortify skills. Buy one. Go to a spellmaker, and make it permanent. Bingo! You're invulnerable.
Free items
ok, this is a nice one I thought of and have used it a lot:

get a helmet with a high enchantment rating, and enchant it with a constant effect drain health on self. Now sell the helmet for cash at a merchant.
The merchant will equip the helmet and (suprise!) die. Now nick his stuff.
Full Dwemer armour and dwemer coins
First, you need the following things:Amulet of shadows or a good chameleon spell, ability to unlock a level 100 lock, and make sure you can fix corprus disease. Now, go to Tel Fyr(south of Tel Aruhn) and enter the tower. Go down to the bottom level and enter the corpasarium. Go straight across and then enter the corpasarium bowels. Turn right and when you see two people, next to a closet, approach. Unlock the closet(they won't attack) then go behind it and use your chameleon spell/amulet. Open the closet and take everythng inside(full dwemer armour, about 275 dwemer coins a key and books) if succesful the woman and the halfman half spider wont attack. If they do, don't kill them, or else the prophecy will be broken.
Full Glass Amour for FREE
First of all, if you wanna steal legaly, have a good speechcraft and no price on your head.Once you're at the Ghostgate(north east of Balmora) Get in the DuskTower. The is a lower level that leads you to the smith. If your speechcraft is low, talk to the lady in front of the smith's door and admire her (real easy to admire) Then trade things with the smith so hes gonna like ya. Then taunt him, till he HITS you. then steal all the glass armour around. Guards won't run after you because he hit you first. have fun!
Get 2,000 gold of useful alchemy items!
First go to Caldera Mages guild (I recommend going to Balmora and use the GUILD GUIDE). There should be a guy with a re-enforced door behind him. Go up the stairs and...
(note: there are several, helpful, ingredients with them, and there are many boxes with more ingredients
in them)
Guild Guide:The Mages Guild member that offers travel to other mages' guilds.
get dregh armor EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
go out into sea east of seyda neen right out in sea theres a door (dreghs hide) go in it and theres stone chests look in them all you get full dregh (expensive) when you are getting out theres a dregh that attacks you,you can only kill it with a daedric longsword (really rare) kill it and you get a dregh wepon its enchanted and evreything stab:300 slash:300 chop:300 the dregh wepons a shortsword

Get Easy Weapons in a Few Seconds
Ok first off you must get any summon spell that lets the monsters hold weapons once you summon one like a golden saint pull out a magic weapon or bound weapon and kill the golden saint or any other monster with weapons once you kill the golden saint click her before she dissapears and you can get a weapon like a ebony longsword and shield or any other items. hope this cheat/tip is. USEFUL!!
Get LOTS of worthy soul gems
If your a beginner, this cheat will get you flying!(not literaly)I reccomend getting and NOT using the mushrooms of the start.-Hypha Facia, Bungler's Bane and the two violets. When you get to Balmora, join the Mage's guild. The go down stairs,
And go to Ajiira. Speak to her and ask about duties. Press 'mushrooms' twice, and you're ready for the hint. do the next dutie...
When your suppose to put put the fake soul gem in, take all her soul gems- one's worth LOTS-a pitty no one can afford it- and sell them/make enchanted items. ENJOY!
Get Royal Guard Armour
If you want to get Royal Guard Armour without killing a guard join the temple, do the temple missions in mournhold and kill Alamexia, once done go to Helseth (the king) and tell him. He will believe you and reward you with a full set of Royal Armour. Doing the temple missions will also reward you with a full set of Her Hands Armour.
Get the item
Okey when you start the game make sure you get you * speechcraft * up to lets say about 80-85. then before you barter whith anyone get them to like you within 95 to 100 this way if you buy something you can sell it back to then same trader and get the same price.

most shopkeepers have an item that regenerates imediatly if you buy it. if you buy 10 amorer's hammers (make sure you buy them at a low price) the shopkeeper will regenerate them with 10 the next time you speak to him. then sell him your hammers (sell at a high price 10 goldpieces more)
now he has 20 hammers buy them low and he will now regenerate 20 hammers. sell him your 20 hammers at a high price 20 goldpieces more.

if you keep doing this the you can take al the shopkeepers money so you can buy anything you want from him and even get your money back without returning the item

Getting ancient steel armor
This cheat will only work if you GOTY, and you are in Solsteim. When you get to Solsteim, go to Skall village. Don't talk to anyone there, because they won't say your a member of the Skaal. (i just killed everyone in the village.)
Go west of the village, until you're really close to castle karstaag. Go south of the castle, until you go past the Altar of Thrond. Go past the river, and then you'll see a big structure-like cave with a carved steel door. Go in it, and there lies a warrior's spirit with ancient steel armor and a cool ice staff.
Getting inside the palace of vivec
First you go in vivec temple. Then go in the high fane and search around the place until you find a door with a lock level of 45. You can either lock pick it or use ondusis open door. Drop your stuff after you open it because the guards will come after you . Dont drop your gold! After you pay go inside the door you unlocked. There will be a guy inside. Either taunt him or just kill him. Taunting is the best. After you kill him take the two keys. One of them is way in to the palace. Leave and go to the palace. Make sure you donate some gold to the stone near the door of the palace. Then go inside. There stands the mighty freakshow vivec. HAVE FUN!!!!
Getting to the mournhold
Many People have asked me how to get to the mounrhold in Morrowind Elder scrolls III G.O.T.Y..Well if you go to Ebonheart, and speak with one of the IMPORTANT Imperial guards(I forget his name,but he isn't wearing a helmet)(and i know if you kill him the game will say:you killed an important person or whatever)He will tell you to go to the grand counsel and talk to someone who will bring you to the mournhold(the mournhould is dangerous)
goblin and shrine of the dead quest
To meet almalexia you have to go to mournhold speek with her assistant in the temple he has glass pauldrons. he will tell you to stop the two goblin warcheifs. Next go to the graet bazaar sewers once you are in follow the path take a right you will see a goblin kill him but he is not a warcheif. continue until you see these huge goblins in armor with horns try to kill them but make sure they are a warcheif. Warcheifs are hard to find. After you beet the goblin quest go back to the temple her assistant will tell you to speek with the lord in his office he is a dark elf. He will tell you to stop the shrine of the dead. Then take a dark elf named uvel Dulie.he holds the magic to the shrine of the dead. But he is scared to go but he will come anyways. Then go to the temple basement into the sewers. If you continue on the sewers you will find a big water fall you have to jump down make sure uvel is alive continue thriugh a cave in the right go up these stares take left and there will be alot of vampires kill them but becarefull. once you kill them look up there will be this red shining thi ng there will be a treasure chest thing uvel will use his magic to stop it. After you done that you cant get back up the water fall but there is a different way to get back to the temple good luck. the armor i have is daedric armor full set and a daedric long sword
Godly stats and skills
Okay, no joke. this is one of the best cheats you'll ever find. Okay, getting all your stats first. Suggestion for level of them. Speed, DO NOT GO OVER 1000. I prefer 200-250. First, to find the spell. You can go to Seyda neen and purchase jack-of-all-trades from the trader, or you can go to Scelian plebo in the wolverine cult. Once you have that, make a spell like this:
fortify X(stat)for(number of points) on self(duration as low as can be, and area)
soultrap on target (duration and range 0/1(as low as it goes))
Once you get that, your stats can go anywhere.
Now, for the skills fortifying. This is WITHOUT THE SANGUINES. Really you say? YES! I have found a way.
Good advice
Join house telavanii when you do the missions you get sweet stuff, when you do the last mission to get your house finished you will find a book in the dwarven ruins. In the ruins you will find tons of dwarven, ebony, glass, and dadric stuff but watch out because the place is filled with really powerful vampires
Good Enchanted Items
Go to Tel Fyr. Go through Onyx Hall into the Hall of Fyr. Levitate through the hole to get a view of Divayth Fyr. Go around the room and find a closet with trapped and 100 level lock. Unlock it. Inside will be the Cuirass of the Savior's Hide that has constant effect of resist magicka 60%. Take it. Then go next to Divayth Fyr to Find a chest that has trap and lock level 100 on it. Unlock it. Inside will be Scourge that can summon a Dremora and Scamp for 30 seconds. Take it. Then go next to Divayth to see a lock level 100 and trap on it. Unlock it. Inside will be a Daedric Sanctuary Amulet. Take it and put it on. Kill Lord Dregas Volar in Megas Volar. The amulet will now be a Daedric Crescent. The crescent has a Cast when strikes parlyze for 10 seconds and Dinsitegrates Armor.
good helm for beast races
A good helm for khajiits and argonians is the helm of oreyn bearclaw. It can be aquired by doing the quest for the daedric lord malacath at his shrine. It is constant effect fortify agility and endurance 40 pts. It is good for beast races since beasts can't wear full helmets, but since the helm of oreyn bearclaw is not a full helm it fits just fine.
Good Money
Get a map of morrowind hit up all the Daedric Ruins that you can find.
good start
new game thean go to the guy about birth sighn pick TOWER go to free dager place steal the lock pick lock near wall thean go back to birth sin guy pick lock get out now use tower power (magic key)open fargoths house steal all good stuff sleep 24 hours unluck elda fires house steal all good stuff go too trade house(front doorv lock back door)sell all stuff know you have 500 dollers to spend
Gyldenhul Barrow
To get to Gyldenhull youll need to do a few things. Frist go find geilir the mumblings house and talk to him. he asks you to find his friend odfrid whit lip. go find odfrid and bring it back to greilir. Then go to Thormoor's Watch and talkt to Thormoor. ask him about "that night at sea" and hell tell you a story. then ask him about his "eternal wakefulness". he'll tell you that greilir put a curse on him and ask you to go persuade greilir to lift the curse. go back to greilir and talk to him about thormoor's "eternal wakefulness" hell say something like you did me a great favor for finding odfrid so as a favor to you i will lift the curse. Go back and talk to thormoor. hell tell you to go to thirsk and talk to him after he's rested. go to thirsk and find thormoor upstairs. he'll thank you again and give you a key and the location of Gyldenhul Barrow.
Hard high ordinator with awsome armour[tribunal only]
When you are transported to Mournhold by the sorcerer at Ebonheart go to the part of the city called godsreach. There if you look around the entire wall surrounding godsreach you will eventually find a high ordinator with full glowing armour almost best in entire game

