Juiced (Xbox) Cheats

Juiced cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Character Test Mode
Enter the cheats screen and enter "CHAR" to enter character test mode.
Completion Bonuses
Aquire a 100% in career mode to unlock all the prototype mods for all the cars in career mode and in Extreme Nitrous Series in Arcade Mode.
Extra Respect
This is extremely easy when making a bet enter the highest amount, this is always above there recommended bet and you get a little more respect straight to the chart, you then make the actual bet which is there recommended bet or don't even bet at all you still get the respect.
loads of cash!!!
This is so easy its stupid! once you perform this action, you will be raking in so much cash you wont beleive it! all you do, is go into career mode, host your own avent on a free day on the calender, host it on your own teritory, put the event as a SPRINT (very important) and put the car class to CLASS 1 (also very important). now do not enter the race yourself, but watch it. then the screen which shows you which cars are entering the race loads up. there will only be 2 racers, biggi monbassa, and t.k . There will only be 2 types of car as well, the dodge viper, and the corvette. if they both have the viper, dont bet, just watch, host another event exactly the same and follow my instructions again, if they both have the corvette, dont bet, just watch, and host another day and try again, BUT..... if one of them has the corvette, and the other has the viper, then bet all your money on the VIPER. it will NOT loose. it wins every time!!!!!! so just bet all your money, and when it wins, u will get it back, plus about 2 thirds extra! for instance, if you bet 500,000 pounds, you will get that back, plus about 330,000 pounds! make sure u bet on the viper though!!! any queries please dont hesitate to email me, i check my emailes daily. many thanks and happy gaming!! dodge.


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All cars
Enter "PINT" as a code at the cheats screen to unlock all cars in arcade mode.
All cars for non-released game
Go to Extra in the menu screen and go to cheats and put in "PINT" to unlock all cars.
Cheat Mode
Enter the cheats screen and enter "ALL." to unlock all of the bonuses.
Extra Cash
Enter the cheats screen and put in "CASH" to make a little extra money.