LMA Manager 2004 (Xbox) Cheats

LMA Manager 2004 cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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LMA Manager 2004 Codes 4 Unique ID : 4619
To enter each code, from the LMA 2004 frontend, select New Game, then One Player, then Full Game, then Normal, then Full, then select any team, and in the Enter Name field input the bonuscode you have recieved. Return to the Bonus Codes screen to switch Bonuses on or off.

LMA2004YCXJOJ to change the effect of gravity on the ball in the match ( Unique ID : 4619 )

LMA2004IIQEFN to finish any stadium improvements in a day ( Unique ID : 4619 )

LMA2004HYGAHP to have players you are trying to buy always move to your club ( Unique ID : 4619 )

LMA2004PZYZUF to have rain fall in every match ( Unique ID : 4619 )

LMA2004AWMHKR to have snow fall in every match ( Unique ID : 4619 )

LMA2004RWHUYL to have sunshine in every match ( Unique ID : 4619 )

LMA2004KEZTYL to have your players skill level at maximum at the start of the game, when you change clubs and when starting a new season ( Unique ID : 4619 )

LMA2004YBBBQR to have your team and tactics selected automatically ( Unique ID : 4619 )

LMA2004WERMCA to heal all injuries in a day ( Unique ID : 4619 )

LMA2004MLSFCP to make the dugout shouts high-pitched ( Unique ID : 4619 )

LMA2004THYOKY to make the dugout shouts low-pitched ( Unique ID : 4619 )

LMA2004MEUFBZ to start the game with £500,000,000 (or equivalent in Euros) ( Unique ID : 4619 )

LMA2004MDRIEJ to stop your team receiving yellow or red cards ( Unique ID : 4619 )
Misc. Passwords
Enter the following at the Enter Name section when starting a new game, then activate or deactivate them by selecting yes or no in the Bonus Codes area of the Options section.

LMA2004B Stops players aging in human teams.

LMA2004A The pace of the players in human teams will be set to maximum.