WARNING: Be carefull though, once you kill him and take his armour other ordinators will want to kill you for wearing ordinator armour!
hire somone to fight with you
In mournhold there is this guy named calvus he is located in the district court yard hire him to fight with you. pay him 250 gold to hire. go to comparisson share and give him armor and a weapon for protection. in the list take back your 250 gold.
Hopesfire and Trueflame
To get Hopesfire and Trueflame finish the Mournhold main quest.
How To Get Ebony Stuff And High Ordinator Armor
First you have to travel up to Ghostgate. When you get there you need to go to the tower of dawn and find a room with three doors. Go into the one that has a second door in it with a guard. You have two options: A, taunt the guard until he attacks, or B, leave the door open and wait until he leaves. Either way, once the guard is gone, you have to close the door and pick up the key on the table. This you can use to get in the other door which is the tower vault. When you get in there you will find another guard which you have to taunt and kill. You can take the armor and the ebony items on the table, along with the ebony mace he was carrying. But be careful, if you're wearing the armor the guard had on, don't talk to another guard in the same armor, they will attack you!
how to get to mournhold
How to get to mournhold is not easy. To get there is based on your character's level 8 or higher, first you'll have to keep resting until you get attacked by a dark brotherhood assassin. After you get attacked your journal will be updated. Talk to Appelles Matius, (he's a guard in Adamantium armor) in EBONHEART. He'll tell you to go to the Grand Council chambers, and when your'e there, talk to Ascene Rene. She'll then transport you to Mournhold. Mournhold is not dangerous, it's a peaceful, holy town.
How To Kill Dagoth Ur In Less Than 5 Seconds...
Ok first go to solsthiem and find thirsk and go to the back. There should be a stump just touching the building. Look in it and you will find a bunch of cool items. Get the arrows and they should be enchanted with damage health 5000 pts. now get a bow and head up to red mountain and shoot dagoth with the bow, then viola! he's dead. (note: I have not actually completed the game so I don't know if I need to use a special weapon or not.)

- your fellow gamer SUPERDOOD!
How to kill vivec
It is really simple to kill vivec. Dodge his magic 2 times and he will be left with his fists. Be careful, his magic can kill you in 1 hit. Then, strike him repeatedly, until his strength goes down. Keep hitting him, and dodge most of his attacks. But if you kill Vivec, you can't beat the game.

SJ Edit: Just a note that you can still beat the game, just search the forums for the "Back path"
How to level up your skill/attribute over 100?
This guide should tell you on how to level up your skill or attribute over 100:

1. Buy the following spells of people in magic guilds,you should find them.The following spells are Soultrap,fortify skill (any skill),Fortify attribute (any attribute).
2.Now go to a person that does spellmaking.Now talk to them and click on the spellmaking,you should come up with the menu,on the left is a list of spells you have and on the right are spells that you add,on the top is a name you make up for the spell.Ok now look for fortify skill or fortify attribute and click it it should come up with a small window asking on which attribute/skill you want then click on your choice,now it should come up with another menu,now click on the tab where it says target,self or touch and put on self,then put magnitude 100 to 100 and duration 2 sec then click finish.Then click soultrap and put it on target and put duration 4 and leave the area on 0.Name the spell and click buy (it costs at least 165 coins).
3.Now yourve finished making the spell we must cast the spell,go to a room with nobody or go outside,now look down as far as you can and cast the spell,it should work but if it doesnt you must keep doing it again and keep refreshing your magicka if you need to by sleeping,or try to level up your restoration or mysticism skill higher so theres a more success rate.
4.Now click on the info and stats on your guy and you should see one of your skills levled up that you chose by 100,it will be white but the skill/attribute will stay permanently unless you cast that skill/attribute spell that you made.
5.repeat the process with making a different skill/attribute spell.


Note:Your total level wont level up so dont worry you dont need to worry about it.Dont level up your speed over 200 because your speed will be uncontrolable and dont level up your athletes too high as well!

Please tell me if the guide has anything wrong or mistakes such as how to do that.

Hope this helps to all the people who have been asking how to level up over 100.
How to steal Stendarr's Hammer
Right do the cheat to get your strength above 1000 and then take it
Ice armor And Weapons :
Ok, now I get asked a lot on how to get and where to get Ice items. All you have to do is the Raven Rock quests. one mission will have you finding a piece of Stalrhim. Then you'll get this Nordic Pick axe to use to get the stalrhim. Bring it back to the guy that gave you the pick axe and his friends will make ice items for you.
Ice blade of the MOnarch :
Ice blade of Monarch – Go to Dagon Fel by boat. Head south and slightly east. You will come to the stronghold, Rotheran. Kill the mage with the green enchanted robe on and claim the sword.

Immunity to magic and how to wear the Boots of Blinding Speed
First, complete any and all quests in Mournhold that involve the King, namely the main quest. Once you\'ve done this, the King has exhausted his usefulness, and is therefore expendable. Kill him. I recommend using the health cheat. Don\'t try to kill the King with a spell, it won\'t work. Once he\'s dead, you\'ll be able to take his Royal Signet Ring, which provides Constant Effect 100% Resist Magicka, 100% Reflect, Regenerate Health 10 point on self and Regenerate Endurance 10 points on health. You can now wear the Boots of Blinding Speed (found in Morrowind) without being blinded at all. The King and his guards also have powerful and valuable weapons and armor, giving you a financial pick-me-up for murdering your monarch for personal gain.
Indoril Armor
Be careful when wearing Indoril armor,which is the armor Ordinators wear.You can wear Indoril armor as long as you don't to an ordinator while wearing it.If you do talk to one then they will say "Where did you get that armor,it is sacred to our culture! You shall pay with your blood!"or something like that.Then of course he will attack you.If you do survive the battle(which is doubtful)It still won't be over,you won't be safe.After you've talked to just one then if an ordinator EVER sees you he will try to kill you. So be careful with indoral armor.
indoril armor
how to get indoril armor is hard. To get it go to vivec find a ordinator. You will need a ebony broadsword and good armor pull your weapon back for more damage keep doing that until he is dead take the indoril armor. I recomend this cheat if you are a dark elf because if you are a different race the ordinators will kill you if they see you wearing that armor.
infinate full bound (exept greaves)
get all the bound spells and put 7 of them on a spell (doesnt matter how long) with soultrap on target then 7 more on another withsoultrap on target and put any reamaning on a spell with soultrap on target u need a high conjuration or luck now u have the best armor in the game and it doesnt weigh a thing and u can do this with weapons
Instant arrows
Once you've found a rare arrow such as the Daedric ones. Equip one and hold the R trigger, aim at an animal. Now while holding the R trigger go to your menu and switch the arrow to something cheap. When you leave the screen you will notice that the arrow looks exactly the same, shoot the animal. IF you are lucky, after it's dead, the arrow will still be in the animal. If it is, it will say it's a Daedric arrow. Congrats, you have just converted a cheap arrow into a really expensive and rare one.
Fist, try not to do a crime. But, if you ever do one by accient, mistake, or on purpose, here's a cool cheat:

If you're crime is reported in Morrowind, drop EVERYTHING in your inventory, EXCEPT your gold. You will be running around naked, but who cares.

Then, talk to a guard. You can either pay the gold a be free, or go to jail and be free. If you choose either one, nothing will be removed from your inventory except your gold, because you already dropped everything. ;-)
Killing a High ordinator
Those damn annoying high ordinators..The normal ordinators are hard enough to kill but these one keep using that spell that makes you over encombord..Get a resist magika spell.And then cast it on youself.Then beat that darn High ordinator,and steel his armour it is worth ALOT....
Level Up easily :
To level up easily, jump continuously, until it says your acrobatics skill increased. This will add one of ten points to your leveling meter. You have to jump around approximately two minutes to get one level point.
Making Con. Effect Items
ALright, to do this you need the spell soultrap or a scroll with it or something and a grand soul gem, find a golden saint, a common at Deadric ruins, soultrap it and beat the poop out of it. You will get a soul gem named "Grand Soul Gem Golden Saint" it'll be worth about 60000 but this ain't somethin you wanna sell. Then you go to the mages guild in balmora and buy a cheap soul gem off the girl upstairs, one with a soul mind you, then go into enchant, select the Grand Soul Gem and change "Cast Once" to "Constant Effect" Then switch to the cheap soul gem. Create your item(may cost a lot, hav your full wallet ready) and creat, i have two regen health +2 gauntlets, a regen endur 6-7 ring and i never loose endur and only hard things even touch my health.
levels and money....fast and easy...
Well see yalls guides to lvling and crap sucks...sorry to say lol but they do =)..Well i just wanna say ok first off, use the soul trap 2 sec and fortify attribute glitch...get your luck and all stats up.. Next, go to vivec and kill tons of ordinators and take all of their armors and junk and then go sell to the merchant mudcrap...Next after you got 500k-2million gold, gp watever just go over to one of the nifty lil secret stat trainers that can train you up to lvl 100...spend all you money on the one stat that they train up to 100, yes keep training after lvl 100. After all your money is gone you should have atleast hmm about 50 levels, i do this all the time my guy is lvl 150 and is unstoppable i kill ordinators with my bare hands and dont even get touched but this is really the best way to do it and its really simple. O by the way i reccomend todwendy in lucky lockup in Balmora for the training part since she trains i think its alteration and shes easy to find shes on the second floor. Enjoy this real guide to being godly and rich =)
Levitating Weapons!
Ok to do this cool trick you need the following...

