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Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Cheats

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Tips

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Watch where you throw a grenade, even on easy mode, the enemies kick it back at you. Try to get it where they can't see it, like behind them.
Submitted by: anonymous on June 11, 2006
Invisible Fence
In the co op level fall of the Phillipenes, there is a guy in a fenced off area. Shoot him and set your 2nd player with a Garand. Go around and there will be a hole that you can climb through. When you climb through have your friend shoot the fence. The fence will disappear and the barrier will remain.
Submitted by: Bob on August 27, 2006

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Cheats

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Change Main Menu Views
In any main menu window press the RIGHTSTICK to change the view in the background.
Submitted by: Super Vegeta on January 01, 2005
TUSKFISH - Unlock All Missions
BANNER - Invincibility
WRASSE - Bullet Shield
BATFISH - Silver Bullet
CARDINAL - Achilles Head
BOXFISH - All Replay Items
PARROT - Invisible Soldiers
DOTTYBACK - Men With Hats
BETTA - Rubber Grenades
Submitted by: Andy on November 19, 2003
this cheat will alow you to go about the levels and not have any of your health taken away!
Submitted by: Jared Hartman on November 15, 2003
Unlimited Ammo
Description: Unlimited Ammunition
This code will give you unlimited ammunition. To activate unlimited
ammunition, from the Main Menu select "Options", then select "Passwords".
From the Passwords screen, enter the code -- JAWFISH.
Submitted by: Andy on November 18, 2003