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Legacy of Kain: Defiance (Xbox) Cheats

Legacy of Kain: Defiance cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Full Reaver Charge Combo!
There is an easier way to charge your reaver without battling all those groups of enemies!

When fighting one enemy, press and hold Y (which will upper slice your opponent into the air with you along with him) then *while in the air flick (not literally) the left anolog towards your enemy and press X at the same time, then quickly press X really fast and repeat from he star up top (look for it). Then before you hit the ground, flick the left anolog towards your enemy and press Y at the same time, then land and press and hold Y and do everything over again! The main meaning of this is to keep your enemy off the ground so you can keep hitting him, even after he is dead. So basically you are hitting him in the air and jumping up there with him then doing 2 air combos and hitting him downwards to make him bounce like a basketball and then repeating it from the beginning!
Misc. Unlockables
Unlockable - How to unlock
Making of Legacy of Kain: Defiance - Beat the game
Kain and Raziel's Tomes - Beat the game or collect them as you play


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All Cheats
fill 'er up
LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, B, Y, DOWN

enable tube
UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, Black, White, Y, DOWN, B

switch to equivalent toon version
UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, Right Trigger, Black, DOWN, B, Y

give all ups
LEFT, LEFT, UP, UP, Left Trigger, Black, B, DOWN, Y

give all slams
RIGHT, DOWN, UP, DOWN, DOWN, Right Trigger, Y, B, DOWN

infinite reaver charge
DOWN, DOWN, UP, LEFT, Right Trigger, Black, DOWN, Y, B

all dark chronicles
Right Trigger, DOWN, Black, Left Trigger, RIGHT, Black, Y, DOWN, Left Trigger

all bonuses
Black, DOWN, White, Right Trigger, LEFT,White, DOWN, Left Trigger, Y

Left Trigger, DOWN, Left Trigger, UP, Right Trigger, White, Left Trigger, DOWN, Y

no textures
Left Trigger, DOWN, Black, RIGHT, Black, UP, Y, Left Trigger, DOWN

UP, DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, Right Trigger, Black, DOWN, Y, Left Trigger

To input the cheats pause the game!
dancing kain
To do this you have to have toon mode on. when you have toon mode on when you try to mist through a gate, instead you'll dance through it.