Acrobatics at 100 or higher

Speed over 200

Lots of stuff. I mean LOTS

Okay first pick a place you want to put a weapon.

Than jump up and put a pile of things up as high as you want and on top put your weapon you want to float.

Then take all the items under the weapon and walala! A levitating weapon (do this with the daedric crescent and it will look like a moon)!
Light effect :
Equip the Truflame. Now go into the item menu and equip some other weopon (i usually use a lockpick). Now exit the menu. The light effect form the trufalme will still be there, even though you hae a different itm equiped.
Lords Mail
Lord Mail-Go to Ebonheart and circle around the castle until you find a small cave in the moat. Enter and go strait through kill the guy and take the cuirass.

Lots of Glass and other Stuff
Okay, there was one post on here talking about the guy with the glass armor in ghostgate. There are a few things missing from your post. Anyway just go to Ghost Gate (look on a map somewhere if you don't know where it's at), but first join the thieves guild (Balmora) and set your 'Mark' spell right in front of it. NOW go to the entrance of Ghost Gate, and go into the Tower of Dusk. Now, go down one floor and lock the door that goes back upstairs. Make sure (especially if you used a spell) you can pick that high, or just get a perfect locking spell and a perfect opening spell, which are VERY handy for thieves and assassins. Now head to the room with the armorer (you can tell by the furnace and anvil/anvils), lock the door behind you. You can try to taunt him but I just started attacking him. Careful, he has an enchanted warhammer. Just kill him and take all the glass armor you want, including the weapons. But don't forget the Greaves over in one of the crates! Now, go unlock the door out, then get ready for a serious battle. If you want use the Black, White, Black*3, Hold A, B cheat if you want (auto-restore health), but if you are VERY low level, still be careful b/c if you run out of health before it restores, you will still die. Make sure (no matter your level) to save A LOT. Also, make several files. Okay, back to the tip. Once your done killing everyone (if you opened and left all the other doors open, skip this step) go to some of the other rooms and look for a couple of guys in full glass (one has a Daedric Mask of Terror, the other doesn't have a helm), kill them. The Glass daggers they use are enchanted to paralyze for 10 sec upon strike, but they will run out of charge quite quickly (just make sure to keep on the restore health cheat). Search their body and take the glass armor on them. Now, that everyone is dead, search the place. Once you run out of good stuff to loot or get where you can barely walk anymore bc your almost overencumbered, use your recall spell to go to the thieves guild. Now, just go in and go to the guy behind the bar on the bottom floor and talk to him about 'Price on Your Head'. My fine from him was around 1520, but then again I'm an Operative in the Thieves Guild. The good thing about this place is that you can easily go back in case you couldnt carry everything. A great place to store your stuff in Balmora is Ra'Virr the traders house. Just kill him and you get quite a bit of storage space and some pretty good weapons. I learned that if you leave enough stuff around or on the ground it (the game) will make a "Loot Bag" that it will put the stuff in. It even tries to keep it close to your "most polluted" part of the house. Now, go use control humanoid/soultrap glitch on the teleporter woman in the Mages Guild and bring her to the house (no more streaking, though :-) ) to use her teleport in a more convenient place. NOTE: I am using the Xbox GOTY (Game of the Year) version. I have not tried the regular Morrowind or the PC version, so some of the things in here may be different. I also learned that if you try to drop your gold then go to the 'Price on your Head' guy, he still makes you pay, but says you don't have enough funds in some versions of the game. I hope this helped atleast one person. I know it really worked out well for me. Email me at allmyjunkmail.joe@gmail.com if you have any comments or questions!!!
Lots of Gold on solthsiem Isle.
Ok, i know you hear about the little island with a cavern that has alot of gold in it at Solthseim, and how you need to lockpick and stuff. BUT, I have found an easier way to get in. AND You dont need to waiste Cash on stupid scrolls or training to get in to the cavern.

First, go to vivec and look for the lizard head tavern or somthin like that. Then look for a nord and talk to him. He should ask for a botttle of Mazte or one of the drinks so buy him a bottle and listen to his story. He will thank you for the Mazte and give you a key and mark the EXACT location of the cavern with the tons of gold. There is also a glass helm and lots of valuable swords and scrolls so keep an eye out. Also, bring a torch so yu can see, its awefully dark. There is at LEAST 10k on the ground and it is practically invisible with out a proper light source.

Good Luck
Have Fun
lots of money
heres what u do. When ur like lvl 5 and up go to Vivic. Go to Foregin Quater and head up all the way to the Foregin Quater Plaza. When u walk in there you will see a shop. The guys name is alusaron he's a smith. Okay now what u do is u go out into the plaza and steal a petty item in front of a ordinator. You must use the cheat for your health(highlight health and type black, white, black, black, black and hold A and while holding A roll your finger onto the B to make it stay making your health go up) once done this your health will automatically go up and if u get hurt it will fill up your health meter. Once you do the cheat the ordinator will come torwards u and ask u three questions-go to jail, pay fine, or resist aresst. Click resist aresst and he will attack you. when u kill him you will find his body on the ground click on his body and take everything except clothes. only take armor and ebony mace. you will have a fine of 1k and something. Go to mages guild and teleport to balamora or where ever you want to pay your fine. make sure that where ever u go there is a way to put your stuff out of sight because the guards will take your indoril armor. once you pay the fine grab your stuff and go to Vivic once more and go to the Foreign Quater Plaza. remember that guy I told you about alusaron? first put on the indoril armor then go to his shop .There is an ordinator to the right when you come in. talk to him and he will say your dead and other crap. once he attacks you take him down the ramp and kill him. after you kill the ordinator pick up his armor and ebony mace then talk to alusaron and make him like you 100%.then sell him the armor. he will go up 2.5k so sell your armor below 2.5k if you can. after you sell a couple of items go down the ramp again and unlock his door. once you do that rest 24 hours so he can regain his money. after you sleep 24 hours talk to alusaron afain and sell him more stuff. do this process a couple of times or untill you run out of stuff to sell. When you run out just walk outside and there is another ordinator. Just repeat till you have alot of money.
p.s. after a couple of times the ordinator inside alusarons shop will make you pay a fine just say resist aresst and go to the mages guild and go to balamora or whereever you whish to go.
Magic Fork and other cool weapons
Go on one of the islands north of the Sanctus Shrine. Search for a hut (big heads hut). in side you'll find a lot of cool weapons and on the table is a magic grilling fork. Me and my brother found this and we where hysterical.
magical mul crab helm
Ok go to tel brenora one of the dark elfs are in bonemold and that helmet. Kill the guy with the sharpest weapon you got he is a archer and he sucks at fighting. The helmet looks cool.
Make minions or innocents you escort invincible.
Other contributers to this site have listed cheats on how to make spells to permanently boost attributes. If you change the ratios to 'sanctuary 100-100 for 4 seconds on touch' coupled with 'soultrap for 2 seconds on target' and aim at the ground between you and someone you are escorting or a perma-summon, if the spell is successful they will be immune to physical attacks. You can experiment with other attribute spells to see what other effects you can cast on your perma-summons. (how to make them is a cheat from another contributer on this page) Reflect, levitate, chameleon and light are also effective with this formula. The light spell makes any room or cavern you enter light up like daytime from the light permanently cast by your minion companion. Be advised, some npc's may interpret the 'soultrap' aspect of the spell as an attack and react accordingly. I save and have 'calm humanoid' and 'calm creature' spells to use if that happens.Enjoy
Make Spells Fun!!!!!
Lets say that you don't know how to use the attribute/soul-trap combo for a sec. Chose an attribute spell (Jack of Trades in Sedya Neen is the First) and then get alot of gold and go to balmora, talk to the Altmer (gold elf) in the Mages Guild and have her make you a spell... That spell is:
Fortify Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Endurance, Personality, and Luck 100 to 100 points. If you increase your speed using this be carefull. (I suggest increasing speed by 1 point at a time.)
(Side note: If you are going to use this, i suggest increasing your armor skills first, otherwise you will have to buy the skills). The next ingredient in the spell is Soul Trap on Target.
Doing this will increase the selected Attributes permenitly.
Now that you have that down, Try experimenting with other spells that increase your powers. (Using spells that effect your character) and combining that with Soul Trap.

(I have found the attribute spell online in several places but I found it in-game by fighting Dagoth Ur... If you have Azura's Star and want to trap Dagoth Ur, Use the fortify strength and soultrap spell and there you have it. Soul gem that is more powerful than the Vivic soul.) Use this and have fun, i know i did.
Mantel Of Woe
In solstiem there is a well you can pick the lock, or talk to llandas in the village ant he will give you a mission. Go to the well and go in you will find a guy and a few skeleton champions. Kill the skeletons and then talk to the guy, he will ask you some q's and you can kill him or whatever. The Mantel Of Wor gives you *5 Magika it is a costent just dont ware it during the day.
Money Glitch :
First, you need to join the Imperial Cult in Ebonheart. Join up with Kaye, who is one of the quest givers there, and do his first quest. After it is done, go back to him and complete the quest.

Now he gives you his next quest, along with 300 gold to help you out. Keep entering and exiting his text box and get 300 gold each time.

Note that you may need to do a few of the initial Imperial Cult quests before doing Kaye's.

