Kingdom Under Fire (Xbox) Cheats

Kingdom Under Fire cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Delete Unwanted Skills
If you want to delete skills from your officer or leader just switch the leader's troop job to infantry job (all units require melee - therefore you will not be able to delete that skill) and now you can delete the skills from your leader without worry.
Killing Regnier
On the 4 or 5th level of gerald, right after you engage regnier and hugh tells you to retreat, do the following:1.Pull your infantry to the farthest south-east you can go.2.Take your archers and fire at regnier from a reasonable distance.3.Wait for 10-15 minutes and regnier will die.Hugh will just stand there and do nothing.4.Complete the rest of the mission(the good part about killing regnier is that you get 7000 exp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Officer Level Glitch
Higher level equipment usually yields better resistances, skills, and added effects. You can exploit the game's method of determining a officer's level by increasing the number of "pertinent" skills by changing the officer/leader's troop job into a job that has multiple skills. The sum of those skills will determine your leader's level. Once you assign that leader as an officer to your leader's unit, the officer retains his or her level, despite being in an infantry unit (i.e., the units under Gerald, Lucretia, Kendal, or Regnier).

Keep in mind that any high level equipment will be de-equipped if the leader's level suddenly drops because of a troop job change (hence the game message). This hint is more applicable for Kendal and Regnier, as their campaigns allow you to freely assign other troop leaders as personal officers.
Offline XP Exploit
In certain stages or missions where your hero may earn "bonus experience" (indicated by the green 'pop-up' numbers when the requirement is met), you may press START and choose to exit to the world map; although it is not immediately evident, you keep the XP earned from the "pop-up" value and may replay that same stage to re-earn the bonus again and again. The most easiest way to test this glitch (and get a hang for exploiting it in other campaigns) is Gerald's mission on the Glaucus River. After the successful ambush of the enemy, wait for the green "pop-up" numbers to vanish and choose to exit to the world map, and retry the stage once more.


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County Carnival and Risky Raiders mini games
County Carnival- Beat Kendal's Campaign
Risky Raiders Beat- Regnier's Campaign