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Beat Up Gollum!

At the end of the game, while you are running aroung the bottom of Amon Hen as Aragorn, you will come across Gollum. If you let Gollum talk and run away, he sets Uruk-Hai on you. If you catch him and slash him with Anduril, He gives you a fish, and runs away! No Uruk-Hai!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Serjohn on November 23, 2006


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All the Chats/hints for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Hint: Easy money:
On the East Road just out of Hobbiton (past the woodsman who trades his dagger for pipeweed), on the ledge above the stumps that summon the elves is a house. Enter it and walk up to the bookcase. Press A and a gold coin will appear. Leave the house and re-enter. Another gold coin will be there. Repeat this to get as many coins as needed.

Glitch: Sinking box:
When you are in the Shire and have to find the Clanker, before you get it, go on the place where the bell is anyway. At the bottom left hand corner are some boxes. Pick one up, walk over to the stairs, and let go. The box will sink into the stairs.

Glitch: Stuck in building:
In Bree while playing as Aragorn, get the bundle of hay for the dummies that you need to make. If you save the game in the building that you get the hay in, you will be unable to leave. The entrance will act like a wall. You will not be able to continue the game.

Glitch: Full purity meter:
There is a man who asks you to collect four herbs for him in Green Hill Country so he can make his tea. Complete the quest. Walk up to him, talk to him again, and press A before he finishes. The message "Quest Log Updated" will appear. Each time you do this, the game will raise your meter as if the quest were completed again. This can be helpful before starting your quest, as you can use the Ring more often.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Tyler45241 on December 30, 2002


Input these in quickly during gameplay

Infinite Ammo- X B Y A X B
Infinite Health- Y A X B A Y
Infinite Ring Use- Y B A B Y X (ring charges)
Verified by: Dvcollection, dolly112 Submitted by: TheAtarisJJ on November 22, 2002

frodo turns crazy

Pause the game and hold L,R and press y,x,x,y,y,b,up,down,left,right and Frodo will have long hair and a huge axe he will also be on perfect mode for the rest of the game
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: bob on January 13, 2004