Moon-and-Star ring
The moon and star ring: the main storyline ring. To find it you must go to Nchuleft ruin. Then go northwest to find a large, odd marked door. Sleep till 6 p.m. and then you can enter. You will find a statue of (Azura?) with a floating ring in its hand. It is Lord Nerevar's ring. If you attempt to take it, (Azura?) will tell you to do this 1: Satisfy the three Great Houses and be named HORATOR of them. 2:Be named NERERVINE of either one of these tribes:Urshilaku,Erbensium,Zainab,Ahhemusa. If i missed one, let me know, but you MUST be named Nerervine of all 4 of these tribes. After (Azura?) tells you this, walk around the statue. The ancestral ghosts will tell you their story that they were chosen to be named Nerervine, but found out they were not the one. After their sad story, they will give you presents. They are all enchanted except the ghost that gives you a Master's lockpick and probe. Oh yeah, you get to keep the ring. NOTE:You can do this anytime during the game.
Mournhold Museum
At the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold, you can sale certain artifacts to them. THe artifacts that they will accept are
Auriel's Bow, Auriel's Shield, Bloodworm Helm, Boots of Blinding Speed, Boots of the Apostle, Bow of Shadows, Chrysamere, Cuirass of the Savior's Hide, Dragonbone Cuirass, Ebony Mail, Eleidon's Ward, Fang of Haynekhtnamet (say that 10 times fast), Goldbrand, Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw, Ice Blade of the Monarch, Lord's Mail, Mace of Molag Bal, Ring of Phynaster, Skull-Crusher, Spear of Bitter Mercy, Spell Breaker, STaff of Magnus, Ten Pace Boots, Umbra Sword, Vampiric Ring(NEVER!!!!) Veloth's Judgement, and Warlock's Ring
From Mournhold
BiPolar Blade, Mace of Slurring, Dagger of Symmachus, and Robe of the Lich.
Note that you can steal them back after you have sold them.
Museum :
In Mournhold, in Godsreach, there is a museum of artifacts. They will buy legendary items from you. They pay decent. And the items will be put on display, which is fun to look at. A list of legendary items can be found in that Museum or in Tel Fyr.

I would just like to mention that the book that has the Artifacts is not a wishlist for the Museum; some items are not on the list and some of the list they will not take.
Nearly Full Glass Armor w/ cheats!
Well first here is the cheat needed for low-levels like me.
Black, white blackx3.Highlight your health, do this, hold A, then press B.
Ok, go to Maar Gan from Gnisis or Aid'Ruhn. Go in the Andus tradehouse (or some other building, not sure) then go to a wood elf named Aerin. Look it, glass boots! It took me 3000 gold then taunt her and she'll say "that's it" And try killing you. Beware she will knock you down a LOT if you have low agility. It took me a bound mace, Demon katana. She broke my helm, my gauntlets, my pauldrons, my greaves, and my enchanted boots that took me 4900 GOLD ARRGH!!! Once dead loot her body of:
Ebony shortsword YAY!
Glass Cuirass YAY!
Glass Greaves YAY!
Glass Boots YAY!
Then go to Suran and taunt the Orc that has Glass Pauldrons and kill her.
You get:
Glass Longsword YAYY!!!
Glass Pauldrons YAY!!
PUHLEEZZ put where you get a Glass Helm and braces/gauntlets at the bottom of your tip in tips.
Nordic mail armor
There is like one only way cause like no one else trades it. Ok to get it go to solstheim then go to skaal village. Kill a guard then take the armor. Make sure you have a good waepon.
Ondusie's Open Door
This spell is really cool. It can open chests and things that are locked. But, keep in mind that it ONLY opens things that have a lock level of 50 or lower. Anything that has a lock level of 51 or more, Ondusie's Open Door can't open it. You'll have to make another spell that can open things at a higher lock level.
Orcish Armor
Go to Daedric Ruins. Most Orcs there will have a full or nearly full set of Orcish Armor.
Perma- Summoning
There is an easy(and cheap) way to summon stuff forever. First, buy the spell that summons your selcted monster. Next, get a spell that you can set the range as "on target". Now, go to a spellmaker (such as the high elf in the Balmora Mages guild). Tell her you want to make a spell. Put in the "on target" spell as power 1 - 1. next put in duration as 1 second. Select OK. Next make the summon creature spell, on self, duration 1 second. Name the spell and cast it while looking down. You will cast both spells, and the creature (or armor/ weapon)will be permanent.
Permanent Trall
I think I've found the perfect way to do this without using button cheats, mods, plugins, etc. (I apologize if this is common knowledge, or if its in the FLD already ). Alright. First off, find a victim. Don't pick guards, because then you'll get in trouble. Cast a command humanoid spell on them that will last for a while (scrolls work as well if your conjuration is really crappy). Next, you need to have a spell (IDK if spells work; I casted this one from an enchanted item) that will do the following:

Command humanoid x levels for 1 sec on target
Soultrap for 2 seconds on target

Make sure that they are still under your control from the first spell. Next, cast the second on (I'm not sure if it matters if you're looking straight down) the victim. The person (Or creatures work also) is now your permanent thrall (thrall means slave, for those who don't know). They will now attack anything that attacks you, and will only attack you if you really piss them off. If they get mad, just cast a calm humanoid or creature, leave the area, and come back in a few days.

If you don't want them to follow you, just cast paralyze on them (there might be a way to make the paralyze permanent until you want it to wear off. if you make it permanent, cast dispel 100% on target). Do this to prevent them from coming into a tight place where they might get stuck.

Permanently paralyze most enemies
If you make a spell combo of 'paralyze 100-100 for 4 seconds on touch' coupled with 'soultrap for 2 seconds on target' and cast it at the ground directly between you and an enemy, it will usually completely freeze them unless you reload or maybe until a whole day goes by. I call this combo my 'thinker' spell. Some enemies may resist magick, but if you keep trying you still may make it stick. There is no antidote for the thinker. I tried to cast it at a golden saint once who promptly reflected it back forcing me to have to reload to an earlier point. My 'cure paralyzation potions were useless. If you have a npc instantly attack you when you encounter them (like ashlanders are wont to) that you want to get information or training from, barter with or you may just sever the thread of fate by killing them, this spell is handy. After you freeze them you can use 'calm humanoid' to be able to talk to them and do business. If you freeze a trader and/or a guard it is actually quite amusing the threats and whatnot they will throw out while you merrily pilage everything in site. If you want target practice, I prefer dispatching foes I have frozen with projectiles to boost my marksmanship skill. Happy hunting ;p)
Permenant Night-Eye
Okay, first learn Soultrap and Night-Eye (Soultrap can be learned in the Balmora Mages Guild, and Night-Eye can be taught in the Mages Guild in Ald-Ruhn by a Breton when you first walk in) Next make a spell like the following:

Night-Eye (NUMBER) For 2 seconds on self
Soultrap for 1 second on target

Then cast it and voila! You can even set the Night-Eye for 100 and it will be like only 200 gold.
Price on head blowout
Once you have a price on your head or anything like that example 1440 gold pieces. Go to the Southwall corner club in Balmora and join the thieves guild. Then walk down to see someone who is willing to take of the price on your head.But first drop all ur money except for one coin talk to the man and he will say he take whatever away from your total in ur inventory.Although he only took one one one gold piece. Now go and pick up the rest of your money and there you go. Great for stealing and killing people who have expensive stuff.
puzzle cannal
ok to complete the puzzle cannal go to vivec and up to his palace, go into the level 3 or 4 (i dont remember wich) and there is a tunnle after you get out of the water. there is an opening in the tunnle that leads to the puzzle cannal. once inside the cannal there is a shrine that says breathe the waters of his glory or some other bull shit. it wants you to drown yourself. after you drown yourself you should wake up near where the shrine was and there is a dremora dude. give him a silver longsword out of the chest next to him. you now have completed the puzzle cannal and you can breathe underwater for a while.

not as exciting as it sounded huh?
Quick and Easy money
There's acutally a lot of quick ways to get cash in Seyda Neen.

First, find a collection of old, run-down shacks near the water's edge. Swim across onto the land across from there, and fight the mudcrabs. Head north aways until you come across a collection of rocks, trees, scribs, and kwama. In the midst of it all, you should find a body. This is the tax collector, Processus or whatever. Loot everything off of him and then return to Seyda Neen, back to the shacks. Enter the shack that is the home of Foryn Gilnith and ask him about murder, and he will confess (outwardly) that he killed Processus. Say that's no excuse for murder, and he will attack. Kill him, he is easy, then loot the ring off of him. This ring is worth a lot. Next, leave and go back to the 'ahh, yes' guy that was at the beginning. Get there by walking through the Census office, like how you did at the beginning. Tell the 'ahh, yes' guy about the murder, and he will give you some gold. Next, sell the ring in the tradehouse and then go upstairs and talk to the Nord that is the first guy you meet on the stairs. Ask him about the hiding place, and he will ask you to find out where the wood elf, Fargoth, is hiding the cash. Remember Fargoth? If you gave him his ring back, you can easily get it back. First go to the lighthouse and climb all the way up. Stand on the very top and sleep until night. Then, when you wake, watch closely at what is happening down below. You should see someone holding a torch other then the guards sneaking towards the lighthouse, then back towards a tree, and then into a swamp. Now, jump down from the lighthouse (try to land in the tree or on the rock, otherwise you'll probably get hurt) and run towards the swamp. Look in the hollow stump and there's the stuff! A lockpick, gold, and if you gave him the ring, the ring will be there too.

I suggest not returning the gold to the Nord, but make sure you never talk to him again.
Random hints:
Okay first things first:

With the health/magicka/fatigue cheats while pressing the 'A' button to fill the gauge, also push the 'B' button as well, this should take you out of the screen and yur health or magicka or fatigue should constantly regenerate,
note: it only works for one at a time.

