Mercenaries (Xbox) Cheats

Mercenaries cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Free Support Items
Get something from the Mechant of Menace, then throw the smoke grenade. Before the grenade hits the ground, get out another item like C4. The smoke will come out and you won't be charged.
Kill people easier without getting caught
Get in a car then rev the car by holding break and gas at the same time let go and before the car hits the target jump out.
Killing People with out getting caught
If you have (or want) to kill an ally, tell them to get in a helicopter (small ones are best). Start your engine and hover then barely scrap the ground. Tell them to get out then immediatly fly up and sideways away from them (white button). They will fall and die (or be very hurt) and you won't loose money or friendship. (very useful on the second mafia contract with the Chinesse officer.
South Province helicopter glitch
In the South Province, get a helicopter and fly it to one of the corners of the map. After you reach one of the corners, someone will call an airstrike on you. There are stealth bombers that will try to shoot you down. Avoid the stealth bombers and you will wind back up at the M.A.S.H. (If you want to get the stealth bombers, get on top the them, drop out and hijack them).
Taking Over North Koreas
Ok this tip is very hard to understand so listen closey....

When you want to take over the a place filled with enemies (the North Koreas) and deadly, dangerous weapons, follow these instructions..
(MUST HAVE TONS OF MONEY) [money cheat- right, down, left, up, up, left, down, right]

1.Buy a (North Korea)Transporter Truck. Gather as much troops in there as possible.(any type of troops on your side)

2.Go to enemy lines. Unleash your army to fight (white button.) Kill some hard enemies. (The ones with deadly and dangerous weapons.)

3.Order the Allies helicopter. When it gets there, go inside and unleash them to fight. (Some will go back inside and use the guns- THAT'S A GOOD THING)

4. Keep repeating step three until you and your army has everything under control.

Waiting for Slow Pokes
Often you have to "baby sit" a journalist, or escort an important guy, or escape with a rescued prisoner. Usually, the AIs are dumb and slow getting to and into your vehicle when you're being shot at. Honk to get them to get come, then press the acceleration button, reverse button, and handbrake at the same time. Your car will go "SCREEEECH" but won't go anywhere. As soon at the person is beginning to get in, release all the buttons but the acceleration button, and because your motor's warmed up, you will go flying forward at close to top speed (careful not to run over good guys).


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Cheat crate
Verify all the Cards (Number Cards, Face Cards, and Aces) to unlock a secret crate. This crate contains three different super-powered weapons: The Street Sweeper, Pocket Artillery, and the ultimate weapon, the Portable Airstrike.

Playground Of Destruction mode
Successfully complete the game, then verify General Song (the Ace of Spades). Save the game when prompted. Load that saved game to start the game again with all money and support items previously collected.

Free ammunition and repairs
Choose a mission. Park a damaged vehicle in the base where the mission is located, accept the contract, then immediately cancel it. Select "No" at the "Retry" menu. Your vehicle will be repaired with full ammunition at no cost.

Blueprint rewards
Collect the indicated number of Blueprint bounties to get the corresponding reward:

1: All C4 Crate Drop
5: Sniper Rifle Drop
10: Stringer Supply Drop
15: Anti-tank Supply Drop
20: Mafia Heavy Soldier skin cheat code
30: NK Elite Soldier skin cheat code
40: Prototype Supply Drop
50: NK Number Card (Spades) skin cheat code
60: $100,000
70: $100,000
80: $250,000
90: $250,000
100: $500,000
110: Han Solo skin cheat code

National Treasure rewards
Collect the indicated number of National Treasure bounties to get the corresponding reward:

1: Chinese Scout Delivery
5: H3 Delivery
10: Chinese Fuel Truck Delivery
20: Indiana Jones skin cheat code
30: Civilian Doctor skin cheat code
40: Civilian Prisoner skin cheat code
50: Ace of Diamonds skin cheat code
15: $50,000
60: $100,000
70: $100,000
80: $250,000
90: $250,000
100: $500,000
110: SKU Elite Soldier skin cheat code

Monument rewards
Collect the indicated number of Monument bounties to get the corresponding reward:

10: North Korean ZSU 57 Anti Air Delivery
20: $250,000

SKU Listening Post rewards
Collect the indicated number of SKU Listening Post bounties to get the corresponding reward:

10: Health Crate Supply Drop
20: Civilian Baggage Carrier Delivery
30: Mafia MD-350 Scout Delivery
40: NK Numeric Card (Hearts) skin cheat code
50: Pilot skin cheat code
55: $250,000
Unlimited Ammo
Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left

Right, Down, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Right

All Merchant of Mence Unlocked
down, down, down, down, up, left, right, right.

up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right

Matrix Mode
Stand outside of the Russian Mafia's base and press A, B, B, Y, X, A then on the D pad press up, up, down, left, down, right then your man/women should have time to dodge anything that is fired at them this is called "Bullet time".
The NK Fortress Gate
Getting into the gate is really hard and tiring isn't it? Well guess what, I can solve it.

1)First, go to the Merchant of Menace thingy and then select Bunker Buster bomb.(Strategic missile works too)

2)Next target the middle of the gate then they will say "Roger, target received".

3)Then they will say "Bombs Free". and drop the bomb.


5)You've taken out the gate defences. Now you can go in.

P.S, Don't think about going through the gate, it's hostile territory!!!!!
Unlockable Skins
If you play some of the last of each factions' missions (Spades Section), you should unlock some skins. I believe it's the 2nd to last mission. Maybe the first.

Buford - Beat South Korea's Spade Contracts
Peng - Beat the Chinese's Spade Contracts
Josef- Beat the Mafia's Spade Contracts