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LMA Manager 2005 Tips

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Get first season players
When you start a new season pick two team one that you want to be and one that you don't want to be.Example Chelsea and liverpool.realsea any players you want from the team you don't want to be and sign them to the other team and make sure you put hundred wages.
Submitted by: Imran on May 29, 2005
great keeper
Bruno and iskasson are great geepers both young and learn really fast
Submitted by: Lukesxs18 on November 28, 2006

LMA Manager 2005 Cheats

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Class Midfields
Here's my Ajax Midfield:-

LM - Lovenkrands
RM - Van Der Vaart
CM - Sneidjer
CM - Bellamy

They create and score soooo many goals its unveileveable.
make sure you have Van Der Vaart and Sneidjer, they are an amazing partnership.

Submitted by: tidus04 on February 07, 2005
Conferance team
b. haliwell
van der sieen




(email or pm me if you cannont find the player.)

couse this team has only lost a game against peterbrough and they are 2 league abouth this team.

Submitted by: tidus04 on February 07, 2005
Good defenders
A. Van Der Barre- he is a vewry good player and only at the age of 16 he is worth buying.

V.Kompany- same rasons as before but he is 18 years old.

G.Johnson- not as good as the other 2 but he is not that bad at 19 years old as well.

they are good signings for the future couse of there age but the best one is v.kompany and a.vanden barre.

Submitted by: tidus04 on February 07, 2005
good forwards
j.reyes-a young player at 20 and he scores a bundle of goals and is worth all the money you pay for him.

d.tristan- worth less then reyes but just as good and is worth the hassle of buying aswell as he scores a lot of goal aswell.

d.drogba- my partner ship was tristan and drogba and grogba scored loads and loads of goal with tristan but you can't buy drogba first year round so you would have to wait for the secound year round.

Submitted by: tidus04 on February 07, 2005
good lower league fantasy team players
Start a fantasy team in a low league

Scottish Division 3
English Conference

When you are selecting your team you will find some decent players worth only 10'000

These include players such as:
S.Swonnel Age 20 Centre Midfielder
C.Little Age 32 Centre Forward
C.Donaldson Age 20 Centre Forward
A.Martin Age 24 Centre Forward
Boswell Age 26 Goalkeeper

These players are so cheap because they are all playing in the English Non-League.

This team will win the league easily and C.Little will score lots of goals.
Don't forget to set your tactics to attacking options.
Submitted by: lmaking04 on February 08, 2005
healing hands
when you start a new game and you have choosen your team enter lma2005a at the name screen and you will have no more injury worries
Submitted by: Adam on January 18, 2005
LMA Cheats
lma2005ma - helium shouts

lma2005mb - deep voice shouts

lam2005mc - moonball

lma2005a - £5,000,000 m

lma2005b - healing injurys
Submitted by: tidus04 on February 07, 2005
loads of money
when you start a new game as who ever you want when it comes onto enter name enter lma2005b and a message will come up at the bottom saying no more money worries.
Submitted by: Adam on January 18, 2005

Bridge, Terry, Kompany and Vanden Borre.


Robben, Quresma, Gerrard and C. Ronaldo


Cavenaghi, Fernado Torres

Submitted by: tidus04 on February 07, 2005
Win Every Game
Save your game before the match and the play it. If you lose it then restart your data and try again. Log but quite good
Submitted by: tidus04 on February 07, 2005