2nd there is a mudcrab with 10k and buys things full price just east or west (i forget) but be warned he looks nothing different from a regular mudcrab so dont kill him like i did.

Umbra sword; probably one of the strongest weapons in the game, can be found on a orc jus over the mountains near Suran, kill him and take this mighty legendary weapon

When yur strong enough go to the various vaults in Vivec, (use feather cheat) and take several 100k in gold and items, be warned that they're are lots of ordinators and they get pissed off really quickly
royal guard armor
Ok go to mournhold. Find a royal guard. to kill the guard you need a strong waepon. After you kill the guard take his armor.
secret assasin
In the great bazaar you will be asked to be in a play at the stage. once you are done memorizing your lines go to the stage and start the show. Later on in the play a dark brotherhood assasin will attack you kill him and take his daedric weapon. Report it to that guy that's in charge of the play. You'll recieve 1000 gold for killing the assassin.
Sell those high-value artifacts for their worth.
There is the option of selling artifacts to the museum in Mournhold, but they will never pay more than 30,000 for what you have, nor will they buy your glass/ebony/Daedric items. The more you take advantage of this trick, the more you can get for the most expensive items, because you can keep your circle going. Conceivable, you could sell your Curiass of the Savior's Hide for a modest thirty thousand, or, you could get the proper value of 120,000.

Most of you know about Creeper, the friendly scamp located in the Ghorak Manor, Caldera. He carries 5000 gold on him and buys most objects, always at their value. Here is the trick.

Sell him many small things, preferrably 6th house amulets (they are many and fit well with the 5,000). Make sure he is well loaded on them. When you sell your super-expensive item you have and can't get rid of, buy back your small merchandise in the same trade. Sleep so your buddy can get his money back and sell your smaller objects back to him. Morrowind could use credit or something. In any case, you are soon to be a (ridiculously) wealthy man, especially if you're something of a dungeon-crawler.
Here's an extremely slow, easy, and legit way to make money in Morrowind without getting in any trouble and without risking anything. Get a large quantity of a product such as Hackie-Lo or Saltrice, any good that you can get large amounts of will work. Now, you have to experiment with this a bit to catch on, but it does work. When selling goods to traders, you can sell items as individual pieces, or in bulk. Sometimes, traders will pay more for bulk than for individual pieces, sometimes, they will pay less. Here's how is work,if they pay less in bulk, sell the items individually, and without closing out the transaction window, buy them back in bulk; if they pay more in bulk, sell them the goods in bulk, and without closing out the transaction, buy the objects back as individually. Once you've bought the objects back, there will still be a amount sold price on the bottom, if you do this multiple times, you'll eventually build up money. Here's the thing to remember though, you can't just close out the deal with the trader not get anything, so once you have as much of an amount sold price as you need, sell one of the pieces off and you'll have the money without any of the reprecussions such as dead traders or bounties.
Simple set of Soul Gems
Go to Seyda Neen and walk around the area, pick up 1 of the brown mushroom, and the blue mushroom. Then, search the trees and find 1 Bunglers Bane and 1 Hyphia Facia.

Then, go to Balmora and enter the Mage's Guild. Talk to the guild steward and join the Mage's Guild, if you haven't already. Then, run downstairs and talk to Ajira the Khajiit. Ask her for duties, and she'll ask you to collect mushrooms. You've already collected them, because I told you to at the beginning. Ask about mushrooms again and give them to her. Ask about duties again and she'll say she made a Bet with Galbier or whatever the Yellow-cloked lady's name is. She'll ask you to replace a Lesser Soul Gem in Galbier's desk with a Fake Soul Gem. Head upstairs and you should see Galbier heading down. While you replace the soul gem, all of the other gems on display on the desk (including the plate and candles) are all yours, and you won't get caught!

Just make sure that you do something with them before you do something else to get a crime reported, or else the guard will take them from you. You can always find them again in evidence chests in the Forts, however. Evidence chests are usually locked and heavily guarded, though.
Sky Walkert
First you must have an exsquisite ring, a grand soul gem (common in Mournhold)with a Golden Saint, and 2 spells.
1. levitate
2. Bound Longbow
Set these spells with the ring and Golden Saint on constant effect and you'll be able to walk in the air and have a no weight longbow.
special glass sword
In solstheim In one of the gloomy caves there is this dark elf dressed in full glass armor. He killed all of the slaves in there. He will start to attack you kill him with the strongest weopon you got and take the special glass sword and his armor.
Steal soul gems from Mages Guild.
This might have been said before, but im saying it again. First, you need to be in the mages guild, not "need", just makes it a lot easier to get it. Go to Ajahar, or whatever his name is and do missions until the one where you need to put a fake soul gem into another mages desk, Ajahar(or whatever) will say that the other mage is comming down now,and this is your chance. Go upstairs to the mages room and put the gem in the desk, then grab the gems, careful not to sit there too long, if you do the mage will catch you. Happened to me, i was sitting there happy with my thieving and it turns out the guy was standing behind me.
Strength tip!
Don't raise your strength to high for 2 main reasons.

1.You can't complete the main quest. If your srength is too high when you hit the heart it will die and the lorkhan won't.

2.Whenever you hit somebody, it breaks your weapon instanlty. So, unless you like repairing armor and weapons 24/7, you won't move your strength above 200.
super easy money/alchemy
in vivec mages guild, the lady that sells you alchemy items, the ingrediants for detect animal and lightning shield postions, if you sell her 10 of that ingredient she will have her normal stock, plus what you sell her when her shop refreshes.*i am pretty sure these are the only 4 ingredients that do this trick, and it only works with her* so the trick is, buy the ingredients, sell them back, wait for refresh, repeat. i can buy 10k of them at one time. although it does put a hamper on the wallet until you can make potions that are really good.
Ever wished to fly? Well, there are two ways:

Go to Vivec, Temple, Palace of Vivec, and go on level one on the left side. Jump off and levitate to the top of the building. Donate at levitation potion and you will get Stop the Moon Blessings from the shrine. You will run very fast and be able to fly anywhere you want for 24 hours! (Stop the Moon Blessings: Levitate 100 points)

Get a Scroll of the Windwalker in either:
Hiomaren or
Anudnabia, Forge of Hilbongard on the Floor. There is also a Grandmaster's Armorer's Hammer in there too.
(Scroll of the Windwalker: Invisibility for 60 sec
Levitation 500 points for 60 seconds, 1762 gp)
Sweet Swords!
The high ordinators in mournhold carry swords called ebony scimitars. The scimitars hold a sweet 80 enchantment, so if you have a good amount of money you can make some powerful swords!

Example-Phantom-absorb health 100 pts. for 2 sec. frost damage 80 pts.!!!!!!!!!
The Museum
Ok in mornhold, godsreach there is a neat little museum. you can sell unique weapons and items for 30 000 drakes.

If you are a total dickface like me who wore high ordinator armor and became an enemy of the Temple this is for you. Go to suran and go behind the mountain. there should be some orc called umbra. you can do the noble thing and talk to him until he asks you to kill him or you could run up and shove a dagger in his face, anyway he has a pritty cool sword called umbra, thats 1 of the legendary items you can sell at the museum. another one is the lords mail, this can be found in a cavern on some shithead around near the moat. number 3 is the magnus staff which can be found on mount kand somewere in a cavern. theres another legendary staff somewere else but i totaly forgot, anyway once you have all the legendary items (theres a book listing these items in the museum) go sell em at the museum and remember: don't sell 1 and take it back coz when the museum is finished it looks awsome. Oh right and if your a dickface like me as i mentioned earlier the high ordinators will attack you on sight (because theres some in the museum guarding the stuff) so sell the stuff, check out the finished museum, kill the guards and take all the lovley legendary items and get on with your shitty lives!

- your fellow gamer, SUPERDOOD!
A good way to make the game of Morrowind much easier is to become an extremely good thief. Here's some tip to do this. First, Balmora is a great town to get started in, sneak around back walkways and steal from crates and baskets. These items can be sold off to merchandise people like Clagius without any problems, if you steal stuff from inside someone's store and sometime later on try to sell the same type of item, they won't give you money for it. Also, save often, you never know when someone might see you. Now, a really good way to get your sneak up - Go to a place where people are at and get somewhere where no one can get to you to interrupt this process (the basements of gaurd towers in aid-ruhn work great, sit behind a table). Now, lock your sneak in by double click the left joystick button. Leave your XBox on for a day and when you get home, if no one interrupted you your sneak should be up to 100. Also, try to find shadowmask rings, these helped me out A LOT. You can take my word for it, I stole everything from all the vaults in Vivec and Ghostgate without cheating or killing one gaurd. However, don't be afraid to kill some people when you start, if you have to do it, but make sure that they're unimportant people who are alone. After all, if you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.
third way to get dark brotherhood armor
Go to Suran. Kill the Slave trader. then go upstairs and sleep.I slept for twelve hours. you should be awoken by a loud noise. go downstairs, and there should be a dark brotherhood assassin. his armor rating is (at least when I killed him it was) 57 or 58. He may also have a dagger called soul drinker worth 11000.
Tons of Gold :

