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Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (Xbox) Cheats

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Game Suggestions
Yeah, everyone wants a new hood or a chop top to make their car look sleek, but always visit the performance shop before doing any body work. You'll win more races, get more money, and THEN get the work done. And probably have enough money left over for some spinners.

Only use the A button on a turn for 90 degree angles (or more). Otherwise you're likely to spin into a building, or do a 180.

On the tournaments when it's you versus the clock, I'd reccomend using a sports bike and holding B throughout the whole thing. It's won me a few nice cars before.

As far as the hidden Rockstar logos go, here's a tip. Don't look on a busy street, or somewhere in the open. They're hidden for a reason. Look inside buildings or on grass, or in the back of the ghetto.

And erm, buy a Lotus Espirit. It's fun. >_>
TO start off with first place, get behind an opponent, and get a slip stream turbo you. Will get a fast getaway, and then speed away to victory.
Starting Car
I would suggest starting with a muscle car. I know most people choose tuners, but waiting until the end of the game to do all of the muscle car races can be very difficult.
Mercedes G55 AMG - Beat all of the SUV/Truck races.
Mercedes SL55 AMG - Win the tournament in San Diego that you unlock Detriot.
Mercedes CL55 AMG - Win all of the luxury car club races.
1968 Corvette Stingray - Win all of the muscle car club races
Lamborghini Murcielago - Win the US Champion Series races.
Kawasaki Ninja - Beat all of the Sport bike races.
Lexus IS300 - Complete the San Diego City Tournament.
1949 Chevrolet Fleetline - Win the Bad Boyz tournament in Detriot.
Caddilac Cien - Complete the "Detriot City" tournament.
Cadillac Sixteen - Complete the game 100%
Chrysler ME412 - Win all of the Exotic "Invitational" races.
Class C Vehicles - To unlock Class C Vehicles you must defeat Vanessa for the second time in San Diego.
Class B Vehicles - To unlock Class B Vehicles you have to defeat Vito in Atlanta.
Class A Vehicles - To unlock the Class A Vehicles you must defeat Angel in Detriot. He drives a Saleen S7.


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All things you can have
Add $1 to Career Money Total:
Enter kubmir at the cheat menu.

No damage:
Enter ontheroad at the cheat menu.

Faster pedestrians:
Enter urbansprawl at the cheat menu.

Increase car mass in arcade mode:
Enter hyperagro at the cheat menu.

Argo special move:
Enter dfens at the cheat menu.

Zone special move:
Enter allin at the cheat menu.

Roar special move:
Enter Rjnr at the cheat menu.

Chrome head:
Enter haveyouseenthisboy at the cheat menu.

Flaming head:
Enter trythisathome at the cheat menu.

Yellow smile head:
Enter getheadj at the cheat menu.

Pumpkin head:
Enter getheadk at the cheat menu.

Bunny head:
Enter getheadl at the cheat menu.

Snowman head:
Enter getheadm at the cheat menu.

Subtract $1 from Career Money Total:
Enter rimbuk at the cheat menu.

All cities in arcade mode:
Enter roadtrip at the cheat menu.
Archie & Jugheads galopy!
When your in Atlanta, beat the Hotlanta tournament. Immediately after that go to the garage and take out the Escalade go around the entire island youre onand then go back to the garage and take out the car that you won the Escalade with it should have duplicated itself and one of them should be the jalopy from the Archie & Jughead comics!!
Cheat List
Enter the Following cheats at the Cheat Menu.

# All cities in arcade mode: Enter ROADTRIP
# Argo special move: Enter DFENS
# Bunny head: Enter GETHEADL
# Faster pedestrians: Enter URBANSPRAWL
# Flaming head: Enter TRYTHISATHOME
# Increase car mass in arcade mode: Enter HYPERARGO
# No damage: Enter ONTHEROAD.
# Pumpkin head: Enter GETHEADJK
# Roar special move: Enter RJNR
# Snowman head: Enter GETHEADM
# Yellow smile head: Enter GETHEADJ
# Zone special move: Enter ALLIN
No damage
Enter ontheroad at the cheat menu.
  • El Diablo Rigid: defeat vanessa three times in career mode
  • Nissan Skyline: complete all 13 tuner race tournaments
  • Skully bike: complete the Chopper of America Bike Club races.
  • Chrysler 300C "DUB edition": Win the Balboa Park tournament in San Diego.
  • Cadillac Escalade EXT Dub Edition: Win the Hotlanta tournament in Atlanta. You will get $10,000 out of it.
  • Cadillac Escalade ESV: Win the second San Diego tournament.
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