Midnight Club II (Xbox) Cheats

Midnight Club II cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Faster Start
To get the best start at races hold gas and handbrake untill it says 3..2..1 and then on 1 you let goof handbrake (R trigger) and you should get a faster start. It may take a bit of practise to get the timming right though.


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invisible motercycle driver
Once you crash on your moter cycle you press start and there is no driver.
250Mph car
Win all of the circut races and win the car with the rocket thrusters on the back. (forget its name)
It has 5 nitrous shots, but they're not needed. Hold down the handbrake when accelerating to get a "turbo" like boost. This thing hits 200mph in no time and the fastest it can go is 250
all cars and all 3 bikes
For all the cars and all 3 bikes type in: hotwired
All Locations
Go to the options menu and then to Cheat Codes . . . then input this code . . . it is case-sensitive:

All Vehical Addons
Type greasemonkey in the cheat menu
get a bike, then crash, hit start and then unpasue the guy wil be on the ground and you can drive riderless to get him back just crash, but dont hit start this works in mutiplar as in single player you can also do this with a blown up car
destroy your car then press start 2 times fast. your car should be on fire and totaled. but if you run into things you will just bounce off.WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not flip your car or else your stuck. the best way to not flip your car is to not run into things or you can use a motorcycle. you can not flip those plus you will have no rider.
invincible biker
to be an invincible biker you must first be a ghost rider (pressing start when you crash) and then run into a gas pump after you do that you must do it again it may take a few times to get down but when it works you can wheelie back so far that you will be on the back fender but you will not crash. It also works on any other platform for the game.

Make it easier/Harder
Load up your game. Go to Options, move down to controller, then move right until you get to cheat codes.
Type in
"howhardcanitbe_" But instead of a _ put in 0 through 9. 0 makes it the easist, 9 makes it the hardest.
Most Dedicated
Go to the options menu and then to Cheat Codes . . . type in this password .. . it's case sensitive:

Play Faster
Go to the options menu and then to Cheat Codes . . . type in this password .. . it's case sensitive:

Police cars
Don't like being chased by the law? rather be a cop yourself?

Go to arcade mode, and instead of cruise. Move to circut. Win all the races in each city to win the respective cop cars. They are fast and are able to use the sirens too with the push of the horn.
Unlimited Nitrous
Enter zoomzoom4 as a case sensetive cheat to get unlimited NOS in Arcade Mode.
In the cheats menu, enter lovenotwar as a case sensetive code. Press the siren button to shoot rockets and press left joystick to shoot a machine gun.