First, go to solsteim, fort frostmoth. If you look on the map you will see an island right off the north east corner of the island. Go to that island. The door is facing the water, it is a relatively small island so just earch around for it. Unlock the door and go in. It is a good idea to bring a torch with you. The gold is scattered all over the floor and it is dark in there. There is also a ebony lonsword, glass helm and someother things that will help you out.
Undo paralyzation
I couldn't figure out how to undo paralyzation once I was frozen. Spells, scrolls and items are useless since they needed to be read or cast and you obviously can't if you are paralyzed. Potions may have some effect, but I wanted an instant, proven remedy since a foe can open a lot of whoop#%$@ on you before you may unfreeze. If you go into the barracks in Tel Branora in the council house there are several footlockers near bunkbeds that have Hlervu lockets in them that have the highest enchantment points I have found, equal to exquisite rings and identical to some exquisite lockets in appearance. (I may have misspelled the name) I enchanted a locket with the effect of 'resist paralyzation 100%, constant' and when/if I am paralyzed, I can equip it and be free to move about the cabin again. I don't remember precisely, but I believe it was around 56k gold for the enchantment but well worth it. For any of you that employ my 'thinker' spell listed above in my cheat 'Permanently paralyze most enemies' I made the enchanted locket to see if it would unfreeze me from my cheat spell reflected. It did, even when 'cure paralyzation' potions were useless. Enjoy ;p)
Unlimited Golden Saint Souls!!
Ok First go to a daedric ruin or anywhere else you can find Golden saints,then kill one saint.
The next thing you do us look at the body
(must be straight at the ground else it doesn't works)and then for the rest half hour(you choose the time of course)you cast soutap on his body,everytime you do this there will be a message "you've trappeda soul"!!!
unlimited money
when you first start out, get to the point where you can buy a iron long sword. next, take the silt strider from seyda neen to balamora. go to raviir the traders shop and either bash the living crap out of him, or taunt, then bash the living crap out of him. you might want to use the unlimited health cheat. when he dies he should have some enchanted items with him. take them and anything else. now go to meldor the armorers shop down the street. sell all weapons except the katana. you should have enough money to buy 2 master calcinators at an alchemy shop. buy them, equip both, press b, talk to shop owner, cancel, and talk to them again. you should now have 4 master calcinators instead of 1. sell them or use them you can always make more.
Unstopable Character
If your character is going strenghtwise, do this:
Get the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw,Ebony Mail,Fists of Ragdulf,Daedric Pauldrons,boots and Greaves, Hopesfire or Trueflame, Hunter's amulet of strength, and Royal Sighet ring. My char is ABSOLUTELY UNSTOPABLE.
Oreyn Bearclaw can be obtained through a Daedric Quest for Malacath in Assurdirapal, which is west of Dagon Fel.
Ebony Mail is sweet as hell, and can be obtained through the four corner pilgrimage of Tribunal Temple.Go to High Fane in Vivec and join the Temple. Talk to the Archcanon and finish the seven graces to earn his trust.then do the four corner pilgrimage.The last pilgrimage is tough, the Glambopudy is located under a pillow on a bed.
Fists of Ragdulf are under a loot chest in Ilunbi, north of Gnar Mook.
Pauldrons are located on Divayth Fyr in Tel Fyr. Finish his Corpsus Potion Quest, then you can kill im(Hes kinda tough though).The boots and greaves are also on him.
Hunters amulet is located on the Hunters aspect of strenght at the end of the Bloodmoon quest.
Royal Sighet ring is on Hlallu Helseth in Mournhold, finish the Tribunal quest and you can dispatch him.
Swords are obtained throughout the Tribunal main quest.
Vaults in Vivec
Must have the Tower Sign or your lock picking skill to pick a level 50 lock.

There are 2 vaults in Vivec that you can easily loot. The first is in Hlaalu. Go to the Treasury on the highest level, and go down to the vaults. Drop all your goods that you might have already stolen and unlock the first vault. Pay the guard your small fee for opening it, then go inside and close it behind you. Make sure there are no gaurds in the vault and sleep to regain the Tower Power or pick all the chests. Once you have all that you can carry, leave and make sure you close the door so no guards get in. Go sell all your loot to creeper or someone with lots of money. Then go back and keep looting! Also, do this to the second vault in Hlaalu. Then go to Redora and do the samething. There is another vault but this one is way harder to loot. Go to the treasury in Telvania. Save outside of the vault. Once you go inside there will be two monsters hurry and turn around and go through the door. Then do the Health cheat real fast so you wont loose any life from the spell they put on you. keep doing the cheat as necessary. Now you are in the real vault. There are two guards in there but they get stuck sometimes at the door and you can loot the chests behind the corner. Make sure you crouch and see if they can see you. If you have Mark and Recall you can set mark there and go and sell then come back for more. There you go!! Have fun.
Very Easy Money
First, You must have a high Mercentile skill and a fairly high personailty.Go to a store.Make sure the person you barter with has a lot of money,and make sure you have atleast 1000 septims,Keep admiring the person you barter with until you reach 100 or whatever.. Now buy some items..When you buy the items try and get it for less.Then sell the items you just bought for more to the same person until their septimes reach 0.Now find a bed(try and find one close to the person you just barterd with)Now sleep for 24 hours(by this time the person you barterd with will have the same amount of money as before you barterd with him)Keep repeating until desired septimes is reached..
Volendrung can be found in Tel Fyr. It is near Yagrum Bagrum in a lock level 100 chest. It is 600gp and probably as strong as a Orcish Warhammer. Nonetheless, it is still a legendary item.
Weild a Severed Nords leg!
This is a pretty weird weapon to find - its a severed Nords leg that acts like a blunt weapon.

Once you have completed the bloodmoon missions to the point of completeing Aesilips Lair in Lake Fjalding,finish by becomeing a werewolf and return to Thirsk. Upon your return to enter the hall you will notice that the hall has collapsed somewhat and everyone but Svenja Snow-Song is dead and the chieftan is crushed. Talk to Svenja and find out that the fire from Aesilips lair has opened a tomb sealed by ice containing a creature called 'the Udyrfrykte' goto the lake and at the bottom of the hill down from Thirsk [east lakeshore, west from Thirsk] is a new cave. Go in and look for a black babboon like monster with green eyes and arrows in its back. kill it and take its heart and its weapon A SEVERED NORDS LEG!

Futher more once you have talked to Svenja and shown her its heart, she will tell you you cannot yet enter the hall to become Thirsk Chieftan yet. So goto Hrothmunds bane like your told and go into the cave at the wolfs eye, there is an axe in stone that you couldnt take before, talk to the axe and state your intentions of becoming Thirsk Chieftan and take the axe, return to Svenja and finish the mission

Have fun
your own pet
This is cool. In the great bazaar near the stage there is this guy that sells pets. The choises are a pack rat that carries your stuff. A regular rat. And a scrib. This is cool because you get to comande them. The pet seller is a breton.


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1 Gold Training Session :
This glitch will allow you to use any of the trainers in the game for one gold piece each time, and it will also allow you to train any skill to level 100 with any trainer (in other words, you don't need to go track down master trainers anymore). The steps are as follows:

1. Go to the Prison Tower in Fort Moonmoth. The woman that is guarding the cells has a ''Drain Skill'' spell. Buy it.

2. Now go to any spellmaker (the easiest would probably be the high elf in the Balmora Mages Guild, since Balmora is so close to Fort Moonmoth. The spell you want to make is ''Drain (insert skill here) 100-100 for 2 sec on Self''. So if you were wanting to train your heavy armor skill up to level 100, the spell would be ''Drain Heavy Armor 100-100 for 2 sec on self''. This spell should cost you about a hundred coins.

3. Now you need to find a trainer who trains the skill you just bought the spell for. In this case you can find a heavy armor trainer right next door in the Balmora Fighter's Guild. What you do now is cast your ''Drain Heavy Armor'' (or whatever skill you choose) and while it is active open the training box. Since your Heavy Armor skill will be drained to zero no matter what you had it at, it will only show up as costing 1 gold piece to train. Now after you are done training, the spell will wear off and you will retain the level you just trained your Heavy Armor to. You can do this as many times as you want with every skill in the game. You can also train skills even when they are at level 100 already, though they won't go any higher. Use this to keep gaining levels for HP and to max out your stats.

*Note: This trick is especially useful for Medium Armor since the developers forgot to put the Master Trainer in the game, so if you were hoping to use the Medium Armor Master Trainer, you're screwed. Use this trick to unscrew yourself. And if you feel guilty about cheating, drop 100,000 gold on the ground when you're done and walk away
4 locations of the best swords & armour you will see
Im a nord of course, an unstoppable nord, and the reason i came this way is by these 4 locations of the best swords and armour.

1.umbra sword:
first you must travel to Suran. From there you look around the mountains to the east. Soon enough you will find an orc warrior who claims to be undefeatable and no warrior is worthy enough to beat him in battle. He asks you if you are able to defeat him in battle you say yes and you kill him. if you are a low level do not do this unless you have the health cheat [highlight your health bar and enter this code black, white, black, black, balck then hold a till your health bar is full]he has full orc armour and umbra sword, which has a great soul trap spell on it and has great slash, thrust and chop as well

2.ice blade of the monarch:
Travel to dagon fel and go south from there, well kinda south.You will eventually find a stronghold or something called rotheran. In there there is a mage that has a gladiator thing goin on with his slaves, find the mage and kill him, on him you will find the ice blade of the monarch which is better than umbra sword by a mile with awesome frost damage and and slash, thrust and chop.

3. lords mail:
Ok, this would have to be the best armour in the entire game! all you have to do is go to ebonheart, and when you reach the bridge to enter ebonheart look right, then walk straight ahead till you come to the last island on ebonheart to the right and in between the island youre still on. look on your map there should be a door under water, go into it. Inside go straight ahead and you should be in a small cavern in which an imperial soldier is standing he will attack you first kill him and take hise armour [lords mail].
look around and there should be some levitate potions take them cause above where the imperial was standing there is another level where a glass longsword and some other cool stuff are.

