Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Xbox) Cheats

Marvel vs Capcom 2 cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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Alot of points
Leave training running for 48 hours. Watch the points goo up
Cheaper fighters
To buy a fighter for less, go in and out of the purchasing place until the price of your needs.
Clock in backround
To change the clocks time in the backround, set the clock on your xbox.
Gallery Zoom!
When you buy one of your character gallery you can zoom the picture by presing (A) for zoom, and (B) to zoom out.
Power Move And Combo Special Using Hayato Combos
Thirteen-Hit Plasma -Sword Combo: Get your hyper gauge to level one. Jump in deep, press LP, while still in the air press LK,LP, LK, HP, Down, Down/Right, HP, Down, Down/Right [LP, HP] for seven hits.
Switch Characters During Match
Use the following to switch between characters in the middle of the game. For example if you choose Cable, Ryu, then Ken, but later in the second stage you want Ryu to appear first -- Hold L for the second character and R for the third character at the versus screen.
Use The Same Character 3x Per Team
Unlock all hidden characters and all extra costumes to be able to choose the same character 3 times on your team.