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James Bond: From Russia With Love (Xbox) Cheats

James Bond: From Russia With Love cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Easy Ammo/Guns
While searching through file folders/bookcases/etc., you can keep searching over and over again until the ammo for your gun is maxed out. If you ever run out of ammo, you can return to the file folder/bookcase/etc. whenever you want to refill your ammo.
Easy Kills
When you have a bad weapon like a P2K and your enemy has an MRl22 use the Q-Claw and grapple from one wall to the other really fast until your enemy runs out of ammo and then you can take 'em with a machine gun.
Fun Way to Kill an Enemy
If you ever come across an enemy that has a gernade attached to their belt, zoom in on the enemy by using Bond Focus, and shoot the gernade. The gernade will fall from their belt and explode right in front of them, killing them and anyone around them instantly.
Get the Formal Dinner Suit
In the second mission, make your way through the maze and you should eventually make it to Moneypenny's office. Before continuing on to M's room, search through the drawer in the room and you will find the formal dinner suit, and will be able to wear it in future missions.
Obtain Skill Points Easier
An easy way to get a lot of Skill Points is to use Bond Focus everytime you are shooting at an enemy. Since there are a lot of enemys to come across in every mission, you can rack up a whole lot of Skill Points all in just one mission.
Tip on Defeating Red Gaurd
When you get to the point where you have to kill Red Gaurd, go into Bond Moment and shoot at the straps of Red Gaurd's body armor. His armor should fall off and you can then shoot him in the stomach area to finish him off quicker.
Tunnels (Bonus Mission) - Bomb Locations
Bomb #1 - Attached to the front of one of the freight cars by where you start out.

Bomb #2 - Attached to the tunnel wall, surrouned by a bunch of boxes and crates.

Bomb #3 - Farther down the tunnel, attached to the wall, found behind the boxes.

Bomb #4 - Attached to the wall in the seperate tunnel that goes off to the side and up. (Tons of red lights in the tunnel) Found at the end of the tunnel by the turret.

Bomb #5 - Attached to the freight crate at the very end of the main tunnel. Found near the second turret.