4. full glowing super good indoril armour:
This would have to be also one of the best armour in the game , the cuirass is not as good as lords mail though.
first of all you must travel to Mournhold the capital of Morrowind. when your there go to the part of Mournhold known as godsreach. If you trace along the walls of godsreach eventually you will find an ex high ordinator in full glowing indoril armour. He does not like to talk so the way to take his armour is talk to him of course , to get him to attack you first[so you dont get a fine]is go the little secret icon in his list of subjects, he says that he will kill u if u dont get out his face, then go to the splendid armour icon and choose the middle phrase of the other two and he will want to kill you, he is really tough cause his sword lowers your strength and other stuff.
When you EVENTUALLY kill him you take his armour be carefull though if ordinators see you wearung indoril armour they will want to kill you.

so there you have the best armour and sword things you will ever see....maybe
Become a God
Towards the end of Morrowind, your character might be too strong for any worthy fights. When that day comes go to the Azura Shrine. Click on the statue and Azura will give you a quest. Fulfill that quest and recieve Azura's Star. Now the fun part, go to Vivec-Temple. The far south canton holds the god Vivec. He really is just a big whimp, cast soul-trap on him and kill him. If Azura's Star is empty, you will trap Vivec in the gem. Now you have Vivec soultraped, ready to be enchanted into any armor, clothing....(gem worth 1 Meeellion Dollars!)
Constant Regenerating Mana
This provides you with constantly regenerating mana as long as your mana bar was the last thing selected in your menu. You start by performing the mana cheat, select the mana bar in the stats menu and press B,W,W,B,W, Hold A. Before your mana fully regenerates, ans while still holding A, press either shoulder button to change menus. Go back to the stats menu, and reenter the mana cheat. Leave the mana bar selected and press B to exit the menu, you should now regenerate mana as its used up. This may or may not work with health and fatigue, I haven't tried yet (although using it for fatigue is a little redundant), but you can only use it for one at a time, as it requires you to keep the bar selected. You will also have to reenter the cheat as often as you change menus.
Crazy items in Thirsk !
I was adventuring around Solstheim and without realizing came to Thrisk.Anyway,I was looking for a Hammer because my equipment needed repairing so i was looking everywhere outside....so along the wall of the great hall i saw a treestump and looked in it and found a crazy ring,2 gloves that are the Fist of Randagulf version for thieve's.The glove effects are one of the glove's has a constant effect for 20 to sneak and the other constant effect for 20 to security.
And there was also a enchanted ebony longsword with 20-100points to chameleon for 20 seconds on target.
Anyway enjoy this cheat.
Daedric Cresent :

Ok you will need to open a lock level 100 also a levitation spell, and a far reaching ring or spell. You go to tel fyr wich is in the main quest go up to his baracks wich is called hall of fyr. then there is a chest on the bookcase you will need to levitate up in the air so he cant see you. Then use the far reaching ring or spell. Then pick the lock in mid air open it inside should be a key and a daedric pennant or token.Pick it up then go to your inventory and pick it it will say travel to the dadric ruins say yes. Then it will telaport you to a dadric shrine. A daedra will attack you kill him then it will say You have killed the dadra leader the penant disapeaers and is replaced by His very own weapon THE DAEDRIC CRESENT worth 180,000 up to 50 damage paralizes the and decenagrates there weapon. its shaped like a cresent moon. Its a little complicated but worth it... Also theres a curiass in a closet down the hall its light armour but is 266 armour rating.
Easy Daedric Weapons
In order for this to work, you have to have a cheat that enables for your summoned creatures to stay. (IE: Demora(sp) spell and soul trap for 2 seconds)

Demora seem to carry an assortment of weapons, so basically, summon one with the summon creatures cheat, kill 'em, and viola. They also carry Ebony and Dwarven weapons too. I have a collection of Daedric weapons that I am somewhat happy with for the meantime.
Easy Guard Armor/Armor Enchantment
Go to the triunal area where you see all the guards wearing the mohawk outside the courtyard. Make sure you have at least 4 restore strength and agility potions (I just use "Scroll of bodily restoration" found in a dwelling on the bloodmoon island). Taunt him until he says goodbye and attacks you with magic. Get his health like half-way down and he'll use a magic that if you strike him, it gives him health so wait like 30 seconds(his health might be full again, but he can only use this spell three times). Once you kill him, take his armor to a enchanter in a Vvanderfell mages guild and enchant every peice with a enchantment of forward health and feather. Set it to constant effect qnd you are ready to kill...
Free price off ur head! Without going to the theive guilds!
First you will need to find the closest jail!
Drop off your stuff any where (I surgest in fronte of the entrance). Remember you must drop every thing in your inventory! Go turn your self in! Then when you are released go search for your stuff! Pick it all up then you have no bounty!
Get strength above 1000
This is quit simple ok when you get corprus keep sleeping for 24 hours and ur strength will go up, keep doing this until ur happy with ur strength level, then go to tel fyr and get healed like normal but be careful of greater bonewalkers because ur strength will go down and u wont be able to get it back.
Get Two Proil Tars.
First get the first one the normal way, then go to the Wailingdelve and go to the very bottom. Go behind the waterfall, look in water and you will find another proil tar.
Grace Period :
At the start of the game, get your papers from Ergalla and go outside. Take the ring from the barrel and walk up to the left side of the second building. At the corner where the wall and the building meet, jump repeatedly and you should glitch through the wall. Now, if you hit anybody or steal something, a guard will just walk up and say something to the effect of, "If you do that again, you may just be thrown back in prison." If you drop the item you stole before they reach you, it is marked as yours and you can pick it back up. This is useful for collecting armor and weapons, because you can go anywhere. Unfortunately you cannot save. Note: some non-guard NPCs may attack you and you still can't kill anybody and get off scot-free.
Great stuff
Okay, I've read a lot of these, and I've never seen this, so I'm gonna write it! For this cheat to work , you'll need a little couple things first. Either a VERY high security skill, capable of picking locks up to ninety points. (i just made an amulet with open lock 100pts) You'll also need an invisibility spell.
Now, once you have those, go to the Waistworks of the Hlaalu Canton in Vivec. Go into the Hlaalu Treasury, and go downstairs into the vaults. Once there, you will notice a locked and trapped iron grate door. This is where you will need your skills and an invisibility potion or spell. Cast invisiblilty, and unlock the door, (lvl 90 lock) There's a hall, and another lvl 90 door. Once again, cast invis. and unlock the door. There are ordinators all over the place, so the invis. is recomended. Through this door you will come into the vaults. The contents of the vaults varry, however, there is close to 10k worth of gold and jewels alone, and normally a few ebony swords, a coupe glass, some really good magical items and so forth. There is also a vault like this one in the redoran compound, with two vaulst, and an almost complete set of ebony armor. i think it's only missing a helm, and you can find that in the hlaalu vaults. Enjoy
Health Cheat,Magicka Cheat, and Fatigue Cheat
Health Cheat
While your are being attacked press the 'B' button and us the L and R triggers
to change it to your Stats. Make your bar(highlighter) go to the Health bar and press
both L and R triggers and then press (black)(White)(black)(black)(black).

Magicka Cheat
While your are being attacked press the 'B' button and us the L and R triggers
to change it to your Stats. Make your bar(highlighter) go to the Magicka bar and press
both L and R triggers and then press (Black)(White)(White)(Black)(White).

Fatigue Cheat
While your are being attacked press the 'B' button and us the L and R triggers
to change it to your Stats. Make your bar(highlighter) go to the Fatigue bar and press
both L and R triggers and then press (Black)(black)(White)(White)(Black).
infinate water walking
1. Go to seyda neen buy jack of trades

2. Then go to balamora go to the mages guild and talk to the telepoorter. Then go to spells and get soul trap. And try to find a spell that gives you water walking.

3. go to someone and do the spellmaker thing and put on soul trap and water walking. make sure the water walking is on self and soul trap is on target. buy it

4.then go to a corner and look at your feet down as far a you can and the cast it.

p.s. when you are making it go to self or target make sure you you dont mess with anything else.
Infinite Gold !!
For this code to work you must have several things done, Number 1: You must have access to Mournhold, Number two: You must be able to kill a High Ordinator, and Number three: High ordinators must hate you. First, have some kind of High Ordinator Armor on then go to the Armory in the Great Bazaar. Second, talk to the High Ordinator with some of their same armor on. He will say that tou should not wear that armor and will attack you.(After this all Ordinators will see you as a criminal and attack you) Kill him. Take his armor off his body and set it on the ground. Sell 10k worth of armor then dispose of his body. Go upstairs and sleep in the bed for 24 hours. After you wake up the Ordinator will be back and the money that the Aromorer had will be back up to 10k. Repeat same process as above. After awhile the armor builds up so if you don't dispose of his body he will still be dead even if after you sleep. Since they attack you first you cannot have a bounty on your head.
Infinite invisibility or Chameleon
This one comes in handy if your character is an assassin or a thief. You must have a soul trap spell, and if you don't have it already join the mages' guild and buy it. Also buy an invisibility spell or Chameleon (Dosen't matter how much) and go to any spell maker and put Invisibility on self for 1 second and soul trap for 2 seconds. Look down and cast it and there you go, you're the invisible man (or woman). To cancel out the effect save first and reload and you're back to normal. It gets even funnier if you sneak up on smugglers and attack them or creatures. (Note if parts of you are visible, i.e hands or greaves, you're still invisible, except if you talk to someone if you used invisibility instead of chameleon...I'm still experimenting though.)
Invicible From Physical Attacks
Okay, first learn Sanctuary (At The Sadrith Mora Mage's Guild, or if you a dark elf) And Soultrap (The Transport lady in Balmora Mage's Guild)
Now make a spell with the following effects:

Sactuary 100 points for 2 seconds on self
Soultrap 1 second on target

Now look directly at the floor and cast the spell and voila! Your invincible to almost all physical attacks!

