Jet Set Radio Future Cheats

Jet Set Radio Future cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Extra Noise Tank
Once the Noise Tanks spread all over town, I would recommend to go anywhere you feel comfortable. People went to Rokkaku-Dai-Heights (I did) and saw that there was a Noise Tank on top on the Chimney (#2). There are two ways to deal with this.

1- Simply ignore it.

Go on to another part of the game. (EX. 99TH Street). There will be Noise Tanks everywhere. Run, don't walk, into them.

2- Actually try to get it.

If you try a couple of times, it will work. After defeating the Noise Tanks, I tried going on the Chimney again (for fun) and went on top of it! You just go really slow and something will happen and you'll just jolt on top. Trust me, it does work. But, to save time and effort just follow number 1.
Graffiti Change
Want to know how to change the graffiti? Well go talk to Roboy and look through the options until you find a thing that says GRAFFITI click on it. You can choose from one of them or you can design your own!
You can't do a "jet" because your number of points it's too tiny?, first, jump in the rails that give you 500 points when you grind it, and press Y,Y,Y.... until 500x 16 appears you'll do a lot points!!! you can do even 4000000 points in certain stages
Sewer Soul
One of the Graffiti Soul in the TUSF (forgot which one) requires major patience and concentration. One of the hollow pillars contains a GS at the top. To reach it, you have to wallride all the way UP the pillar. I timed it, it takes 10 mins. The best chars for this are Combo, Gouji or A.KU.MU.



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Get Suga
Ok..first go to Chuo street, then collect 32 spray cans. After grind on the dinosaur, jump off and Suga will be at the bottom of the steps. Oh Yeah! This took me a few tries!
Graffiti Soul Message
Collect all the graffiti souls in the game. When you go to the graffiti change menu, under each different graffiti size will be an individual word (or two) that will be part of the message. When you put them altogether in order from super small to extra large, you will get a message.
Hidden Characters
Once you fully beat the game (that includes spraying all the grafetti in every level), go back to the garage and talk to Roboy. There will be another thing to select in his menu. It will be to do a test run. Get Jet on all of the test runs for each of the levels to earn different hidden characters like the Immortals and Zero Beat.
Player Guide
Test Run mode
Successfully complete the game, then talk to RoBoy. Test Run mode will now be available.

Hidden characters Achieve a "Jet" ranking in Fortified Residential Zone.

Beat: Defeat him in a street race.

Boogie: She can be found at Kibogaoka Hill. Note: Boogie was known as Piranha in Jet Grind Radio and Sugar in Jet Set Radio.

Clutch: Find Clutch through DJ Professor K's instructions.

Combo: Successfully complete his challenges.

Cube: Go to the Bottom Point of Sewage Facility and outrace Cube in the City Rush. This must be done after beating the Noise Tanks in Sky-Dinosaurian Square.

Doom Riders: Achieve a "Jet" ranking in Dogenzaka Hill.

Goji Rokkaku: Achieve a "Jet" ranking in Rokkaku-Dai Heights.

Garam: Successfully complete his challenges.

Immortals: Achieve a "Jet" ranking in Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park.

Jazz: Defeat Jazz at City Rush in the Future Site of Rokkaku Expo Stadium.

Love Shockers: Achieve a "Jet" ranking in Hikage Street.

Noise Tanks: Achieve a "Jet" ranking in Highway Zero.

NT-3000: Achieve a "Jet" ranking in Sky-Dinosaurium Square.

Poison Jam: Achieve a "Jet" ranking in Test Run mode at the Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility and the Bottom Point of the Sewage Facility.

Potts: Achieve a "Jet" ranking in Kibogaoka Hill.

Rapid 99: Achieve a "Jet" ranking in 99th Street.

Rhyth: Go to the top of the Poison Jam warehouse in Rokkaku-dai Heights to find her the first time. Follow and find her two more times in the game. Note: Rhyth was known as Mew in Jet Grind Radio and Bis in Jet Set Radio.

RoBoy: Achieve a "Jet" ranking in Chou Street. Note: must first be unlocked before you can unlock RoBoy.

Soda: Defeat Soda at City Rush in Highway Zero. Note: Soda was known as Slate in Jet Grind Radio.

Zero Beat: Achieve a "Jet" ranking in Test Run mode at Shibuya Terminal.

Immortals: Achieve a "Jet" ranking in Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park.

Unlock It
Successfully complete the game this means getting everything.(Graffiti souls, Characters, and Spraying all the tags.)
Unlock levels in Test Run
When you first unlock Test Run, you may not even have any playable levels. To unlock a level, you have to complete all of the Street Challenges and get all of the Graffiti Souls in it.