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Here are some cheats for Jaws:

Get 1 Million Points - Enter your profile name as 'Blooood'. You will unlock 1 million points to spend as you want!

Unlock All Levels - Enter your profile name as 'Shaaark'. You will unlock every level int he game.

"Smile you son of a bitch!"
Verified by: timahhh Submitted by: xtremepokemontrainer on July 17, 2006


After getting full stats for every single skill on the abilities menu, go to a beach and grab any person and pull them under water without being noticed. Hold in in your mouth for at least 20 seconds, then pause the game and hold LT and RT then enter up, down, up, down, a, y, y, a, down, down, up, down.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on January 02, 2007