NOTE: I was even able to cast this spell with my Barbarian Nord! And it is pretty cheap, just like the permanent night eye cheat.
kill aguard easy (part cheat)
First go to menu high light your health.Then press black,white,black 3 times, press a and hold the n while holding press b(do not go to menu screen unless ull put back in code). steal from a shop nothing worth alot(has to have a guard in shop). then resist arrest then jump out. pay your bounty then go in the shop.If you did it right hell attack you kill him and you wont have a bounty.
Level Cheat for only 1 coin
Go to Fort Moonmoth and go to the interior. One of the prison places has a woman
who guards the cells. Talk to her and buy the athletic drain spell. Then go to Mage's
Guild and go to the woman who can spell make. Then choose any skill you want raised.
(Has to be one of your Major or Minor Skills).It must be on self for 2 sec and 100 to 100
magnitude. Then go in front of the trainer that has that skill and use the spell. You have to
click the person before 2 sec. Then make your bar(highlighter) go to training and the skill
will cost only 1 septims.
Permanent Fortification :
This works for Fortifying, Attributes, Skills, and Attacks.

1) Get a spell that fortifies an attribute or skill (or get all 26 Sanguines to get Mephala's Skill so you can fortify Attack) and a Soultrap spell.
2) Find someone who makes Spells.
3) Make a spell with:

Fortify X (whatever you want fortified) however many points you want (make sure it's a certain number and not a range) for 2 seconds on Self (you can add as many of these as you want to one spell, just make sure they last 2 seconds on self)
Soultrap on Target
4) Name and buy the spell
5) Cast the spell

Your attribute, skill, or attack will be raised by however many points you specified permanently. This is a good way to raise attributes and skills once they hit 100 and can't be raised naturally anymore.
Contributed By: SamboSimpson
Permanent Summon Spell
To permanently summon any creature, first you need to have the summon spell for whichever creature you want to permanently summon, and soul trap. Next, you must find someone who makes spells, and make a spell with:

Summon *Creature* (Any type) on self for 1 second

Soul trap on target for 2 seconds

Now you need to point straight down, and cast. The creature should appear in front of you, and stay and follow you around until you kill it and dispose of it's corpse. This can be used multiple times to summon multiple creatures. Also, unlike ordinary summons, you will be able to collect items from the creature's body.

Permanent Invisibility or Chameleon
To get permanent invisibility you shold have an invisibility spell or a chameleon, any one will do and soul trap also or this cheat will not work at all. Go to any spell maker and have either invisibility or Chameleon on self for one second, and soul trap for two secs. Look down and cast the spell and you'll know it works when you transparent. If you save and re-load, you'll become visible, but people won't see you, or enemies for that matter. It works perfectly for thieves and assassins, also if you are trying to raid a local smuggler's cave too. You can also talk to them, but their disposition will be low though.
Permanent Spells
To make a spell permanent, buy the spell from a npc, find someone who makes the spell, then set it for whatever effect you want on self for 1 second, then add soultrap on target for 2 seconds.
I personally recommend Alteration spells. Such as feather. Make it a permanent spell and then cast however many times you want. On feather and athletics, though, don't cast too many times, or you'll end up running like the flash. Another good one is Fortify Attribute or Fortify Skill spell. After you buy them, I would go to Estirdalin in Balmora and have her make you a 100to100 on self fortify attribute/skill of any type. Then cast and you have permanent plus 100 on any skill. You can keep casting as much as you want.
Regenerate Health, Magica and Fatigue
To regenerate any of these abilities, use the regular cheat code, but press the B key while you hold down the A key. You will exit from the menu and regenerate that ability constantly until you enter and move around in the menu again.

Health: BWBBB A (hold) then B
Magica: BWWBW A (hold) then B
Fatigue: B,B,W,W,B.

Remove Weight Forever!
It's simply the perma spell glitch.

If anyone knows how to make spells permanent I'll explain it in the spell creation way.

Feather 100pts on self 1 secs
Soultrap on target 2 secs don't need a area
For anyone that doesn't know what the above says:

Okay if you don't know what I put above I'll put it like this. Look around the mages guild and buy a spell called feather from one of the mages I forget who has it. Everything you need is in the Balmura mages guild bottom floor. Then go to the lady in the red robes who has the option travel. Buy the spell called soultrap from her. When you have all of this done go to the really tall high elf lady that kinda looks like a really tall dude in a robe, when your talking to her/him/it, (not sure. I think it's a lady) you'll see the option spellmaking. Go to that. You'll have the chance to enter spell effects that you want added to your spell. The first effect you want is feather. You'll have a few options. It will say Touch/Target/Or Self I forget what one appears first I think it's touch. It will be in a box. Keep clicking on it until it changes to self. Change the first two bars called the magnitude bars to 100 and the bar that says duration to 1. Hit ok. After that add the effect soultrap. Change Touch/Target to Target. Then do duration two and don't change the area. Leave it 0. Hit ok. Name your spell then press X to buy it. When your feeling kinda heavy or when you wanna remove excess weight look at the ground and cast your spell if you don't fail you will have removed 100 points of weight permanently. Making you run faster and making you be able to steal/pillage longer without having to stop at mudcrab or creeper to pawn off your loot.
Restore Health
First you must hit B while you are playing!
Then pull L and R to cycle to the stats menu.
Highlight the health bar.
Input this cheat code: BLACK,WHITE,BLACK,BLACK,BLACK,then hold A until your bar is full. GOOD LUCK
Robe of The Lich
Ok you know the tomb with a lock level 50 under the temple, go in there and talk to the person who collects tithes for the temple, she will say something about latest rumors she will say something about and epidemic and to talk with the person in the back of the temple. Do all the quest for her and go into the basetment you will see a High Ordinator lying on the ground with a cat person over him. Talk to the cat person and he'll say that he couldn't open the door to the tomb so he waited until you went in and left when she went in looking for treasure she found a secret door and found a lich in the coften. He told here he will spread a diease all over mournhold. Heal the Cat person and he should tell you to go in and Kill the lich.

Now once you get in the tomb there will be two pillars standing next to a rock wall stand in between them and the door should open. Fight your way to the lich and he will say he would spread the diease all over mornhold and would rule with an undead army. Kill him and take the rob.

Rob of the lichrain health 600 pts on self
foritfy Magika 300 pts on self
When you want to steal items in a shop do this. Jump onto the highest item-crate, bookcase, plant... Then hold your sneak and if done right you can steal anything within that range without worry. Remeber to get as high as possible, because being high is what it is all about.
Stealing Across the ROOM./Permant Spell
In order to enable this cheat you will need to know a little magic. Go to someone who can spellmaker and make a spell that has 100 to 100 telekenisis for 1 sec on self. Next add soul trap (target..or else it wont work) to it for secs. Now cast the spell as much as you want and you now can open doors steal as much as you want..... Guess what you know that good armor behind the counter in Balmora jump on the crate and (make sure the guard cant see you) take it used permenant spell in order to make it for another spell simply replace telekenisis with a different spell....Be warned the soul trap is permenant.
Stupid Guards!
This glitch doesn't work all the time but if you've done some morag tong quests and kept your writs of execution you can commit crimes and then a guard will tell you to go to jail, pay the fine, resist arrest, or show your writs of execution. If you show your writs sometimes they will say your papers seem to be in order and walk away.
Teleport to mages guild from home.
First make a spell that combines command humaniod 100 2 secounds for five feet on touch, calm humanoid for 2 secound mag 100 five feet on touch and soul trap 1 secound on target. Go the girl who telports you in the mages guild. Lokk at the ground in front of her and cast the spell. She should follow you without stopping. Now lead her to your house or where ever you want her to be and use divine intervention. When you return she will not follow you but will be in a convinont location. Now you can teloport from home to any mages guild. This enslavement trick works on everyone but Vivec. I have duke dren in my dungion
Ultimate cheat :
This is the only place you will find this cheat on the net, but it takes some knowledge of the game or a strong character. First, get the weapons Keening, and Sunder, which are located in Dwemer ruins in Red Mountain. Whatever you do, do NOT equip them unless you have at least 100 hp. While the gauntlet Wraithguard is not required, it IS recommended. You can get it in two ways, the second is less time consuming, but not necessarily easier. The first way is by completing the main quest for Caius Cosades and about 3/4 the way into it Vivec will give you Wraithguard. Second, you can enter Vivec's chamber in Vivec City, kill Vivec, and take the dwemer artifact. After you do this, travel to the island of Tel Fyr on the east side of the map. In the corprusarium, find the last dwemer and do what he requires to identify the item as Wraithguard. If you have a character with very high hp you do not need to do all this, but it helps. When you have either obtained Wraithguard, or have very high hp, drop all other weapons besides keening and sunder. Do the quick toggle through weapons by holding Left Trigger and X. By doing this, the constant effect spells that keening and sunder have do not have time to wear off. The constant effects will remain permanent and your attributes will get so high that you can do anything you want. You can kill in 1 hit, never be hit, jump as high as you want, and run EXTREMELY fast. This is the ultimate cheat, and you won't find it anywhere else.
Vivec Glitch
You know those tunnels in Vivec? The ones in the sides of every building? Well, if you walk along one side of them, you will get pushed through the wall. You have to walk up the tunnel next to the wall, without getting stuck. You will get pushed throug about halfway up, and if you continue, near the top you will fall through into the water below. You will be inside the building! you can get out too!
Who wants to be a Multi-Millionaire?

All you have to do is go to Caldera in Ghorak Manor 2floor.

Sell 5000 gold for 5000 gold to Creeper then go sleep for 24 hours and keep doing that. ( You don't lose your money)

It may not show but everytime you sell him
5000 gold he gains 5k gold and you dont lose anything. When your ready kill him,check his body, and GRAB DEH LOOT!

If you just want to check how much gold he has on him you should save,then kill him,then reload if your not happy how much gold he has.