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Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (Xbox) Cheats

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Watch where you throw a grenade, even on easy mode, the enemies kick it back at you. Try to get it where they can't see it, like behind them.
Invisible Fence
In the co op level fall of the Phillipenes, there is a guy in a fenced off area. Shoot him and set your 2nd player with a Garand. Go around and there will be a hole that you can climb through. When you climb through have your friend shoot the fence. The fence will disappear and the barrier will remain.


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Change Main Menu Views
In any main menu window press the RIGHTSTICK to change the view in the background.
TUSKFISH - Unlock All Missions
BANNER - Invincibility
WRASSE - Bullet Shield
BATFISH - Silver Bullet
CARDINAL - Achilles Head
BOXFISH - All Replay Items
PARROT - Invisible Soldiers
DOTTYBACK - Men With Hats
BETTA - Rubber Grenades
this cheat will alow you to go about the levels and not have any of your health taken away!
Unlimited Ammo
Description: Unlimited Ammunition
This code will give you unlimited ammunition. To activate unlimited
ammunition, from the Main Menu select "Options", then select "Passwords".
From the Passwords screen, enter the code -- JAWFISH.